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custom homes Broken Arrow | Finishing Up The Building Process

custom homes Broken Arrow | Finishing Up The Building Process

excuse me. Now we’re going to go through the different floor plans in this community and some of the exterior colors and bricks as well. And then check out and see what is sold and what’s not sold. And uh, so we have the model home which is always in purple. We have available, which is in green, we have sold which is in red, we have yellow, which is reserved. We have priced out which is a x y. We have market home which is blue. So those are those meetings as well. And this is off of East Omaha Street, which is 51st street custom homes Broken Arrow And now let’s go through them first. We have the Birkdale on block two lot too. And that is uh, the SPSF. And then the next to it we have a Cambridge and Kendall charcoal which is on a block two lot three a.

Then let’s go through some of the red ones. We have a bay load on a block seven, which is a or block or lot eight block one. And that is a bay would. So that is what’s going right there and that’s going to be a beautiful home and it’s a finishing up right now as well. And then we have a birkdale going onto the back of the property and a bay road as well and those are a lots of nine and 10 have block two and then you go to a 12 which is 12 and that is a going as well and I believe that is a big one that’s on there. And then you go a little bit further and you have 14, which is another, a decent lot and uh, important to remember. So you have 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

And that is a block to block to. Let’s continue on that. So we have the available lots of six, seven, eight, nine, 13, 15 are available. We also have a 23 on block two available. So those are the ones that are remaining available on block two. On that one we have available, we have five, six, seven, 12, and that is what is left for block one. That’s all that’s left custom homes Broken Arrow on the block three, we have a lot one that’s the only one left on luck. Bought free. Log on is the only one left on block three and then block five. We have a lot 16 left and not as the only one on 16 that is a available custom homes Broken Arrow and uh, those are just some of the few that are going on right now. And then you look in the back of the community and you have a market ready home, which is a bay would win then that’s on lot 13 block forward.

And then you have a lot 10 and lat nine on black for available. You have lot five and four on a black blackboard available as well. And so that’s four or five, a eight, nine, 10. They would. And uh, that’s what you have on the back custom homes Broken Arrow What it sold would be three, seven, eight, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. So those are all sold on that as well. So it is a filled up quite a bit. And then let’s go through some of the different brickey of Aztec Lynn, which is easy. You have va, which is a Burlington antiquey BM, which is Brown, Brown millie of fl, which is flagstaff. You have sp with is sheltered bluff. You have SF, which is shadow follows. So then you have an asterick for discontinued. Now let’s go through the four plans you have am, which is amber.

You have his with his Ashton. You have va which is bay with. You have bi, which is Birkdale Efca, which is Cambridge. You have d is dewberry. You have email, which is Ellington. You have Lli, which is liberty. You have any, which is newport. You have already, which is remington custom homes Broken Arrow exterior colors. You have am, which is Alexander Beige and marine marine time white. You have cc, which is Chelsea Green column white. You have gas which has galveston grade and silver satin. You have HK, which is Harper Grey and Kendall charcoal. You have chaos. Kendall, charcoal and silver set, and you have an n which is night train. In northern cliffs. You have an nr, which is northern cliffs and Roosevelt hope you have SB, which is satin silver satin and bittersweet chocolate. You have sm, which is saying the mountain emory marine timewise. You have ss, which is smoked salmon and a silver satin custom homes, broken Arrow, so you have all of those things as well, and you have a ton of lots on here. Let’s count the lots. You have a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 30 2:30 3:34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46. Custom homes, broken arrow.

Session for custom homes, broken Arrow, we talked a little bit about the delay of built in, we’ve talked about other things as well, and the delay of bill goes with the purchase agreement. So say, uh, you need, uh, eight months to move into your home while it takes five to seven months to build, usually closer to the five months. So we would do a delay built for a month, no problem. You put the earnest money down and we just do exactly what I just said. custom homes Broken Arrow We delay the bill by a month and that way you can move in closer to when you want to be out of your apartment and that, that end, so you don’t have to worry about paying two rents or anything like that. But you can also do that contingency contract if you have to sell your home. And uh, so that is also good for four months where we do not build.

We wait for you to sell your home. Once you sell your home, you let us know. We released the contingency that $2,500 is no longer refundable and we begin building, it takes five to seven months to build custom homes, broken arrow. If you do not need a contingency and you do not need a delay of build, we just do a straight purchase agreement and it takes five to seven months to build. Once we begin construction, you will be updated weekly by the, uh, superintendent, uh, Tim, he will send you email and pictures and let you know what he did last week and let you know that you did the week before, custom homes Broken Arrow and he will just keep you posted on everything that is going on in your brand new shop home. Uh, so this takes five to seven months. You’ll be able to come look at it, you can always ask questions and a lot of the superintendents will give their cell phone numbers to you so you can contact them as well.

So that’s a great thing that I love about the show homes people, is they do things like that. custom homes Broken Arrow So once we built the home and it’s beautiful and it’s ready to go and all those things, then you will be moving in. That would be closing next. So the closing would be a, we would just do that. You would, uh, go out the rest of that, a earnest money, so the $2,500 a would be due and you’d also have the down payment on the home that would be due at this point. Uh, you’d have the closing costs and all those things that it entails. So you can just remember that. And uh, that’s the exciting part about it. Custom homes, broken Arrow is all those things just need to be done and we can definitely work on that. And then, uh, also you just, you do those things and you have closing and then you can move into the home, you do a walkthrough and you have the inspection with the superintendent, Tim custom homes, broken arrow.

So you would do those things as well. And uh, then you have the closing and then that’s when, uh, the next step would be the warranty. So we’ve talked about one step, two, step three, step four, step five, step six step, talking about six step five, step four, step three, step two, step one step. And these are all different steps, custom homes Broken Arrow next to this warranty, we have a warranty staff, we have Tulsa’s best warranty as well and she will contact you, uh, two months, 60 days after moving in to make sure everything’s Okay and on the 11th month as well, make sure everything is okay for you, uh, there. And make sure you are a happy customer. That warranty, that mechanical warranty lasts for two years, then that’s a plumbing fixtures, all of those things. And do you have any issues? You just know the warranty department, we have a craftsman warranty for the first year and that’s really an issue.

So you can always call a. We have a 24 slash seven line as well. So if there’s an emergency you can call that number and we will get out there. That is very rare thing for the new build. I’ve never really heard of emergency 24 slash seven lines. So it’s a great thing. That’s you have custom homes Broken Arrow and then you have the 10 year structural warranty, so that will cover any cracks in the walls or anything like that. So that’s how the greatest. Well you have a 30 year shingle warranty, um, you have a seven year, uh, on the water heater as well, so you have a ton of different warranties on the homes and you have tons of things that you can have to protect you and really a benefit from that home. So we’ve really talked about the steps we’ve talked to.

Going back to the model home tour and all those things that we’ve talked about modeling. It talks about finance, we’ve talked about a homesite reservation, we’ve talked about price that we’ve talked about, purchase agreement that we’ve talked about closing, we’ve talked about warranty and those are a lot of the different steps. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, custom homes, broken arrow. These are all the great snapshot homes is a great builder. So just remember that there were fantastic builder nights. It’s always great to, uh, build with somebody who’s been around for 35 years, like shaw homes in a man of integrity and character and he really cares about building your home and all those things. And it’s just important to remember that the custom homes broken arrow.

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