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custom homes Broken Arrow | Talking About The Birkdale

custom homes Broken Arrow | Talking About The Birkdale

The process has seven steps. So you have one step, two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, step six, step five, step four, step three, step two, step one step. And the first step is the model home toward the model home tour. We go look at a bunch of different homes. So normally we would start in silver leaf. So you come to the silver leaf community located at 51st and south 209th. And uh, custom homes Broken Arrow we would look at the Cambridge and then we would look at the Birkdale. And so we’d walked through the Birkdale you’d see the two bedrooms right off the side and the guest bath. And then you’d see a pocket office and then you would walk through that as well. And then you’d walked through the Canberra which has a four bedroom, two bath and mark through that entire home.

And uh, then we would drive through the community and go to an amber and look in the amber. And then we would go and look in and Ashton, and then we would look into bay. Would, and then we would drive to Crystal Creek and uh, looked at another furnished Ashton and another amber. So there are different things that you can do there and a lot of different options, custom homes Broken Arrow the point of the model home tours really gets you to look at all the different floor plans and focus on the function of the home. So that’s the most important step. So was the focus on the function of the home custom homes Broken Arrow because you have to figure out what you’re looking for and what you like. And once again, that is one step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, step six, step five, step four, step three, step two, step, one step.

And so those are all the steps. And then we just talked about the first step which is that model home tour. So once again you go to silver leaf and we would meet there and we’d meet there whenever you’d like and we would go through the Birkdale and then we would also go through the Cambridge. And uh, we would go through those two floor plans and see what you liked. The birkdale a does not have any upgrades, so it gives you a very good idea of what the home does come included with. And that’s kind of Nice. And then you also have the can bridge, uh, which would, uh, be on there as well and uh, that you would get to look through and then you would walk into the Cambridge and you have a long haul with the three bedrooms and then you can walk to the back and you have a fourth bedroom, custom homes, broken Arrow and a.

Then we would go back to the community where you drive, wind through it a little bit. And, uh, we would go to an amber and we’d go to a payload and we’d go to a couple of others. So that’s important to remember. custom homes Broken Arrow that you’re going to have a ton of different options to choose from when looking at all these homes. And then we would just drive on 50, first down to a crystal creek. And then we’d go into Crystal Creek. And you have a fully furnished a Ashton right there, and uh, we would go by there as well and uh, you get to check that out and see if how much you liked that. And then once Tucson village has some homes available and built in the era, then we will go to a Tucson village and see what you are wanting to build and how, how much you want to spend in all those things.

And that’s the first step, which is the model home tour, custom homes, broken Arrow model. Home tour is a first step. The second step, you have a third step. You have a four step, you have a fifth step, you have a six step, you have a set of seven, seven, you have seven step six, step five, step four, step three, step two, step one step. Uh, so those are all the different steps of the second step is the financing. You would talk to a preferred lender. So we have three preferred lenders. You have one preferred lender to preferred lender for a preferred lender. So there are different lenders that you can go and speak to and they will, uh, rate match and all those things as well. So you know, you’ll be getting the best deal and the best rate and uh, you would, uh, just decide, uh, they also give you a or we have a special 4,000, a preferred lender, so you can remember that too, that you get all those things and um, they uh, just right match and you really don’t have any reason not to use the preferred lender. custom homes Broken Arrow So then they will give you a rate. And then the third step is a third step is the third step is a homesite reservation. So then you do the homesteaders innovation and that’s where we picked the floor plan of your choosing and look through it.

Shot home session five, custom homes Broken Arrow so we’ve gone through the process quite a bit. So you talked about the process. You have a step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, six, five. Step four, step three, step two, step one. That’s model home tour. Step one, that’s financing. Subdue. That sums that reservation. So three that’s priced out, so forth. Its purchase agreements at five. That’s closing. That’s step six. You have warranty, which is step seven and seven is warranty, which is Tulsa’s best warranty. You have a two year mechanical warranty of one year limited warranty, a two or a 10 year structural warranty, a 24 hour emergency line of warranty coordinator on staff full time. You have a 60 day follow up call, 11 month followup call. Excellent. Excellent service. You have a step six, which is closing.

Closing is step six and there’s a warranty period begins, so it’s time to move in. Keys given title, transferred mortgage sign for paying, closing costs down, payment fulfilled being a title company, homeowner orientation one week prior. A step five is purchase agreement. Purchase agreement is step five, watch them informative video, one hour meeting, structural options. Our final home site selections are final colors aren’t final options. Our final additional deposit. Do mortgage approval, contingent delay, a build. Congratulations. So those are all the different things as well. Then you have four, which is a price outset. Is the price out custom homes Broken Arrow made it your favorite model. We go through no surprises. All questions answered, price the way you want, down to the dollar total price. Pronounce a on the spot options. Choose a knowledgeable staff and then you have a deposit to 50 in a. Oh, that is a on the home site.

Reservation of remind. So the price that we’re meeting at your favorite model, knowledgeable staff, tons of options to choose from. Total price out and on the spot down to the dollar and price the way you want it. Just remember that it’s always price the way you want it. No, no surprises. So if you want to take some stuff out there, you can take some stuff out of there to reduce the price because we want you to be in a comfortable monthly payment, custom homes Broken Arrow. Then you have step three, which is some type of reservation from sent reservation is step three. It’s a refundable for seven days. You have no rush. Decision switching sites is allowed to take your time, get all the questions and answers. We don’t cash the check. Competing customers are blocked from that site so you can always remember that, that the home sites are always wanting to kinds.

So that is like a unicorn. Homeside is what we like to call those. That jumped for 250. We do not deposit, so you can also remember that as well, but the that is not deposited. So that’s a nice city. And then you don’t have a rush decision because we’ve taken that home site off the market and uh, you won’t have to worry about it. custom homes Broken Arrow you get to take your time. There’s a, all those things that no rush to competing customers are blocked from site and all those things. Step two would be financing. Financing is step two. So we’ve talked about step two, which is financing. We’ve talked about homesite reservation was to step three. We’ve talked about price out, which has stepped forward. We’ve talked about purchase agreement. Step five, we’ve talked about closing six. We’ve talked about warranties. Step seven, step seven is warranty.

Step six is closing, so five is purchase agreement. That’s step four is price out. Step three is some slight reservation. Step two is financing custom homes Broken Arrow Step one is mobile home tour model, home tours, step one, and that is no privacy, no pressure that is driving your own car and uh, that way you just follow us, do all those things. We also have amazing homes, would always win awards for the decor and it’s fully furnished a, you look at multiple different homes. It takes about an hour and it’s just information. We just enjoyed the tour and, uh, the flow of the home, something for everybody. Amazing features. So you to look at all the different things that we have to offer custom homes, broken arrow. So we’ve talked about model hunter, which is step one. We’ve talked about financing, which is step two. We’ve talked about onset reservation, which is step three.

We’ve talked about price. I would just step forward. We’ve talked about purchase agreements. Step five, we talked about closing, which is step six, talking about warranty, which is step seven. So that’s seven is warranty. We’ve talked about six, which is closing, in fact about five, which is purchase agreement. Talked about four, which is price that we’ve talked about. Three, which is a reservation we’ve talked about too, which is financing. We, uh, talked about step one, which is model home tour. So we’ve talked about all those different steps. And so that’s important to remember. custom homes Broken Arrow

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