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Bixby New Homes | Sweet Homes

Bixby New homes Shaw homes being a bixby home builder, we are also we have from your communities and premier communities will have different premiere feature. As a bixby home builder are bixby locations will be chisholm, ranch estates at the river quail creek seven, lakes, somerset and yorktown. Those are all of our bixby school location, all of the premier communities that we currently have at shaw homes. So these will be bixby jenks and broken arrow. They will be chisholm ranch, edgewood estate, okay, so chisholm ranch is bixby. Edgewood estates is gene. Elwood park is gene estates at the river bixby millicent pond broken arrow I do believe that is a union school district quail creek, which is bixby seven lakes bixby somerset bixby spring creek broken arrow timber creek jeans, village at southern, trails broken, arrow, wellstone, broken, arrow yorktown. This is jinx but bixby schools. So are the bixby home builder. We know those premier communities can be of great value to some being in a premier Bixby New homes community. You will have additional features that are automatically included, such as, instead of 2 cm granite countertops in your kitchen, we’re going to give you 3, centimeter, granite countertops. Your ceramic tile shower in the master bathroom and a knotty alder front door. We also have a couple of other neighborhoods such as crystal, creek and ruby estate. You have the option of a black frigidaire slide in gas range black frigidaire Bixby New homes over the range microwave black frigidaire dishwasher. There will be a pantry cabinet in lieu of the oven, my microwave cabinet in the heritage series you’re, a lighting allowance for these communities will be $1,000 for a one-story heritage or signature series, home and 1500 for a two-story, Bixby New homes heritage or signature series, home 2 and 1/4 pattern. K based ran into the quarter pattern, k casing and first and second floor and garage as a broken arrow home builder. We know these included. Options are very important to our heritage and signature series client, and we like to make sure that, even at the included side, you’re getting a great quality, a products at no additional cost. Now some builders out there, you know they may even charge you up for fireplace. We already have that included on our floor plan, so we don’t want you to feel like as a included. It’s going to be next to nothing you’re going to have options even on the included side on our tiles are selection for into the tile. It’s far more greater than are upgraded top tiles. So your kitchen backsplash and bathroom floors, you will have a very large selection and I’m the bixby home builder. We know that. That’s what are clients once and so that’s why we have so many included options for you when you get home west shaw homes as a big c home builder. Some of our community may have additional features that you can have, for instance, village at southern trails. Some of our included features for the premier community is based off of and features will be soul guttering. Also a faithful god, a six zone sprinkler system is automatically some of the community. We have different things and that’s something that you’re just going to want to continue talking to your shaw sells manager about see what it is based off of the different communities and what you’re looking at and what’s important to you, because they’re all going to be just a little bit different and that’s. Why going on a model tour or anything else, is going to be very beneficial for you Bixby New homes

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