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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | Top of the line services

Bixby New Homes | Top of the line services

Talking about Bigsby home builders, we have several locations that we haven’t talked about yet and if your Google and Bixby home builders show me the best price for the value in what you get included in the home, we actually are the only home builder. That gives you a 10-year structural warranty, where other builders will give you one, and then we also give a 2 year warranty on other builders. What’S the one year we have a lifetime warranty on the roof, which is the rafters. The shingles are going to be a 30-year shingle, architectural architect, architectural shingle in style so we. Do it, we don’t do it 10 year or 20 year, but we give you a 30 or shingle. So just are words he alone will give you so much more than other people give you. Bixby New Homes They may have lipstick on a pig and looks great when you walk through it, but what’s behind the wall, what kind of warranty do they offer? What kind of Windows are they? How many choices? Do you get there just included in if he did have to upgrade? What is our price compared to others? I think if someone did Apples to Apples, comparison and they’re, really looking for a Bixby home builders, they’re going to say that Shaw homes give hands down the best product, the best warranty and the best for the money that any builder in town has to offer. Speaking of Bixby home builders, we have another neighborhood. I was going to speak about call the Estates at the river now States at the river is a little different. It is. It is going to be on the south side of 121st Street located between Sheridan and Memorial. So it’s right down the street from the school’s I mean within a block. Bixby New Homes Your kids can go to school, it’s down the street from Life Church and you’re, actually really close by a lot of the entertainment in shopping and restaurant that Bixby offers. This is a great neighborhood of people like Riverside Drive, and I would call it South Riverside Drive. It’S just a beautiful, beautiful high-end area and as far as like our Premier Community is go.

A state to the river is definitely one of them, which really all that means our buyers are when you’re building a home in Estates at the river Quail Creek Somerset, Chisholm Ranch, you’re you’re, going to do you’re going to want it you’re going to expect tile showers In the master, will that’s included you’re going to expect a 3 centimeter granite or quartz in the kitchen, except not just the 2 cm? That’S included, you’ll have a full sprinkler system now those are some are Covenant requirements and some they just feel like these neighborhood should should have this if you’re living in them. You also receive full guttering, that’s kind of a nice Plus at something that almost everybody would add in but you’re going to get it included in in this community additional Landscaping. Bixby New Homes This this community is going to require a little bit more Landscaping, the White Beast up, and then those are just some just some of the little extras that set us apart from others, if you’re interested you’re, probably looking at 305,000 on up with a house like a One-Story home with the home side included, and we do have a few Lots in their home sites that are going to give you a little bit of a discount, maybe ,000 off the price or but this is going to be a great Community. There’S about a hundred twenty for homes, Bixby New Homes there’s three builders in there currently and nobody can touch our price, but Estates at the river is just it’s just a great community that Bixby has to offer and then, if you go, if you would run into Spring Hill Farms For looking at Bixby home builders and a half acre, it’s going to be Spring Hill Farms all day long. We actually sold out of all the home sites and there were 10 available home sites in there and we bought them all.

So we on what’s still available in that Community before it’s sold out so right now to get in there with a home side, included, half acre included, and you just can’t beat that for Bixby, and they have never even heard of having a house that the two-story Home in the to 80s, given him four bedroom, 2 game room, Tyler bath 3 car garage and 15 grand right now to spend on upgrades. It’S not going to happen. I have it anywhere. So if you still want to get in on this Farms is a Great Big Sea community and for people who are shopping, Bixby home builders – that’s definitely one! You want to check out, if you’re looking for a large home site, even bigger in a quarter of an acre you’re, going to want to check that out. Cuz all of our pricing includes a half acre homesites, Bixby New Homes there’s that’s the minimum. They have there and we actually have a few of the corners at our bit bigger than a 1/2 acre. So you just can’t beat that one that doesn’t want a lot of amenities and who will take 10 grand off the prize. You know get it in the 260s and then he’s got a half acre, you’re surrounded by horse ranches, it’s absolutely beautiful. If someone was on 171st Street, it would actually be between Sheridan and I’m sorry. It would be a hundred and 71st and it would be between Harvard and Peoria, and all you have around you is nothing but we’re branch is. It is absolutely to die for beautiful, Rolling Hills and then, when you pull in the community, you’ll see this beautiful cat turn a leased on with a fountain and it’s surrounded by wooded areas all throughout the community, and they have a green belt that surrounds an asphalt Trail jogging walking trail so really nice Community, you have all the conveniences of the city, cuz you’re, about 15 minutes from you.

You have all the trees of living out a ways for you. Don’T have a neighbor right on top of you. So Spring Hill Farms is going to be our best Bixby home builders community and then, as far as Bixby home builders, there’s there’s actually no other Builder I’ve seen in there unless they happen to own a lot. But we are the last ones in their own. Everything – and it’s made it really nice for residents who are just you know they want to get away from the city. I also know that you could, if you work downtown, or you know, you’re going to be traveling down 75, you can actually get on Highway 75 and go south and then just exit off 171st Street. So when you exit off of 171st Street you’re going to want to go east on 171st and you stick, Bixby New Homes Peoria manual see Spring Hill Farms on the right hand, side. So, on the south side of 171st and beautiful sign at the entrance, heavily wooded you’ll see the big pond with a white railing in front of it. It’S just absolutely beautiful, who tells the neighborhood you’re going to want to check out really love Spring Hill Farms and out of all the Bixby home builders, with any kind of acreage we’re by far we have no competition. I’Ll just say it that way so come and see: Springhill Farms, contact, Shaw homes will be able to show you everything that we can do in the Bixby area. We have five communities. The best pricing most included features for the square footage and the top is the top notch. Inside of our homes, I mean you can tell the difference just by the outside, but wait till you see the inside

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