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Bixby New Homes | Top Notch Quality Homes

Bixby New Homes | Top Notch Quality Homes

Kindle switch all homes here, I just wanted to talk with you a little bit on this podcast about as a bixby new home builder. We like to know everything there is to know about the bixby area and the big speak immunity and so I thought it might be fun to go over some of those statistics with you today from bixby to both downtown Tulsa or the Tulsa international airport. Bixby New Homes You can get there and only 30 minutes and the current average household income in bixby is nearly $100,000 a year at 97001, / 5. Then the cost of living index is only at 83.3%, so you can buy a lot of home a lot of bang for your buck in bixby and the city of bixby itself has such a rich history. Like many other cities, agriculture was the major industry and the lure of the region. With with each lunch river bottom, you know, I mean there such rich soil from the river bottom land and it was a contest between the settlers and mother nature with floods. Droughts, hail, wind rain and tornadoes most of the time. Bixby New Homes and gas also played a part of bixby’s history, along with ongoing issues with the bridges and crossing the Arkansas river before the 1970s bixby had been a self-serve had been self-sufficient, with everything centrally located within one square mile. Residents travel to Tulsa only for special occasions, but as Tulsa grew closer the easy access to automobiles and the spread of Tulsa shopping areas sent the bixby consumer dollars to the north, so big speak. It either grow to meet these demands or plateau. So bixby decided it formulated a plan and city leaders did and they decided to grow and grow. They did.

Our past shows us that our city will continue to grow and accommodate our expanding residential population with new entertainment, shopping and services. In 1899, bigsby officially became a town located in the creek nation indian territory didn’t 1904. Bixby was split into two towns by the midland valley railroad in 1906 bixby incorporated to become an independent self-governing town. Then in 1911 a traffic bridge was built over the Arkansas river, then at it. At that time it was the longest bridge west of the Mississippi river. Then, in 1913 a 1000 barrel of oil well was drilled south of town and the resulting oil boom boosted the economy. Bixby New Homes For many many years in 1921, the albert pike high quit highway, which is now us highway 64, was laid between muskogee and Tulsa, and in 1941 bixby became a major shipping center for produce by railroad and was deemed the garden spot of Oklahoma in 1947 after world war ii, the bixby chamber of commerce is established by local business. Leaders I actually grew up on 101st street between memorial and sheridan, so I know a lot about the growth of bixby and that area-and you know bixby-is a wonderful family friend, friendly town with great schools, great neighborhoods and in fact, one of the neighborhoods that we were the developer of seven lakes kind of started, putting bixby on the map back in about 2007 when we develop that neighborhood seven lakes is located at 128th and south sheridan, and there are six faces now to seven lakes seven lakes has a beautiful community pool and a clubhouse with a working kitchen on one end of the clubhouse and a working fireplace on the other end.

It’s actually a great. If your resident there it’s a great place that you can borrow for private parties, and many residents do just that. Have private parties in there that are great all the time in seven lakes, the there’s many many of the properties that back up to well they’re actually pawns, but we called lakes. So if you want a home that is backing to something other than just a privacy fence and your neighbors behind you, then seven lakes might be just the location for you and I actually have a couple of homes for sale in seven lakes that are just beautiful. Our wind and model is our former model there in seven lakes. We we have nearly sold-out the community, Bixby New Homes so we’re getting ready to sell our Wyndham model and that’s a great way to take advantage of of you know a special opportunity to living in model home with all of its upgrades and beautiful day chord. Not only that, but this particular home backs to a lake that is just beautiful one of the earliest lakes in the community and it backs to the long side of the lake. So it’s great this home faces the west, so you’ve got that east shade for the beautiful evening sitting out on your patio in this home. This model home is located at 7095, east, 124th, street, south, I’m. Sorry, the model home is located at 6672, east, 125th, street south, so that model home is 563 square feet. It’s a big beautiful home with it’s got a formal, dining room when you walk in the front door, formal dining room on your right and then his study to your left. And then you walk on into the great room area which is open to a kitchen with a very long island in it and a nice size, nook and all six of those windows in the omni.

All five of those windows in the great room and in the new ever since I was right. The first time overlooked a 26 and a half foot covered patio that overlooks that beautiful lake that it backs to their. In addition to the master suite, which is a nice size at 21, ft, 7 in by 13 ft 5 in then you walk into the master bathroom with double sinks and and and a nice size shower. Then you can walk Bixby New Homes straight from the master bath into the master closet and into the laundry room. So that’s a real popular feature these days, where, when you basically walk in the door from the garage, you walk straight into the utility room, mudroom, putting them right in your master closet. So you’re actually taking your shoes off and pulling your coat off in your master closets. We call that the shed and zone where you walk in from the back door-and you start shedding your briefcase and your coat in your shoes to get comfortable at being at home, and it’s so nice to be able to drop those off in the master closet and not have to drop them off at the front door or someplace and then have to move them later and addition that home has got to us two bedrooms upstairs a game room and a bonus room with a closet.

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