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Bixby New Homes | Options for you

Bixby New Homes Podcast number two to 518 matthew charmed, so here she’ll homes we are bixby home builders best builder and something I want to talk today is about pricing them and us on a daily basis. Here, at that model homes I do encourage you guys that as you’re looking around your home shopping experience and check me out at all. The builders that are around the tulsa area fix the area, jinx area, broken, arrow area, glen pool area in greater, tulsa area owasso. Bixby New Homes Any of the places that you could go looking at these new home always ask for pricing when it comes to individual segments of the home. What’s included in included features are some of the information that you could receive when your shopping from home to home builder, the builder on the reason I bring this up is because we are other things that are factual is simply because that, if you take the nut to nut bolt to bolt brick to brick and mortar to mortar coverage of all the standard included, features of what we offer and our extensive list for our home included. Signature, heritage collection series of home. Bixby New Homes Compare that to any other builder in the area with a comprable interior features and if you do apples to apples to apples comparison type of options in the home and then also, if you just take it over option to option, there is no possible way that other builders can build for less expensive than us. I asked you to do this because this allows you most people are concerned with a few things:a location, b price sea floor plan and what people are looking for in building process of building a new residential home richaun holmes we offer such an extensive list of included features not only that, but we also have more options than anybody else as far as communities go. Currently, we also have more floor plan to provide for everybody satisfaction of what they’re looking in the flow of a home in the function of a home. That number would be 60 to 4 and we are adding more on a regular basis to top that off. We also have more than 400,000 options inside of the home to activate priced out individual itemized list of all your options inside the home that are outside of the included features to put inside the home, because no one uses active software as we do and uses it in such a manner to where you have that immediate satisfaction. What the prices of your home within minutes of asking now we do have a process in place and that all starts with r model home to her, which is a shaw homes model home to her as bixby home builders. Best to show you this one where this home and you spend 10 or 15 minutes in a home with cussing some of the things that the builder offers take several families at the same time, and this allows, if there’s an emergency for you to cut and run if you have to. But generally most people stay throughout the entire session, and it’s usually about 90 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes, 20 minutes which brings us to about 2 hours. This is where we’ll see anywhere from 8 to 15 homes that we offer and our model, which will focus on the function of all of it. But then we go to the price out after you find that perfect floor plan or the one or two for the most, you guys go home and eat and figure out us custom discuss about what options there are 42 as a family live in that home, potentially so you’ll take out plan a and plan b make an appointment with the price out of something that we go into the itemized listing of all the teachers. So when we go into the price out, it’s important because none of the builders do this, we pride ourselves and having more options. Anyone else, something that also is a big portion of the pricing that you would want. You would want to know when it comes to it. It’s going to be are 500 to 700 home site, so we have actively all the time. Every month we have new homes are opening. Every year we have new developments that open that allows us to have the best pricing. Do they have a structural longer than national standard? If that’s the case, then great, if not don’t we haven’t had a claim on an 11 years of thousands of customers, comparisons of identical great. We can compare quality issues behind the wall that you were not saying, so that might be one of the main indicators. I can say to you these few things. We build more quality homes in anyone else in tulsa. Bixby New Homes There are other builders out there that the opportunity to buy the more expensive it is because the amount of money and were some of them any other builder in tulsa, so obviously instruction at construction industry where is average about 20% which is another big thing that allows us to be bixby home builders. Best builder is the seer fact that we do offer something that no one else can, and that is the fact we own the lumber solutions company here, building solutions winter lumber company here in tulsa, there’s only a couple here until 7, we own one of the lumber company, so why this is a big deal. First, things:first:how to beat how to build a to the lumber that the source, their lumber from a builder from lumber company, that lumber company has to get their lumber from mill lumber from outsource international affairs. However, if we are the lumber company, one thing that is out the middleman of that through to three-tiered system, so a builder would typically order from a lumber company which would deliver the lumber that they’ve received from the mill we on the lumber company. Bixby New Homes

So we have no middle man, it’s our product. We can give it to ourselves at no cost and doing so. It allows Bixby New Homes us to defeat the effects of rising lumber prices more so than the other guy next door. Now we do have an inexpensive cost on our lumber, because we all the lumber company, we talked to pay for it. However, we don’t have that insane, a market that other builders well as well-and this is incredibly important because of the last year 2017 from january to december, we have the largest price increase of lumber in 14 years, lumber cost. If you can imagine what that does on a 2000 square, foot, home or 3000 square foot home, there was a huge hours / home depending on how large is the home, is that we had increased our cost of good. The bill provides us the opportunity to be bixby home builders best builder, because we can drive down prices more than anyone else is bixby home builders best builder. We pride ourselves on making sure that you to get the best price and you get the best service in the best experience to try, come schedule a model home through with us and learn about our process and be educated in the in the same time somewhere else or some other different, and you will be privy to the knowledge that is needed to require that you can look out for what is being cut in the home that you’re buying. Why is it $30,000 guarantee you? There are some very specific reasons as to why that is. There are very specific reasons and those are structurally sound, important there, and just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there and also. In the same token, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not important, so we encourage you to come on, get educating their process and best builder homes Bixby New Homes

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