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Bixby New Homes | Move In Ready

Bixby New Homes | Move In Ready

Protecting homes broken arrow, it’s important to have options when you are looking at building a home and hear it sean holmes. We know that it’s important to have a number of listings that are available for our clients that are move-in ready home. We have a number of move-in-ready homes in the tulsa jenks broken arrow and fix the area in the tulsa area. Bixby New Homes We actually have a few in our crystal creek community and that’s going to be the union school district and I would like to tell you about some of those listings that we have available for custom homes broken arrow. Today we do have two of our cambridge floor plans that are available in crystal creek. Those are both. One is 1662 square feet at as a 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, two story home I’d of the listed at 201457. It is at rosa, parks, elementary, union, middle, school and union high school on this is a really beautiful home. That features are really nice. Walk in closet teachers are really beautiful. Hall bath with us really nice, cultured marble that nice hall bath got that nice open shower layout. He’s got a good size, a good size, food prep area in the kitchen and then really nice size, dual sink with them, nice burners as well, and really nice stainless steel appliances. You also have a vaulted ceiling in that living room with beautiful three windows towards the back of it.

It’s a really nice floor plan that really gives you all of this. Bixby New Homes The space that you’ll need. It’s, not those four bedrooms I’m. So if you do have a few kids and you need to to think about something that a square footage wise makes a little bit more sense. This is a really good option for you, and so that’s going to be our cambridge model and the second cambridge is going to be 1669 square feet or what 1699 square feet. It is a4 bedroom, 2 bath. It is priced at 18099 88th. It is a really nice floor plan as well. We also have the amber floor plan, which is 1683 square feet. Is a 3-bedroom 2-bath 1 story home the two car garage it is listed at $206,769. It was also in crystal creek, and it’s going to be in that same rosa, parks elementary middle in union, high school. This is a really beautiful home. Bixby New Homes This time is going to feature a few more and then etiz inside. Bixby New Homes It’s got a darker countertop and dark cabinets and out with some upgraded lighting features, and you do have that nice extended nook in that floor plan as well, and a nice, nice walk-in, pantry, i, really nice size, master bath, stand in shower and there as well, and the cultured marble bathtub, really nice, walk-in closet in this model.

I’m you’ve got a really good size in this floor plan with some really nice, upgraded interior doors and carpet here as well are amber is one of our more popular floor plans in these theories, you’re also going to see the ashton it’s going to be our model home here in crystal creek, it’s 1499 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2, bath, 3 car garage is the one story. It’s going to be a beautiful home for custom homes, broken, arrow $179,729, it’s 1336 square feet, 3 bedroom, 2, bath, 1, car, 2 car garage, and it is a one-story as well. Bixby New Homes This is a really nice home on 41st street. Here it’s got a lot of really nice amenities and nice hall bath a really beautiful kitchen. It’s got nice wood cabinets in it with a really pretty wood stain out of beautiful tile flooring here as well. The layout in this floor plan has been very popular because it doesn’t give you a little bit more size, and so that’s something. That’s in a lot of our customers have really enjoyed through custom homes broken arrow, Bixby New Homes and that is going to be our day. Would next time is going to be the birkdale and the birthday land is actually just sold? It was 1482 square feet. It was listed at $189,245, if, you, beautiful, home and the next floor plan. Is it going to be in the tulsa area, and we do have some more that are like to tell you about the ones that we have available in our bixby neighborhoods.

So we actually have six available in bixby. We actually have two monterey’s a stonebrook, a monroe and a redford, so those are actually going to be. Four of those are going to be two stories and two are going to be one stories on the first. One story is going to be our monterey and that is in our somerset neighborhood. Bixby New Homes That’s listed at $344,330. It’s a custom homes, broken arrow home. It is 2419 square feet. It is bixby, that’s bixby, north elementary in bixby, middle school and high school. It is a one-story with a three-car garage. This is a beautiful single-story home and if beautiful gated community in bixby the next one story home available in bixby, is going to be alright, it’s also the monterey one single story. It is in a quail creek of bixby. It is listed a little lower at $324,883 and it is a3 bedroom, 2, bath, 3 car garage. It’s also bixby north elementary bixby middle school in bixby high school. It’s the exact same floor plan that you saw in somerset, but it’s going to be a quail creek and its community is not far from it. Bixby New Homes Somerset location, they’re, both right at 121st and sheridan there. Another helmet we have in somerset is going to be a redford one inch which is actually our model home at is 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. It is a two-story home at 3366 square feet. This is a beautiful, beautiful home with tons of amenities.

This is really the home that everyone falls in love with on the model tour. Bixby New Homes A lot of our customers have felt redford’s with us, and it’s easy to see why, when you see this model, the next time is going to be our monroe one eye at a states at the river. It is also our model home and it is significantly larger at 3671 square feet. It is also a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage and it’s just a little bit bigger because it features a bonus room upstairs so you’re going to have a game room and a bonus room. Bixby New Homes This is bixby northeast, elementary and intermediate elementary middle, school and high school. The next time that we have available is going to be on both of them are actually in the community of seven lakes. So we have a stonebrook v, which is going to be 4 bedrooms, two-and-a-half 320 7907, a beautiful custom homes, broken arrow home on a 3 car garage listed at $327,907. In the last time that we have in bixby for custom homes broken arrow is going to be our wyndham one eye that is listed at $399,900. It is 3561 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and that three car garage-and that is the last listing that we have available in bixby

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