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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Look Out Your Window

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Look Out Your Window

Niger, Arnold here with custom homes, broken Arrow, another edition of our podcasting session where we’re talking about custom homes, broken Arrow builders, and there are a lot of them. I pulled the building now reports and there’s probably like $200 builders and the city and so you have to be careful as a buyer if you’re actually going to be building with a with A. I’m a real custom homes, broken arrow builder, and so what you need to be cognitive of is if they were really custom home broken Arrow builder. A lot of people say they’re custom homes and sometimes they are, but customer is a tricky word because it can mean several different things. For instance, a true custom home has to involve an architect and an architect charge and a meeting with an architect to physically design your home. Custom Homes Broken Arrow That’s a true custom home. Then some people call themselves custom builders and all they have is track homes.

Yeah. Which is not accustomed home at all. Um, and then you have either been other ones which were in this category. Custom Homes Broken Arrow They have templates and then they allow you to do custom things. I’m generally speaking that’s used in the most cost efficient way and unless you’re willing to go with a track home that people claim or customer, which they’re not custom, so it’s not a custom home custom home broken Arrow builders. So the cool thing about it is,

to be a true custom home broken Arrow builder, you actually have to have some design, some level of customizability in it. So some of the things that make us and absolutely custom built or are that we allow you to physically do customers. For instance, if we design a home floor plan and you say, I want to more windows in that wall and Nook area that looks out to the side because I want a lot of light that would be considered a custom change and we allow that. There are builders in town that when you say, can I add a window over the stove instance or can I delete this wall if it’s not load bearing and just make this a little bit of a bigger room that they’ll say no to that or no to any changes that are outside. They’re already there design already, that is not what I consider a custom builder, but they still call themselves customer so you’re not accustomed home, broken Arrow builder, and if you don’t allow people to make changes, which is what I consider to be customed changes, that’s one way that we are true custom home broken Arrow builder. Another way is that we, um, have a huge design studio, gigantic that has hundreds of thousands of options that you can physically do to a house. For instance, I think in our system alone, we have 460,000 options for a whole.

That’s a lot of options. So you can imagine that a, you can imagine why there you, why we consider ourselves customers with that level of customer ability. Four hundred 60, 7,000 links to it. I mean, you’re at house can look completely opposite even if you choose the same floor plan of a house besides, you can look absolutely different and completely opposite in the one right beside you because of the options that you can put in the home. So yes, we do consider ourselves customed that. And that’s another reason why we consider ourselves a custom home broken arrow builder is because of the design studio. Another way that we consider ourselves a custom home broken arrow builder is we have over 74 players, not three, not five, not 10, not 20 to 70.

So there’s a great deal of selection to choose from. Whereas some cut people that claim they’re custom home broken Arrow builder, they have 10 floor plans or 15 floor plans or five, four plans. So the variety, the truly makes your house feel customers. There was shaw homes and I think our numbers speak for ourselves. We are the largest builder by volume, not by volume actually, sorry, like my by currency and the greater metropolitan area, there are a builder or to that are larger than us by volume because they be track homes and build them quickly. So we are super excited that we are the actual number one builder in the area and um, and what we know we are and we’re very excited about it that we are, that we offered the most selection and most customers, um, and we offer the most house floor plans so you can, you have the ability to really customize your home with us. So that is a really, really cool thing. And uh, that’s what we do. So we’re going down our process a little bit. I can start talking about that and uh, we’ll go from there. So, custom homes, broken Arrow builder, the beginning part, the first steps of our process. Generally I meet people, um, Custom Homes Broken Arrow generally I meet people when they come through my door at my model, which I stay at 14, 10 east, New Orleans, place broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74, zero one one.

And um, that’s my motto if you want to combine and see me, my name’s Nigel or on my number’s nine. One eight, five, one eight, one, two, six, six. And uh, so generally that’s where I stay. People come through a model all the time and they’re beautiful. I actually sit in the stone brook model, which is a new floor plan, a new design. It is a island that faces the hearth room area design. If you haven’t seen that signing up. That’s a pretty cool concept. Um, and the island is not. The island is not faced the living room, which I think most house floor plans that you see, that’s usually the case in the old times. Back in the day they used to have jay bars and Custom Homes Broken Arrow they would face halfway into the kitchen and halfway into the living room. Then they went for open floor plan concept.

Okay. And generally you saw those as a galley style kitchen or an l shape kitchen and they always face the living room with the TV behind you. Now we’ve tried some versions of the island facing the hearth room. No Carrion. Because what happens when people come over and hang out with you anyway, they do what? Custom Homes Broken Arrow They all congregate towards the kitchen because that’s generally what’s happening more when we get together and host. We all usually cook for lack of a better term. So,

and so the cool thing about it is when you, um, when you can do, you can have the stonebrook just, you can build that house and you can have great conversation. It’s a really cool layout is different than a lot of floor plans you see around the city and with other builders because that’s another traditional corporate before playing concept. So custom home broken Arrow builders can’t claim that they can’t claim that they are accustomed in that respect. So I, I love how that’s, I love how that is always really cool and you get no and you get to really just see the true custom home broken Arrow builder style, um, that have different layouts all together like that. Custom Homes Broken Arrow So I’ll be back in a second with the second podcast.

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