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Bixby New Homes | Top of the line Bixby homes

Plus brad, maybe January 18th 2003 podcast number for mckinley continue with the monterey family i, just the last podcast about the monterey one and anna’s piggyback off of the monroe three. But that’s where you would find that you know being a jinx home builder. He got to have diversification as I mentioned before, and shaw is that that company? That did it for you. Bixby New Homes So I will finish. One e soas you go through the great room, you’ll notice that there’s only one bedroom downstairs split floor plan where you can’t see the master anywhere from the living room or downstairs area. The thing that we did is we kept the powder bath in which people, but it’s ruined, play I thought we did it cuz. It gets bedroom to its own sweet appeal. Second, bedroom downstairs as 11 feet, 5 inch by 14 ft 5 in size, but we did this time as we took the full bathroom. You enter that to the second bedroom and to go to your master, closet, exquisite master closet to that to the bedroom number to closet. So I love this layout, a lot because which new, upstairs with the you can make it a nice 4, bedroom, home, 3, bedroom home with the bonus rooms in game, room size for a teenager. Smoothie in college, and no one sits on room downstairs and then this’ll be the one to even out of a back door. I’ll try better into the covered patio. If you choose to do so, I’ll be a nice little something and that’s your room that that would be really great setup. So this plant, as a single-story mentioned, is 20 of its a 24-19, but as a two-story bedroom, four bedroom, one. Bixby New Homes Even actually that’s a 3-bedroom 1 eve is 3265 square feet. So, as you go up, the stairs from the monterey eve, which is so one of the best jinx home builders being shaw homes and can give you a floor plan that looks like this. Okay, so we’re upstairs inside kind of a u-shaped. You walk up, have a landing turn around come back up the other way and then you come back up and then you, let me have a landing. You can overlook the front door as you walk through the hallway, but if you go up the stairs on the overlook there’s one side and just stares to the gamers, the other size you at the game, I’m at 16, ft 11 in by 20 ft 3 in and this game has been used, design different ways. You know one of the best things home builders out there who thinks the big huge closet again, you can do so much with that.

That game is so big, but then you won’t back down the hallway and then you’ll have your bathroom number 3 upstairs at you passing put one or two sinks in that bathroom they’re nice size bathroom, then that leads you to either a three-bedroom home, which is on the monterey 3e, which is 22 and 3265 in square foot, which is a 4th bedroom upstairs and 3448 square feet. Really. You know that that this floor plan is it has size, has space as what you’re looking for you know, if you want a nice 4 bedroom with a bonus, call the game room, and so that’s what we do in the monterey one family I want to talk about the monterey to it’s a single story which I wish one day. They would make that as a to sort, I really think that it would sell. Bixby New Homes We’ve made that single-story bottom for 2654 square feet in the way. Bixby New Homes We do that as we take for feet down the middle from the dining room, all the way to the back windows and I say three windows, because when we add 4 feet to it and forth window has to be put in so it also makes your patio much bigger so that 42, your patio we also take in the office there we extended out for feet so make it, makes a huge office, probably evolved. Jenks home builders out there, this floor plan will be number one special in the model gets finished out of timber creek, plus the monterey family family. We have three versions of the notting:hill is the h, the l and the v they’re all two-story homes. We don’t have a single version of this. The age version is 2400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2, story, 3 car garage, the element via very similar, not much difference other than the square footage of 2618 and the v is 2593, so the elves bigger the l has a second bathroom upstairs, so it makes it a four excuse me, two bathrooms upstairs so I can correct that it sits. Bixby New Homes There’s one and a half downstairs and then there’s the v in the h puts a second full bath upstairs so I met, Sarah, 2 and 1/2. There’s one and a half down and and there’s the one up in the l has a second full bath upstairs. So now you got two full bathrooms upstairs with the three bedrooms in the game:room great floor plan, so it’s kind of go over this floor plan.

The downstairs, when do the same and all the model? Have your stairs really tell your lab, but also right there on your life? Is your study i? Don’t think of all the jinx home builders i, don’t think I like this customers will love this for playing at a 12 foot 3 by 10 foot, 11 study, vaulted I didn’t walk into. You got two choices. You got the stairs or you can take the other direction and go to the utility room that will take you to the master closet to the laundry room to the master bath to the master bedroom. So the you tell you where I’m right off the garage and off the entry is 6 feet 7 by 4 feet. 11 that also lead into the laundry room is 1230 by 7 foot one and it goes into the master bath master, bathroom, split vanity. Nice shower tub combo. Then you know you can don’t you master bedroom as soon as a good size, 13 3 by 16 5, which can then you can leave and walk out the little hall landing area and then go out to the great room she’s coming in from the entry and you pass utility room entrance or the stairs you walk on through there’s a powder bath right to the right, which of course will be the guest room, so that puts it up one and a half bath down. She go into the great room, 14 ft, 5 in by 3 ft 3 in really good size, nice size living room, Bixby New Homes and then you got your kitchen overlooking the great room was one of the selling points in this model is the pantry. You have to walk in the pantry, looking at all the other jinx home builders, they don’t have a pantry anywhere like this and any other models. So this is something that, if you, if you love to cook-and you want a big pantry, this is what you want to get. I got a couple other floor plans that are similar, but I want you to check this out. I got a nice arrangement of your counter space. There uses the corner for counter that you got your refrigerator and in your oven and dishwasher and sink that’s in the island, Bixby New Homes and you got your huge nook over there. It’s 9 foot 9 by 12 foot 7, that’s a big cover. Patio he’s about a hundred square feet a cover, so this is called the notting hill and we have different versions of we’ll talk about the upstairs versions of the next podcast, but it is the ellen the v. The difference only is they’re.

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