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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Adding A Game Room

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Adding A Game Room

Today we’re going to talk about some of the custom homes, broken Arrow homes that we have available in the broken Arrow area. We currently have a wonderful selection of moving ready inventory depending on what price point you’re looking for for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. We here at Shaw homes, have home sites that are ready for you to build on if you choose and select to build your custom homes, broken Arrow home and design it yourself. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the only option that we have. We have wonderful designers that work in our design studio to customize certain homes that would be perfect for a move in ready custom homes, broken Arrow home we currently have available in our highland creek community, which corresponds with oak crest elementary school children, middle school and broken Arrow highschool, a crescent 100 construction. This home features 2000, a little over 2000, so 295 square feet of living space and is three bedrooms, two bath and one story.

This home features an open concept floor plan with a gorgeous dining formal dining area right off the front of the home. Another neat feature about this beautiful three car garage home is the fact that it does have a large pocket in the master bedroom measuring 13 seven by 29, so this master is a little bit interesting shape, but with that note, it offers a gorgeous sitting area or even a nursery area which overlooks into the backyard. It has a large covered patio measuring nine point nine by seven point seven square feet, which the great room looks onto. It’s also got a large pantry and features a. also a study at the front of the home, so although it’s a three bedroom, it does also feature a study and dining area. One of the most enticing features about this Custom Homes Broken Arrow home is going to be the laundry room.

It’s a very, very large laundry area, which also doubles as a mud room as it filters from the three car garage into the kitchen of the home. It has a custom mud bench included in this floor plan, and again, it’s very functional for bringing in groceries or doing yard work, which means if you’re bringing groceries in from the garage, you’re going to be right there close to the Pantry, giving you very close access to it, or if you’re doing yard work or shoveling or anything that you may be doing, you now have a tiled area that will do well as a mud room for you to drop shoes off before you enter into your beautiful home. Custom Homes Broken Arrow This home also features a stunning covered front porch which the study overlooks, which is also an very nice feature if you’re in your study and you’re working, you have a beautiful front porch to look out onto.

So these are just some of the beautiful features of the crescent floor plan, making it highly desirable for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, but it is just one of the options that we have. So that was in our highland creek community. However, we also have Amman road to available in Brighton village. Brighton village corresponds with Spring Creek elementary and children’s middle school, also with broken Arrow high school, but it’s a little bit different of a community. This community starts in the low two hundreds Custom Homes Broken Arrow and feature in starts in the 1800 square foot range, but it’s conveniently located right by the creek turnpike, so anywhere you’d like to go, you can get there within no time. It’s close to the Warren Theater and all the new shopping districts which are just a couple of miles away as well as the large Walmart and the entertainment district. The community also features a clubhouse and community swimming pool, so lots of desirable features in the community where there’s monroe too, is located this monroe to features 2,178 issue square feet of living space.

Three bedrooms, two bath, and is a one story. Now this specific monroe plan can be built multiple different ways if you choose this option for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home, and this is just one of the specifics that we offer. So if you look at this floor plan as a one story, it’s going to feature a three car garage and a large open concept, great room. However, all of the bedrooms are conveniently located on one side, giving you very close access if you’d like something like a nursery or you want to be close to the additional children’s bedrooms. The neat thing is the master closet goes into the laundry, which goes into the hallway where both of your additional bedrooms are going to be located. This particular floor plans features a huge closet in the middle of the home that’s perfect for storage or even accustomed built tornado shelter in the middle of your home.

It also includes a separate utility leading from the garage into the home that duels as a mud room and includes a mud bench. Um, another thing that’s interesting about this floor plan is that it also features a large formal dining room and the front of the home which overlooks into the outside. That room can be used as a study area or as a formal dining, making this another attractive option for your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home. One of the most enticing features about this particular floor plan is going to be the very oversized covered patio in the back, measuring 26 point three by nine point seven square feet. That’s a massive back porch and perfect for entertaining if you have, if you do a lot of entertaining, um, another one of the communities that we have in broken Arrow as an option for your custom homes.

Broken Arrow home is going to be our ashbrook community. This community is a gorgeous community which also features, um, a, some amenities and it’s right next to the forage Ridge Golf course and close to the turnpike so it has a feeling that you’re not close to everything and you’re a little bit rural, but you’re actually close to everything. Custom Homes Broken Arrow The school district is a little bit different than the school districts we’ve mentioned in this podcast because it’s going to correspond with highland park elementary and Anita Ridge middle school and broken Arrow, which just a little bit different for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home. The Addison p floor plan is available for move in and it features 2,430 square feet of living space. This four bed, three bathroom, two story three car garage plan would be a perfect option for your custom homes, broken Arrow home. It actually has a gorgeous entryway when you walk in and features filters right into the great room you.

It is a split concept floor plan, so you’re going to have some bedrooms on the bottom, but you’ll also have some on the top as well, so it features a study on the bottom, which can be used also as an additional bedroom. So some people, because the study does contain a closet, Custom Homes Broken Arrow could see this as a five bedroom home plus a game room it. So you walk into the home of this custom homes, broken Arrow home. It features a great room measuring 14 point one by 20, one point five square feet and a stunning corner fireplace. It’s got a beautiful new book which goes into the master and the master goes into the master bath, into the master closet, which goes into the home and very close to that study area, so if you’re looking for something with a nursery or even a study that’s attached to the master, this is going to be a very close option for you without giving you a feeling like you have a nursery or master in or study inside of your master bedroom.

It also upstairs conveniently features an additional bedroom and bath and large game room, so if you have a college student at home, this would make a perfect floor plan for them to have their own personal space upstairs and you can even set up the game room area as their own little personal living room area slash kitchenette if you’d like, have a bathroom and bedroom for them to have their own private suite in their custom homes, broken Arrow home and have some privacy while attending college. Custom Homes Broken Arrow So this is just one of the options that we have. Again, this was the addison p that was located in the Ashbrook community of broken arrow. Again, we have other, um, communities like seven oak south as well, which also features a different school district, Leisure Park, and all of her middle school again, which are very attractive schools and features for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and in that particular community we also have multiple different move in ready homes. So whether you’re looking to build on your own, a home site or you’re looking to move in right away, show homes. It has lots of different options and possibilities for you when it comes to custom homes, broken arrow. And we hope that throughout this process you find that all of the different options and all of the different plans, we definitely have one that suits your needs.

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