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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Beautifully Decorated Homes

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Beautifully Decorated Homes

Alright, I drawn on here back with custom home broken Arrow builders is what we’re talking about this morning. I’m going to show homes. I’ve been with Shell for five or so years now. I’m currently number one in sales. Um, I was number one in sales for nearly the whole year last year and I was beat at the end. So this time I’m going to finish well for a 2018. So I’m super excited to be with you this morning. I’m going to go over your path to a new shaw home and the different steps. Um, we’re going to cover each step. And so, uh, the first step really is a model home tour. Custom Homes Broken Arrow I’m a model home tour is

what would you like to do? I mean because we have the largest selection of fully furnished models and enter the builder and the Greater Tulsa area. We like to do a model home tours. I mean, who doesn’t love looking at beautifully decorated model homes, right? Right. Custom Homes Broken Arrow We focus in on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan. When we go on tour, our customers have told us that even if they have been building with someone else or buying something used that they found in our model home tour to be the single most helpful thing they did during their home shopping experience. And the reason is because what I just said, we focus on the function behind the design and the homes for plan. We spend a great deal of thought into why we laid out the rooms the way we did and what we put in the house.

Our plans come from over 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of customers comments Custom Homes Broken Arrow from them walking through the models. Um, you know, in many instances you’re looking at version two or even three point, oh, of our homes floor plan that’s been dot redesigned and rebuilt based on the most popular trends. And the way the model home tours work is that you would just follow me in your car. Um, as we go on and tour that away, you’re free to leave at any time or if an emergency comes up. Because I have limited to number of slots on these model home tours, I liked the book people in advance, so I’ll need to go ahead and put a time down, for you. But if you’re willing, if you want to go. So will you take those tours at the same time every week? That Saturday morning at nine, Sunday at five and Monday at six PM. Um, so which time works best for you? That’s generally the kind of how I talk about the tour

and we start usually at the ashbrook model and then we go from there. It’s generally like a, how to explain it, Custom Homes Broken Arrow but the model home tour, like I said, it lasts for about 90 minutes, an hour and a half. Sometimes they can go for two hours or so sometimes I’ve seen him go for three hours. I’ll have a really cool buyer in and we’ll just get to talking and hanging out and having fun. So. And that’s generally the theme of the towards casual fine. Um, and, and just, just a lot of fun. And so we, we, we have a lot of fun on the tour, actually take tours with realtors. I take them also with, um, with people who are just wanting to design their home renovation just so they can see some of the latest design. It’s been really, it’s been a really good. Yeah,

it’s been a really good thing for us because we find that the tours is super, just a really good advantage for us. Um, and so we really liked doing the tour, so a highly, highly suggest. I always highly suggest people to come on tour. It’s great. And so, you know, we really like it. Custom Homes Broken Arrow And uh, so that’s, that’s cool. I just invite you on tour. I mean if you guys want to go in towards me, he can on number is nine one eight five, one eight, one, two, six, six. My name is Nigel Arnold again. And uh, we have a lot of fun on the tours generally will try to make it to six to 12 homes.

You know, that, that can be challenging sometimes because, um, you know, Erin will tell you that custom home broken Arrow builders usually can sell to a buyer after they’ve seen five homes. That’s usually the number of people see before they buy. Um, and that’s kind of where I’m, I get to four to five homes is typically what I have time to make it too. And sometimes you’ll get people that are, have a budget that just, you know, all we have is two, three homes in that side, that budget. So, um, and that can happen a lot in broken arrow, our side. So you’ll see that and uh, and you’re, it’ll, it’ll just Kinda, uh, you’re just kind of figuring out, well, Custom Homes Broken Arrow that’s what I can show. Um, so it isn’t always six to 12 homes generally for me, it’s around five to six homes for four to five homes. Sometimes I can only get to two to three homes. These homes were all furnished and decorated. The art beautiful. I mean, as a matter of fact, when we win award after award each year,

because they are so beautiful. Um, and that’s the parade of homes awards that they actually give out for the best designed home. Also the best, Custom Homes Broken Arrow uh, structurally designed home as far as layout a custom home, broken Arrow and builder. Um, so generally speaking, that usually ends up quite well. Um, and we usually have a great time just I’m designing our homes, you know, these same designers that design our homes there, the ladies that work in the design studio and they also, when you buy from us, design your home with you. So it’s like getting free design consulting and that’s can be expensive. So that’s another big advantage for us. We, uh, we hire, we don’t hire out any of our jobs. We, um, we have all our jobs in house as a custom home broken arrow builder. Uh, we don’t bid our, our towel jobs, they don’t bid our framing, we don’t do any of that.

We are busy enough that we can keep the same tile guys, same framers, same design people all the way across the board working for us. It’s a huge advantage for us. Um, and uh, you, you get the same quality with every home that you do with any other. So the awesome thing, Custom Homes Broken Arrow um, across the board that our quality stays remain and stays consistent as a custom home broken a rule builder. So love that part of it. Um, also you will drive your own car and typically, um, we will go from broken arrow to big speed to jinx. Um, we’ll go back and forth. Um, so, you know, if you have a pipe pass, that’s a great thing because we can get fat places fast unless, you know, from the broken Arrow spot to the big spruce. But because we’re leaving from olive in 101st I just take the back roads back to one 21st over to Sheridan and we’re there.

So I don’t think pike pass there, but. So unless we go out to gene, so I’ll take the pike pass, but sometimes we don’t use it, but sometimes we do. So I do suggest that people do have a pipe pass, but if you don’t, that’s okay. It doesn’t take too long to get there. Um, so you will drive your own car, you will follow me at a way, you can talk between each home and I will kind of quiz you as we go through as a custom home broken arrow builder. I will quiz you because the objective is to find the home that you love. And that’s, that’s really the objective of the model home tour. And so what can happen is people can love three for love, all our homes. Custom Homes Broken Arrow That’s happened before. Sometimes people can forget the homes Esal, forget the things that they loved about him.

So I’ll be asking you to take pictures or make notes. I’ll be asking you to rank the homes so it comes back to memory. And when you, um, when you’re done with the tour and you can remember why you love the home, what it was that you loved about it. So I’ll be, you’re helping your own. I’ll be, I’ll, I will be, I will help you remember why you loved homes through questions and that sort of thing as a custom home broken arrow builder on the model home to work. And so, Custom Homes Broken Arrow uh, that also driving your own car will also give you time to talk about each home from home to home. Sometimes you have differing opinions where that has been, loved the home, but the wife didn’t love it and that sort of thing. And sometimes that does happen, I won’t be talking about on the model home tour pricing.

Um, I don’t want you to like a home because of its price. That’s generally not the best way to like a home and generally because we have a small, medium, large and extra large version of all our homes. Genuinely I can make the price work. There’s three components to price. There is the square footage of a house, the cost of the land that you’ve chosen and what you’re going to put on the home as far as additional options in design features. So when you tinker with either one or any one of those three price components, then you can also change price and get priced into different ranges in places. So there’s ways to do that. I’m a numbers guy. Custom Homes Broken Arrow That’s kind of my strong point. A, my degree is, has a majority of my degree’s in finance. Um, so I, I know a lot about the numbers game and I love to play the numbers game and get people in House that their dream home within what within the number they need. So I really love that part of it. So I don’t talk too much about price because I don’t want you to try and to try to figure out why you love a home according to price. You know, the best way to love a home is going to be functioned. And that’s what I talk about because five years, six years, seven years down the road, function’s going to determine if you still love your home. Even design, aesthetic exchange of all things change. But function remains so custom home broken Arab builders.

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