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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Bixby New Homes | You Can Be Proud Of Your New Home


Whenever it comes to the housing market today it can be a very exciting time and also a berry and certain time. Delete likes to applaud everybody that is in the market today to purchase Bixby New Homes. And we would also like to add that if you’re working with Shaw homes in order to complete your dream of owning your house, then you are not only going to be completing your dream of owning a brand-new home, but you’re doing it in a really smart economical fashion. Because not only do they have an amazing policy whenever it comes to their customer service and the involved but the customer is allowed to have it within the build and purchasing at their home.

Why can’t we go much farther without mentioning how beautiful and impressive the homes that they are building are?The quality and craftsmanship of everything that they do is just exemplary. But the point of this conversation is to talk about the fact that they are going to save you money, and they’re going to save you money for years to come whenever you work with Shaw homes. And part of the reason is that whenever you work with Shaw homes for your Bixby New Homes purchase they are going to offer you all about quality, but they’re going to do it with terms that are more than competitive and, their offers include amenities such as long-term interest rate lock which right now is a huge offer.

That means as our nation’s interest rates continue to rise at every Fed meeting your break is going to be locked into place it is not going to rise with the rest of the Nations and this is going to be a big deal for the life of your house note. Another wonderful and kind of extraordinary deal they’re offering all within a package is that they are paying at your closing cost. Yep I said they’re paying your closing cost. This is a big deal this type of package can save you up to $40,000 on your new home.

And continue to save you money to come. We’d like to say if you do not see the value in quality that Shaw homes is providing to their customers, then now may not be the time for you to be in the market for a Bixby New Homes. But we do believe that our Discerning consumers in the market will see the value in Shaw homes business model and the value that they are providing for all of their add clients, and they’re going to try to work with Shaw homes..

If you still need convincing we suggest that you head over to their website and look at any one of their homes that they have available now there’s 83 different available homes or you can cop on into their plans to build section and look at the 48 different home floor plans that they have that you can be more involved and see your dream home built. That website is at or you can call 918-688- 5660.

Bixby New Homes | The Name Shaw Homes and Excelllence

If you live in the Tulsa area then the name Shaw homes is probably synonymous with quality and craftsmanship . Because they have been in business since 1985 Shaw homes has built a reputation that precedes them and is respected among fellow Builders. This is why if you are looking for a new home in the Bixby area we suggest working with Shaw homes for yourBixby New Homes purchase.

I never said there are several reasons why he would choose Shaw over other builders in the area. Least of which is not and the fact that they build beautiful homes. Whenever you work with Shaw homes to build your new home, you are going to fall in love with the quality of every finishing detail. Although it does not adjust the Beauty and the quality of product that they provide that brings them recommendations. It is the value in which they are providing in financial consideration. Whenever you go to their website you’re going to see that they are offering an amazing deal package. 4 brand-new homes.

They’re offering to pay your closing cost and to fix your interest rates. This is kind of a big Bixby New Homes deal now, especially now as interest rates continue to rise and are on how to Rise Again. By the end of the year, the fixed rate is going to be incredibly important to your bottom line. And the reason for this is simple: well everybody else’s interest rate rises yours will not see your friends and families priced out of their homes, that you will be locked into a fixed rate, and you will not see the turbulence in your budget as they do theirs. This is a big deal, and it’s going to save you money for years to come.

We are sure as a Discerning consumer you can understand the value in this and absolutely appreciate it if you are in the market for a Bixby New Homes. Many people are word in this time in history of losing money through their home. We are losing equity in our homes every day and every time the FED meet for a price hike. Not to mention that with inflation driving building cost up there are so many ways in which the housing market seems to be like a scary place to buy into right now. But the fact is that people have to have homes. And it is still a better investment to pay money towards a mortgage or money towards rent that you are never going to get back. We suggest, since this is the case, that you were only going to want to work with a building company that is going to give you a fixed rate. Is this something that can be very important and is going to save you money for years to come

And this one choice very well could be the difference between you being upside down and your mortgage and remaining stable in your budget. We’re not saying that times are not going to be tight over the next couple of years because everybody regardless of Financial Resources is going to fill the economy shift in the next few years. Although if you can position yourself in a place where you don’t have to feel the damage quite as hard this of course is what we suggest for all of our readers. Shaw homes can be reached at 918-688-5660 or go to

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