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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | No comparison

Bixby New Homes | No comparison

Talking about Bixby home builders, we got five different communities to choose from and Bixby one of them beans. Chisholm Ranch, Chisholm Ranch is located on 121st between Mingo and Garnett. It’S a great Community Home pricing probably starts around ,000 on it. In that Community we’ve built several beautiful homes and you can do it one story of grilling stations and area. That’S a great Community for them to be out. Then we also, if you just go a little bit further east or I’m sorry a little further west. We have a community that we call it one of our brand new communities called Quail Creek now Quail Creek is going to keep you close by all the shopping, centers and movie theater Spirit Event Center. But the one thing about Quail Creek is if you’re trying to get in a good price point and he want Bixby schools that are directly across the street. So is Life Church in Quail. Creek is sitting on the south side of 121st Street between Memorial and Sheridan. In the Monroe, one is going to give you 20 122 square feet. It’Ll give you a 4 bedroom home plus a dining or study, and you are looking at 298000 and some change with lot included and now with our current incentive, especially out in this area, where the only Bixby home builder that gives you ,000 to use it. Bixby New Homes However, you want, I think, when people, Google, Bigsby home builders they’ll stay that that area is going to be our best priced area for the buck. It’S got a couple of Greenbelt home sites that we have and some interior and then one that’s. A west-facing got a first phase that were in now and just a great location, great school system. So if you’re looking for Bigsby home builders – and you want to keep your price, the cheapest, you can possibly get in in these high-end Premier communities, it’s going to be Quail, Creek go just a little bit further west on 121st, you are going to run into Somerset Mall Somerset is a beautiful baby Community. We don’t have two home sites in there. Bixby New Homes We really strategic when we purchase the home sites in there, because we made sure did get the ones that back up to a nice green area. Actually all of our stew. It’S not a permanent green area, but if anybody’s been looking at Bixby home builders they’re going to find that it’s, it’s not really easy to find a Greenbelt home site with some trees.

If someone ever develop that property behind it, they may or may not go away, but currently we have one model and there are Redford and I’ve looked at other Bixby home builders in that red Ford Model is to die for, and then we showed is a two-story. But you can build it as a one-story. If you wanted, you could even take a room out downstairs and place it upstairs where you could get the whole top floor, that you see and then two bedrooms with a study down, which is a really nice that might have two older daughters that want to be Together upstairs and then have guessed down, but I’m Somerset is actually a gated community. So when people are looking for Bixby home builders – and they only want to go to community, Bixby New Homes it’s going to be Somerset, you’re going to get high and homes around. We have a lot of great features that are just included features in that Community sprinkler system, so it doesn’t matter what it is. You’Re going to have a full sprinkler system in there with us. You’Ll have full guy during a tile shower in the Masters, included, 3cm, granite or quartz in that Community. We include extra Landscaping, we filled it when you know you pull up to a home and needs to kind of have that. Look when you’re in a high-end Community as Somerset is – and I know I’ve looked at other Bixby home builders and I actually were looking. I was looking at one of them today and I was kind of shocked. The Landscaping was probably 1/4 of what we include, so those are just little details that make a huge difference, but in Somerset we have to Market ready homes which are move-in ready home. So if you don’t have the time to the market, ready homes work great, we have a one-story Monterey. It’S actually one of my favorite plans.

It’S a 6-foot play that it’s built on or I’m sorry a 9-foot plate that it’s built on. If it was a 6-foot, we wouldn’t be able to walk in it, but it’s a 9-foot plate which just means all the ceiling Heights throughout. It said extra than what they’re normal Heights was. So, for instance, in the front study of the Monterey, it’s 12 ft Vault. It’S a 12-volt so pretty high, so in that, when you’re actually going to get a 13 football where, if you ever looked at our Monroe plan, that’s over here in Bixby, Bixby New Homes if you were ever looking at Bigsby home builders – and you came across our Monroe plan – that Plan is going to give you a 12-volt inside the study, because this helmet, the monroes built on I-88 flight, so the floor plan, it’s great for entertainment, it’s a split plan, so the Masters on one side, the guest rooms, are located. On the other side, it’s going to give you the three bedrooms, like I said, dining, plus a study so for those people that are empty-nesters or maybe they’re just starting out and that’s all the rooms that they need for their family grows. That’S that’s been a really good plan for us and then, if you go down the street and around the corner, you’re actually going to run into our two-story Redford plan, it actually is just like our model helmet. We keep in their minus one of the bedrooms upstairs. So it’s going to give you a nice, 3 bedroom, plus a study downstairs it’s a split plan as well, Bixby New Homes so the Masters on one side, the guest star. On the other end, you do game. I’Ve got A3 car garage and then upstairs we actually placed game room, one bedroom in a bath, and it has beautiful views from the game room. The great room than some of our clients are thrown out of the reason being is I actually had a lady come out the other day and she said she fell in love with this point, she’s never said anything and I said, explain to me what you mean When you say Hearts room – and she said you know that was so huge that you didn’t have to have a formal dining and it was just a hearth room, people could come hang out in it and you could also have a table and just really great for Entertaining so I told her: that’s her Redford model, the Redford model.

We actually changed it from saying it was a hearth room to the next, because some people don’t understand will worsen neck while it isn’t it. So the Hearth room is 16 feet deep and we give an optional fireplace at the end, which I’ve never seen anything like it and I absolutely love it and of course I took her over there and she did too, and she said you know: I’ve looked at Bixby home builders, I’ve been looking around for a while and before we purchase anything, we wanted to see all of our options, so she was very pleased that she stopped by to see that and I’m sure they will be signing off on their contract in Bixby home Builders, Somerset – that is a good good Community for some that wants a gated community and you know, there’s no amenities. Bixby New Homes It’S geared more towards people that are just starting out or, like I said, downsizing, and maybe their kids are grown and they’re out of the home. But it’s a great location: it’s located right, beside Bigsby schools in Life Church, it’s actually on the Northside of 121st and it’s just a really really good Home and Community to be in in Bixby. So if you’re looking for take me home builders, you’ll want to definitely see Quail Creek in Somerset in Chisholm Ranch and in a little bit as speaking of Bigsby home builders. I will talk about our other two communities that we have available in Bixby, but a great Community really good place to put your steak and be there and I we would love to have you and show you what Somerset has to offer versus Quail. Creek vs Chisholm Ranch

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