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Bixby New Homes | Number one option

Bixby New Homes | Number one option

At Shaw homes, we are, of course, Bixby home builders and we are the largest builder in the Bixby area., As well as Jenks Broken Arrow. We built more homes than any other Builder, certainly in our price range. I work for Shaw homes for over 11 years now, and I’ve helped a lot of families enjoy moving into their their first shot them home and worked with many couples who have a second and third home with is referred as to their kids or their mom, and Dad are their friends, it’s been a very rewarding career.. I just love it here at our process. It Shaw home. So let’s just talk about that process. A little bit, there’s actually 10 steps to you, Shaw home. Has the Bixby home builder, with kind of got our thing down, that our deal damage done this a few thousand times, so it’s okay, if you haven’t the first step, is to take a model home tour. It’S a 90-minute tour! You will see 6 to 12 homes. That depends on how many questions we ask and how many people we have to learn. How quickly can we can get finished? I typically stop the tour after 90 minutes to 2 hours, because folks have a hard time, remembering what the first album look like that they saw. Bixby New Homes These models are all going to be fully furnished and decorated, and they are gorgeous. In fact, just as a side note, the decorating to me that stages are models are the same decorators that help our customers. When you get into your own Design, Studio phase on the show on the show home of your choice, also and then towards going to drive your own car, so that way, if you have an emergency that comes up and you have to leave for some reason, you Aren’T tied to a realtor, you just follow me: I will have you I’ll email, you where we’re going to meet and you’ll just follow me along to the subscript Model Homes. After that we don’t talk about pricing on the tour.

So there’s no pressure. We just looked at it. Look at the function, the way the house function we’re going to talk about how many steps you had to groceries from your car to your tree, kicking off your shoes and your husband’s going to be dropping his briefcase or whatever we’re going to talk about the way. Bixby New Homes The home functions where you want to do your laundry if you want it tucked away behind the kitchen or if you want it right off, that Master Suite we’re going to talk about things like that, because every home functions differently for all the different kinds of families. That we service there’s going to be something in the model tour for everyone, so feel free to bring friends, sisters, relatives, family, you know, there’s there just a lot of fun. We got through the homes pretty quickly, so we just Zip drive back in the car and sip on to the next one. We’Re going to see that we shall homes fill both single story and two story home so I’ll. Be able to explain that to you cuz. Some of the models that use will be a two-story model, but we can build it as a single story. Home in the second step is finding we’ve got to get. We’Ve got to get your financing done. We’Ve got to figure out what payment you’re comfortable with. We actually have 3 preferred lenders that will be able to work with you and help you figure out, which one is best fit for you. Each one of them had just about a five-minute application and 24-hour approval process. They all have interest rate matching and closing cost matching. They do conventional loans. FHA Loans VA loans. If I have a preferred lender, skin-tight will take great care of you when we do your Homesite reservation. Bixby New Homes That’S when you picked out what neighborhood you want to live in and which holds that you want to be your new friend backyard thumbs by you. Give me ,000 deposit made payable to show him. That is refundable for 7 days. That way, you got to figure out exactly where are you want hardwood floors where you want 3 centimeter Granite? So I can get all those things price check for you.

We don’t want to rush you in seasons. Of course we can switch home side. If that’s something that you need to do, Bixby New Homes we want you to take your time, get all your questions answered. In fact, we don’t cash the check until you actually got a contract with us, though, or you want to give us a non-refundable deposit because he’s actually decided for sure on the home side, but you’re still not sure which one you want to do after that. As I mentioned, going to do the price that we’re going to meet at your favorite model home going to be talking about, you want to have your hardwood floors. What kind of tile you want to have on your backsplash? Where do you want to have threesome m1ad? Any lights are electrical outlets, we’re going to be adding those all that time so that I can tell you exactly to the penny, how much your home is going to cost. We find the dad offers our customers and extreme amount of comfort and, as a Bixby home builder, we have got the love to do a price out for you, I’m one of those home side. Then, after we get the price out the name, we talked about purchase agreement. Bixby New Homes Well, that’s where we do the paperwork on your home. We have an informative videos and all of our customers watched just to make sure that we all are on the same page. We have A1 hour meeting or we will do sign your paperwork you’ll. Do your structural options? Final, your home selection, final colors, are not fine on feeding our finishes. We do take an additional deposit at that time for the balance of your earnest money, deposit and earnest money. Deposits are actually based on the price of the home. Then after purchase agreement, you will go to the design studio. You meet your designer and we have, of course, we’ve actually won awards filter for a beautifully decorated Model Homes, as I said, three of them, or four of them are near Bixby, Premier neighborhood.

So as one of big speed home builders, we make the process simple when the designs to do one meeting to talk about your interior and the second meeting is talking about your exterior and then number 3. Is your final signatures on your Design, Studio addendum? After that point, we don’t do any structural changes because we’re going to get on down the road and start drawing your floor plan filing for building permits, Bixby New Homes getting construction loans on that kind of fun stuff behind the scene. The 7-step plan is your as our main office, where you actually meet your builder for the first time, you’re going to review your blueprint, your site plan of the land and discuss the timeline, discuss weekly updates, discuss a pre drywall meeting and discuss your homeowner orientation at That time are construction managers are simply the best in the business, there’s a reason why they work for us at Shaw homes, and I would just love to have the opportunity to help you with step 8, 9 and 10, which is building closing, and then your warranty Is a Bixby Premier, home builder, we have Tulsa’s best warranties, a 10-year structural warranty. I to your mechanical warranty a 1 year limited warranty. We also have a 24-hour emergency line and we have a full-time warranty coordinator on staff that you can reach at the shop on this number anytime. We’Re going to give you a follow-up call after 60 days and then another one after 11 month service. If your warranty and you’re interested in the Bay Area to check out Shaw homes, Bixby home builders,

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