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Speaker 1: (00:02)
Today at the village at Southern trails in broken arrow, Shaw homes, new construction, we just got done with the groundbreaking of the 2020 St. Jude’s home by Shaw homes out of broken arrow new home construction. And we broke ground and in a WASO at stone canyon, building a red for three two-story. We had the dinner last night to discuss the, uh, the importance of St Jude’s helm and the research they do for cancer patients. And their focus is pediatric cancer patients, a great foundation. They do all the research and provide it to other establishments to provide for the greater cause and trying to cure cancer and save children a great group. And the home will be donated by Shaw homes, new construction, broken arrow. I’m in village at Southern trails and St. Jude’s will be, we will be building the St. Joe tome for about half a million dollars.

Speaker 1: (01:38)
There’s, uh, many other subcontractors contributing their work at no cost to Shaw or to St. Jude’s. So Shaw will be donating the home and construction superintendents work, construction crews work, and our other companies will be providing their goods and services. Hopefully. Um, according to the dinner last night, there were many companies already on board train will be providing the thingy there, and Bosch will be providing appliances and shall flooring will be providing all the flooring be, uh, lots of, uh, companies doing, doing work, um, as a donated charitable cause. So hopefully this, this home will be based off of a lot of people just working for the good, the greater cause and not, um, working for the dollar. Um, there’ll be a lot of donated features and, and finishes and different, different, nice things throughout the all donated for the raffle. And this was for Shaw homes, broken arrow new home construction, and basically there’ll be doing, doing construction over the next few months and then selling the raffle tickets for a hundred dollars a piece so that they sell a total of 12,000 tickets and hopefully raise about $1.2 million.

Speaker 1: (03:29)
We’ll have some different activities with children and families of, uh, childhood cancer going through the process or recovering from the process and different ways for the company saw homes and broken arrow new home construction to get involved and, um, and kind of get there to focus, right? Um, lots of ways to make, you know, make a better, make a difference with our company and hopefully that, you know, Goodwill reflect in other areas and bring more business to the company just by radiating good work. Um, we, uh, did the groundbreaking this morning and epic homes had been over the, uh, the construction of the St. Jude’s home in this area for the last decade and, um, good people over at epic. They handed over the torch to Shaw homes, broken arrow new home construction to continue carrying on that torch. Um, I, I don’t know how many years we saw homeless will carry that torch, but, um, they told us last night that, you know, for the cost, the amount of money that we’re raising from this home, the $1.2 million, you could basically, you know, treat three, three children with cancer, um, which I assumed there would be more, more children affected by one house, but who knows what it will grow into in the future.

Speaker 1: (05:22)
If they’re only able to do one, one home in this area, or if it can multiply, they, uh, they did this across country. And so raise a whole lot of money for the research to save children. And hopefully that the research also radiates into adults and cancer on all different levels, trying to find a cure, save some lives, Shaw homes, broken, arrow, new construction, and

Speaker 2: (05:57)
So excited to be a part of that had a, had a lot of, uh, large turnout today and nice weather and, um, lots of people ready to get that house under construction. We’re all, we’re all looking forward to that progress and the doors and stories and opportunities. It will create locally and regionally at the groundbreaking. Your last night, we had, um, food catered by the rib crib. So we had some smoked chicken and smoked brisket, barbecue sauce and blends and pickles and tea and lemonade and time for us all to get together and what the subcontractors and with our family or with our spouses, uh, with subcontractors and everybody at Shaw homes and the, the group that donated the land and various other contributors, and some of our realtors all to get together and be able to hear about the St Jude’s. Cause we got to hear the story of where St Jude’s came from and the founding father and his dream and how everyone told him it wouldn’t wouldn’t work.

Speaker 2: (07:31)
And, uh, somehow it’s been working and they’ve come a long way. So it was a good evening with lots of information and hopefully at some point, well, we’ll have more discussion and find out more things about St Jude’s and the lives saved and the research that they’re doing, and if, what else, other kind of benefits they have and causes. And if they’re providing another providing lodging and food for the families of the children they’re treating, um, I’m guessing they’re probably providing some kind of financial assistance or something in that that regard, hopefully the, the people, the families, the families, businesses, or employers are contributing as well, and helping make sure that as these people are missing a lot of work to trades or children, that they don’t have to worry about the roof over their heads, Shaw homes, broken arrow new home construction, uh, the house we’re building is going to be a red for three what’s an upstairs, and it’s going to be done with the farmhouse.

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Look, the modern farmhouse, the white with the Baton and the metal awnings, and have a nice open front porch area and lots of space for family to grow and beautiful community out there. And stone canyon, lots of activities and a school, and, um, very, very large community, kind of a city of their own. So a neat place to, uh, either when that home and, and live there and be part of that, or to, you know, decide to sell that home and, and use the money for a better cause for a year on fit. And, uh, let someone else, you know, move into that home and that setting that is ready to be in that community. If you’re ready to get started with your Broken Arrow new home construction, call today!

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