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Bixby New Homes | Remember This

Bixby New Homes | Remember This

Because what happens is generally people fall in love, at least with one two, maybe even 3, of the homes on the tour in so again talk tour times and get my name is nigel arnold, 5 years of building experience with custom home broken, arrow builder shaw homes. The number is 918-518-1266 and we were discussing probably the tail end of our discussion on the first step of our process, which is everything and the first step is a model home tour which is super huge Bixby New Homes advantage for us cuz. We can take you over through over and over and over and over and over again home, and that you really like, whereas mice build a ray, might have 10 spec homes on the ground that showed you 5 and you loved the fourth one in the fourth one sold some other guy and I can’t see it anymore. So that’s frustrating! So why not spend your time with us? We own the lion share of the building business. That’s factual! Excuse me:cuz, I’m, home broken, arrow, builder business. If I pull the permits for the now reports, which is the building permits, reports for all builders in the greater tulsa area, would see that we own the lion share, which is cool, so super excited about the model. Home tour ever talked a little bit.

Your party talk your ear off about it, because it’s just a huge huge step. We talked about the times. You know you would have the way that you are kind of work. Since you kind of follow-up. Follow me in your car. That way you can talk about. You know the house abcd that you saw and which one is your favorite and that’s an important thing to understand which one’s your favorite I’ll tell you why, in a minute, custom, home broken, arrow builder is that is that, Bixby New Homes because the reason why you follow us, it’s cuz, so you can not only talk about the homes. You just saw that you’re free to go anytime. Saying emergency comes up. You need to go, that’s fine! It’s a super, casual and fun environment is not a super stressful thing when I pushing something I mean people coming with a fear of that they fear with the huge fear of that is because they feel like you’re pushing something on them are stressing them. You have to do this when we don’t do that at all, I mean we’re super relaxed, super fun, super casual there’s any there. We feel like we can meet at the past, but if you don’t feel that way, that’s okay to wait-and we don’t stress you to stress you out about building with us, but we do enjoy doing, is showing you homes so, but you follow us in your car that way you free to go anytime.

We do gold from broken arrow to jenks to bixby. Bixby New Homes So it’s a lot of times. It’s nice to have a pikepass. What I tell that to people? They always get confused I’m, not saying when we go to bixby. You have to build an bixby that the home that you see in bixby only can be built in bixby know these homes are spread out to capture people’s attention so that you know people in bit speak and see if she’ll home. But you know, if you see a home in broken arrow, you like you, can build at in bixby or jeans, or vice versa, cece, home and drinks. You can build in broken arrow, and we talked about this, but the three components:price. Do you remember? Custom home, broken, arrow, builder components to price is cost of land square footage and it our scenario of a dish or included features versus additional options. So those are all kind of their own little appointment within the whole system. But the square footage determination really comes from that model. Home tour, really understanding function, understanding. You know what size rims you like in me. That kind of thing comes from the model home tour, so after the model home to where I generally have at least one, if not two of those elements lockdown, because on the model home tour, you will also see communities and when you start seeing communities, you start to understand location when you start understanding location than you understand, land cost, because you know we have 25 neighborhoods throughout the greater metropolitan area, tulsa metropolitan area. Bixby New Homes That’s a customer, broken arrow build or we don’t just build in broken arrow building jig see that’s being built on people’s land and we also are building in developing land all the time like new neighborhood coming up in owasso, the neighborhood we have in sapulpa. So you know when you start to understand location areas of interest, pinging, different things that you do say. You spent a lot of time at church will. Then you probably want to live around your church or say you. You know you should travel 75 to work downtown. Well, did you know that’s a straight shot from jenks downtown, so you know that might be an area of interest though we do. You know discuss that as well, so when are we going on around on the model home tour, then you can generally say. I spent a lot of time over here already and then, when you say that that that table, where able to come to locate those neighborhoods in and then I will kind of chunk the neighborhood down when I mean chunk is start talking about like by the way, how slaves, which is also I’m, more deeper statement. Did you ever think about when building a house have you ever thought about whether you like sunrises or sunsets, better, whether you do a lot of barbecuing and want afternoon shade whether you have a pool in the back? You want afternoon sun, whether you don’t you hate shoveling snow with a passion of the fire inside.

You just absolutely hate it. Bixby New Homes So then you want what. Then you want a south facing house, because the sun is in the northern hemisphere in the winter time, which means that skews me custom home, broken, arrow builder, which means that you know your driveway gets the ice when the ice is in the wintertime. The driveways melt by the sun because the sun is beating on the front inside of your house. Have you ever ask yourself those questions, those kinds of questions we ask you. We are very, very detailed, there’s not another builder in town, especially custom home, broken, arrow builder. That’s going to ask you those kinds of questions so we’re first, going to break down location from our model home tour breakdown. Neighborhood from my model, home tour are custom, home, broken, arrow, model, home tour and figure out where you want to be, but then was going to break down the neighborhood for my custom, home broken arrow model home tour, to figure out how you want your house to lay. Generally speaking, people want that afternoon shade because I spent a lot of time outside and they don’t have a pool to cool them down. So typically, people like those west-facing home sites with east-facing backyards, generally speaking, even better. Bixby New Homes If you have nobody behind you east facing backyard right as a custom, home broken, arrow builder we excel in that, because you be surprised how much land we actually own and we understand the needs and desires and wants of our buyers, because we asked a question:if you don’t have that question me and asked to you, then you might not never understand, that’s what you actually like.

Then you build a house with the backyard that faces in the sun all day and then you’re upset right because it doesn’t fit you the best way. Bixby New Homes It actually could so I’ve been talking all morning about detailed questions, functionality, understanding how I house fits you and the problem with that. Is you don’t mind sperience my expertise in this area has allowed me to be the number one seller at charles. Holmes I am number one in sales at shaw homes, which is the biggest builder biggest for specially broken arrow, especially custom home broken, arrow builder, but not just broken arrow biggest builder in the greater metropolitan area of tulsa. That means all the suburbs. According to the building now reports, which is our financial reports for permits, pool so I would say if you’re thinking about building buying used or new buying a new house, then you probably want to listen to this podcast, because this is an important podcast. Please pay attention to function and if you’re working with an agent, that’s not asking you function, questions run for the hills, Bixby New Homes so we talked about the model home to where we talked about all the benefits amount of homes or brains and I was just discussing location benefit that model home tour drinks and understanding location. I was while I was when I got here to throw this morning. I’m at my friend who I consider a friend, I think it’s a great guy, andrew he was discussing with me his dad’s looking at oakridge of james, which is a brand new community in jeans on 111th and elwood, and I was talking to me about he really likes that neighborhood and, and they start discussing trees and stuff any start discussing elements in the neighborhood. Bixby New Homes But it’s easier first before he started that he start to give me location. Give me address to street addresses because that’s really one of the main questions this location, so it’s so important getting my name is nigel in all my numbers, 918-518-1266 I’m, going to leave you with that

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