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Broken Arrow New Home Construction | What Works Best for Your Family

Speaker 1: (00:01)
On today’s podcast and village had Southern trails, broken arrow new home construction, Shaw homes. We’re going to talk about the, uh, various communities. Um, after we, uh, briefly touch base on Shaw homes, broken arrow new home construction is the proud sponsor of the St. Jude’s home construction project this year, that the home that is built by a builder in various states. And, um, and then they do a hundred dollars raffles. I think they’re called raffle tickets and, uh, everyone purchases a ticket for a hundred dollars and they only sell, I think, 12,000 tickets or something. It gets 12,000. And, um, after I think they start selling those in April or may and do the drawing, I think in June. So, um, someone wins a new home it’s somewhere between five and $600,000, I believe. And, um, it’s donated the helmet itself is donated by, by a builder, which is Shaw homes, broken arrow on new construction.

Speaker 1: (01:43)
And so this year Shaw is donating the, the house construction and, and fortunately for Shaw, they, um, have a lot of subcontractors and various trades and, and donating their labor and their, their work to this project. And along with various companies that provide things like dishwashers ovens, microwaves, stove, tops, probably flooring, um, carpeting, um, probably every finish in the house is probably being donated by the company that makes it to, uh, to kind of share the load of the expense of the house, um, lighting, um, just different contractors, subcontractors pitching in donating their work, donating their, their product, maybe HPAC, um, you name it. So just take some of that load off just the builder. And, uh, some people were donating their work at time. And this morning we had the, a two by four signing. So we, we met behind Chick-fil-A, um, and we were selling studs for $20 and you could buy a stud and write a blessing on the stud for the home and sign your name so that your, your family name and, um, whatever you chose to put on the stud would as part of that, broken arrow new home construction.

Speaker 1: (03:32)
So or so your, your words are now part of the home do blessings part of the home. And, um, so $20 donation, of course, it’s for a great cause for children with cancer, finding the cure. So Shaw homes, a new construction in broken arrow. All right, now we’re in the village at Southern trails. So that was the way Shaw homes started. The morning was, um, raising money for charity. Last, I looked, we were around $2,200 and needed to save an additional, or we need to, um, get an additional $30,000 donated, um, to have the home and everything inside completely paid for by the end of the project. Um, so right now we, we did the two by four signing and die here. The house has a concrete slab poured and, um, they’re at the framing stage. So they’ll be using those studs and putting up the walls and putting up the frame and put up sheet rock and moving right along and getting that house done as soon as possible.

Speaker 1: (04:47)
So we can start selling some tickets to, to raffle that house off and get a bunch of people just walking through that house and interested and hopefully contributing to St Jude’s. And, um, just everybody being aware, child homes, new construction, broken arrow is providing that, um, this year and the past, they used other builders. So this was Shaw homeless first year to, to contribute by providing the home. And so we have various communities across a Tulsa metropolitan area. So we have homes. Um, and I know LA and Ruby states had a couple of lots left there. We’ve got some homes in Awaso in the homestead. And, um, in Verdigris we’ve got some homes in Ashburn, in broken arrow land available about half an acre lot, same with Rubius states. We’ve got a few

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Left in Highland Creek in broken arrow, seven Oak south. We have lots of lots left. We have lots available on homes available in the Pines, the preserve, we have various, uh, lots of trails and broken arrow new home construction, and also in rush Burt, north new home construction, Shaw and arrow. And then we move further west into, um, the Bixby area of Somerset and the states at the river and further west into James new Yorktown, Covington Yorktown, Birmingham, and Tim Creek edge would have states just finished out in Elwood park. We’ve got Oak Ridge of Jenks and, um, we’ve got some communities in Oklahoma city as well. Then we have, uh, 83 different floor plans, and many of them can be built as a one-story or a two-story. We have the, um, we have the Addison P and we have the Crescent and the Glendale Glendale is a one story, four bedroom, three bath. The Addison P is a five bedroom and three bath. The Crescent is a three bedroom, two bath with a study and a formal dining.

Speaker 2: (07:49)
We have the, uh, in the Glendale. It also has a study as well, besides the four bedrooms on the three baths. We have the, um, Prescott, and that can be built multiple different ways as a one-story or two-story. We have the Monroes, which villages Southern trails, broken arrow new home construction is a Monroe P and the Monroe. You can build 15 different ways. You can build it as a one-story and the downstairs for plan change can change three different ways. You can build it as a two story. And the upstairs changes five different ways, different, different versions, different ways you can set it up. Um, then you’ve got the Redford’s and there’s a couple of different ways you can do the downstairs, actually about three different ways. You can do the downstairs, and then there’s various ways you can do the, anything from just a game room to two bedrooms and a game room, um, different ways to do that upstairs.

Speaker 2: (09:05)
You’ve got the Stonebrook as two different versions that it has to be a two-story house. You’ve got the Ventana, which can be built with, um, either two bedrooms upstairs or one bedroom upstairs with the game room, or the two bedrooms with a game room, both have bathroom up downstairs is, uh, a master bedroom or study. Uh, so lots of room in that house. You’ve got the brand new up and coming west board, which should be a top selling plan. It’s got a master down and either a mother-in-law suite with a bathroom or a study either way. You want to use it down and upstairs, two bedrooms with a game room. So pretty awesome plan right now we’re in broken arrow new home construction, Shaw homes, and, um,

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