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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | The Different Price Points

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | The Different Price Points

When thinking about building a new home, you should think about shaw homes to build your custom homes, broken Arrow home. We have many communities in the town of broken Arrow and the city of broken Arrow offers a wonderful school district, tons of sports options, and just a great place to raise your family. What better way to raise your family than to build your own custom homes? Broken Arrow home through shaw homes. We offer multiple different floor plans at different price points in different communities. Custom Homes Broken Arrow In our silver leaf community, which is our most cost effective community, you’ll be able to find floor plans from 1300 square feet. That’s going to be a great place for somebody wanting a starter home or possibly downsizing. We have move in ready homes available as well as home sites where you can build your very own custom homes, broken Arrow home.

Some of the floor plans in that community are going to be plants like the can bridge. The Cambridge is a very great way for a family to save a little bit of money and still be very close to the high school. This home in silver leaf as move in ready right now is $187,756. That’s an awesome price for a Custom Homes Broken Arrow home for four bedrooms, two baths, and a two car garage. In this particular plan, it actually features a nook eating dining area with windows that faced the front beautiful front porch. This is a great separation of space for somebody who doesn’t want to completely open concept floor plan, but still wants to feel some kind of openness. You have a large vaulted ceiling in the great room and lots of natural light from the large windows. Another neat thing is that you have a back covered patio as well as a master bath and Matt that feeds into the master closet of this custom homes, broken Arrow home.

That’s just one floor plan that we build there, but we also build other floor plans like the Ellington. The Ellington is one of our newest plans and is currently $208,001 move in ready in that neighborhood. This plan is one of my personal favorites just because of the openness of the plan. It has two bedrooms in the front with a bathroom and a very large, great room with an island that overlooks the great room. It’s a split concept floor plan, which means that you have the front bedrooms on one side and the master bedroom on the opposite end of the home on the complete opposite side of the house. The master closet also in this bedroom is probably one of the largest that I’ve seen, so at 1,876 square feet, it makes this floor plan a very great option. Another really cool thing about this custom homes broken home is that you can convert bedroom for into a flex or dining area, Custom Homes Broken Arrow so if you’re looking for something with a formal dining or an office space, possibly this gives you the option to turn that around and that’s just one of the homes that we offer in that particular community.

Also at that, at that specific price point, we have our newest upcoming community. Tucson village would sits at 121st street and starts in the one seventies. That neighborhood corresponds with Spring Creek elementary, children’s middle and broken Arrow, high school, all of which are wonderful places for you to build your broken Arrow custom homes, so some of the floor plans that we have there are similar to the ones in silver or silver leaf community, so you’re going to be familiar if you look on our website and you start doing some research for your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and you’ll notice that here we’ll have a little bit more homesite availability because it is a brand new community, so we’re going to have home sites which offer larger backyards, or maybe you’d like a cul de sac lauder a home on a corner. All of that is available to you in Tucson village to build your Custom Homes Broken Arrow home.

If you’re looking for something in a little bit higher price point. We offer what we call our heritage series. Our heritage series starts at $240,000 and has multiple communities in the broken Arrow area. One of these communities is going to be the highland creek community. Highland creek is going to be a highly desirable community, um, that sits off east 104 street south in broken Arrow and corresponds with oak crest elementary childers, middle school and Broken Arrow high school. We have multiple homes available in highland creek. If you’re looking for a move in custom homes, broken Arrow home, and we have one plan, which I’m particularly partial to called the crescent. Custom Homes Broken Arrow The crescent available in this flow in this community is 2095 square feet and it is a crescent one. We offer multiple versions of all of our different floor plans, giving our buyers lots of flexibility and options.

In this particular plan, it comes with a three car garage, a large covered from porch, and when you walk in, you have a steady that overlooks that front porch. I find this neat because you have a steady and formal dining area in the entryway caddy corner from each other. So if you’re looking for a custom homes broken Arrow home with both of those features, this is a plan that offers that to you. It also has three large bedrooms and a large great room with a fireplace in the corner. It’s got a huge pass through laundry, which also doubles as a mud room that comes with an included decorative might bench. So when you’re bringing in your groceries, it filters right in into your pantry, or if you’re doing some gardening or shoveling outside, you won’t trek any dirt into your carpeted areas of your home.

It’s got a large master bedroom measuring 13 point seven by 20 point nine square feet and a master bath that filters into the master closet. This plan is highly desirable if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken Arrow home, but just one of the options that we offer in this highlander creek broken Arrow community. Another one of the homes that we offer is the findlay floor plan. This floor plan is going to be a little bit smaller and square footage and perfect for somebody not looking for a ton of space, but still looking for something that they can have a nice custom homes broken Arrow home. This floor plan has a study right off the entryway, which also can be used as a formal dining area, a three car garage, a large, great room and island, and a large covered back patio. A neat thing about this floor plan is a three car garage filters into the laundry area, which also doubles as a mud room and has a mud bench included in it and walks into the master closet into master bath and into master bed, making it a truly private suite and very convenient for somebody who wants a private area away from the additional bedrooms of the home which sit all the way on the opposite end.

This poem is listed right now. Move in ready. The findlay floor plan in Highland Creek at $225,388, which is a wonderful option and great price point for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home, highland creek is just one of the communities that we have in broken Arrow as we do have other ones that are currently available such as seven oak south seven. Oak South is a beautiful community that sits in south broken Arrow and it’s close to absolutely all of the amenities that you could possibly want, including the Warren Theater shopping such as Marshall’s, Walmart, and it sits very close to northeastern state university, so if you have a student or if you are a student at the university, Custom Homes Broken Arrow you have great clothes access. Another thing that’s cool about this community is that is the new Chisholm trail south park with 200 acres of play space that are coming to that area, which makes it highly desirable.

It also has a large community pool and a sand volleyball court for your entertainment. This is a great option for your custom homes. Broken Arrow home and correspond with leisure park elementary, Oliver Middle School and Broken Arrow high school. We have multiple homes available for sale in this community such as this stone brook or the Addison. The Finley or the Greenville to the Greenville is one that I’m particularly partial to and have built as a one story, gives you 2,550, six square feet of living space. It’s a huge, large open concept floor plan that also includes a study, an exercise room off of the master, so what better way to both work and work out at home than to have your own personalized Jim and your own personalized office. We could even add an entryway from the garage into those rooms to make them really customized for you, or if you are a personal trainer. Custom Homes Broken Arrow This gives you a chance to actually have an exercise room right off of your garage, in your custom homes, broken Arrow home, and be able to use this as a business as well as have a steady attached for your office all flowing right from your home.

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