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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Top Notch Quality

Bixby New Homes | Top Notch Quality

Tell you about Shaw homes and are Bixby home builders. If someone was looking for a Bixby home builder to build their home, I would definitely look at Shaw home. We’Ve got a lot of really nice communities that we placed on 121st Street or we stood strategically selected because it’s such a good area, I’m on 121st, if you’re going on just a little bit are west of Memorial. You will find Quail. Creek is the first community that we offer it’s also going to give you the best price in the area. I know there’s a lot of people that Google Bigsby home builders and they have piano quite a few choices, but if you’re looking for quality warranty a 10 year structural warranty we’re definitely going to fit the bill and our price. Actually, Bixby New Homes I don’t feel that we have competition, especially with what we include in our homes. I know that other Bixby home builders, that you may look at or find they’re not going to have anything compared to what Shaw homes has, especially with are incentives that we offer throughout the year. I’M right now are incentives that we’re offering is 15000 and upgrades of your choice or towards everyone, New York towards closing costs and the rest off of upgrades and or someone could just take ,000 off the price. And that’s a good deal for anything that I know of right now, this time of year, but we always feel like I’m giving someone an incentive really help them purchase and acquire their home that I’ve always dreamed of. Bixby New Homes I would definitely check out Shaw either first or last. Sometimes I like for people to look at us first that way they have something great to compare everything else. They see out there. I know that in Quail Creek you can get in that community in the tuna with lot included and that’s prior to our intent of which is heard of for those communities.

I think other builders are probably starting over 315000 on up. We actually have a home. That is one of our market-ready homes in there is at Frank stage right now, and it’s going to be alright and if you be home. Builders in this community are Monterey plan, which is 3 bedroom 1/2 bath, a powder bath for gas, and this is one of our brand new features that we’ve added to the Monterey plan at been such a success over the years, and we wanted to pick one of Our top selling plans, Bixby New Homes it would kind of call for a powder bath, and this is the plan that they selected, which I couldn’t agree with. More of the Monterey is built on a 9-foot play, and all that means is a lot of structures are built on a 8-foot play. So when they frame the house from ground up they’ll, stop at 8 feet then start doing the framework for the roof be on that 8 fit in the Monterey. We actually took the whole perimeter of the house and raised it one foot. So it’s going to be 9 foot, I like in laundry rooms, Bixby New Homes hallways guest bath, the back guest bedroom and then like, for instance. The study in the front is a 12-volt will now that it’s on a 9-foot plate, you’re actually going to have a 13 foot vault in the study instead of 10 foot ceiling height in the you’re actually going to gain 11, which really makes a huge difference when You’Re walking through a home seen those taller Heights in the kitchen. Instead, 9-foot it’ll be a 10-foot in the master suite instead of 10 foot, it’s going to be 11 foot and it just makes a huge difference. Other features we’ve added is going to be a separate tub and a walk-in shower for and in that particular plan we removed it before of it, get the tub separate tub and oh nice eyes. Walk-In shower this home is a split plan.

So if you and looking around Bixby home builders and you’re looking for a split plan, there’s not much out there and we always pick out really good upgrade of features that we feel like will sell in those communities. So and if you’re home builders in you’re. Looking and Quail Creek particular home that we are building just to sell. It is going to have an included clear system for landscaping shower in the master 3 quarts in the kitchen and in the laundry room will have courts, and it’s just something that I think everybody should check out at they’re. Looking at that area especially if they’re trying to stay at a lower price, but they want that high in community Quail, Creek is going to give you just that they will have a face to that. Bixby New Homes Has a swimming pool – it’s not there now, and this is actually the best time to buy, is when there’s a brand new you’re, always going to pay less price, and you would anaphase 2, so Now’s the Time to get into that Community. If you’re, looking for a Bigsby home builder, that’s going to that’s going to be your best ticket for pry and then coming up next, I’m going to talk about seven to seven Lakes is going to be a really nice one as well. It’S going to be three creeks in Seven Lakes, but giving you the same features just different location of the thing. I love about Quail Creek. If you’re, looking at Bixby home builders in you’re, looking at the shop, all homes Quail Creek community, that is, it is and 120 home sites in that Community right now actually have a some really nice home sites of people are looking for Bixby home builders and they Want to be, we’ve got a couple of green before they’re sold out a really nice interior home side and then a west-facing, so we Pixies on purpose because there are best location for Best in a west-facing home size or the interior.

One is a good three car garage home site to give you a little bit of a buffer between you and your neighbor, but it will hold any of our floor plans with a 3 car garage in this community if you’re looking at, if you mix be home Builders and you’re, looking at Quail, Creek you’ll, also notice right across the street. You’Ve got Life Church church, just west of Life, church next door. You have Bixby schools, so if you have children in the home in your wanting to stay and they’re really good on North Bixby schools, this is going to be the neighborhood For You, especially if you’re on a budget. So if you can, if you have to stay in the 290s honestly, even in the seventies, I can get you in there if someone was taking the 10,000 off. This is going to be the community for you and Bigsby, going to have great amenities later on. Bixby New Homes There’S walking trails that connect to the community and you are right next to Memorial, Rican jump and go to the spirit Event Center Restaurant Tulsa, South Utica Square, because we’ve got a lot of shopping. Rustic cuff is near their restaurant. Just everything to do for the family, even if the spirit Event Center, which is close by which one of our preferred lenders is spearmint. So if you’re looking at Bixby home builders, you want to check out Shaw and check out Quail Creek, because that is for the fries and money and up to have a premier, neighborhood and being the 280. It’S the best thing going in that area, and so will Creek is in Bixby home builder Shaw homes, you’re going to have a lot of choice, though it’s going to be really really a good place. You want to check out so I’ll talk about Seven Lakes. Next,

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