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custom homes Broken Arrow | The Different Projects That Are Available

custom homes Broken Arrow | The Different Projects That Are Available

Shaw homes session five, custom homes, broken Arrow, we’ve been talking a lot about, uh, all the different things that we can do in a home so we can just want to keep talking about that because it’s important we thought about that so we can make sure that we’re getting everything done that we need to get done. And uh, so we will always make sure that we can get those things done. Or people custom homes, broken arrow. So we talked about the process. custom homes Broken Arrow We’ve also talked about the different plans and we’ve talked about the dewberry and the Dawson. So we’ve talked about those things as well. So you got to remember that those are different things that we can get. And we, I’m trying to find some sliders to put these projects in. Custom homes, broken Arrow because it’s important to talk about the and different plans.

So we have all these different plans. So now we have the Dawson that’s available so we can talk about that as well and make sure to always talk about it and show people the Austin. It looks like when you walk in, you have the porch and you have an entry and a, you had all of those things as well. And so don’t forget to talk about custom homes, broken Arrow, the Dawson, you have the two bedrooms, suicide and you have the master over there and uh, you have, uh, everything that you need in the Das and custom homes, broken Arrow and when you walk around and then you look at it, you’re gonna really like it, you’re going to like it a lot because it is such a nice floor plan and uh, so you need to come and take a look at the Dawson and then it has a garage and it has a nice kitchen in and, and all those things as well.

And that was this alphabetically a find a way to you because we’re going to walk you to a different floor plans in here as well. So that is at 1500 square feet. Somebody have a 13 and 14 and this is united united little there. So this is one of the larger three bedrooms that we have available. So I need to put that on here, custom homes, broken Arrow, so that Austin is now the largest three, then the second largest three and that we do offer. And so that’s important to remember that we can do that. And that’s what it is. And it’s the Dasa Austin, like I said, custom homes, broken error and isolated. We’ve been a little bit. And now we’re also going to look at the other new floor plan, which is the Delaware. custom homes Broken Arrow The Delaware is a one, two, three, four, four bedroom and uh, that is a billable as well.

It’s a, it’s a little bit longer before plant and uh, like it quite a bit. So custom homes, broken Arrow and it has a different price tag then. So the other ones that are, uh, at this stage and it’s the Delaware, so you’ve got to remember it’s called the Delaware and it is a 1793 square feet with rick, 1857 and it is d, e l a w, a r e dot. And uh, that’s what we have going on there. And a custom homes broken arrow. And so when you talk about different for plants, you need to make sure that it’s important to you and that you have all of that as well. And we have a sentence like that and different projects that you can do. And we have the Delaware, which, like I said, custom homes, broken Arrow is one of the four bedrooms that will be important to, to show to people because they’re really gonna like this plan because it’s a beautiful floor plan. So you want to show that to a lot of people and I make sure that they have it and all those different good things as well. And a custom homes broken arrow. And so we want to continue to look at, uh, the Delaware and show that it has a flex room option and it has a lot of the bedrooms in the corner and all the bedrooms on the side. So that’s a very important to remember that you, uh, you have all those, uh, options, custom homes, broken arrow.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, session five. We left off at a cabinet. We’re going to go through the cabinets again after I take a drink of water because my throat is getting a little bit sore. So you gotta take a drink of water real quick. Going back to the cabinets, you have that Spanish house, which is a nice dark. Oh, and then you have a dark walnut and then special night and then you have the American walnut. So those are all different now. Well, custom homes Broken Arrow not that you can’t do. We have the brilliant white. We have the asset, we have the, the. We have the training base. Two, one, three, seven, five, zero. We have the BSLC great hc. One, six, eight. We have the BM Kendall charcoal hc one six. We had the BMC parole OTC desks. We have the wind spread. Osi Dash two four. We have the BN dash 40.

We have a brilliant white iex tm. Rp One nine, and then we have a two centimeter waterway and we have a two centimeter liver pro. We have a white or animal or animal. We have a or animal. So then we have a steel gray polished available is called and they have a black pearl which is available. Then you have a new edition gold and then you have a sandwich and then for a courts we have the scratch courts right now that’s a concrete custom homes Broken Arrow and then you have a Schema and then you have a white ice and then you have a two centimeter glacial and then down here you have the comment, I’m not sure why that is down there and backed up there and then you have the pearl and then you have the white and we have the white grades and you know the white friends.

Those are the different culture barbels that you have custom homes, broken Arrow also on the other side for exterior brick she said the different ones that you can do. You have the flagstaff king, you have the Browns, mill king and then you have the asset plan. I thought there was a fight 17 over here as well. There must not be. I was really hooked up because then I wouldn’t know to do custom homes, broken Arrow, and then for different things. We have one custom homes Broken Arrow We have to. We have three. We have four. We have five. We have six, we have seven, we have eight, we have nine. We have temps, so we have 10 different exteriors, so 10 different exterior is going on right now. You have an Alexandria, the Beige and the maritime. You have night train in northern cliffs. You have Chelsea Gray and calm. You have a silver satin and bittersweet chocolate.

Silver chain smokes at gray. You have sage mountain and lane time. You have out and northern quests. And then you have Kendall’s charcoal and silver satin. You have a stingray and uh, so we’re sending him harper grey and all those different things. Custom homes, broken arrow. So then you have those different exteriors and that’s kind of Nice. And then you have different colors that you can do here. I’m not sure what this is for actually. I’ve never used it. So this is a, what is this for her? And she needs. I think that’s just for the side of the door. I’m actually going to go check a lot. We are talking on the phone because I’m not really sure. I think it may be so the side of the north. In the shower. It’s something. Oh No, it actually is. It’s a legends. I don’t know. We shall see. Real quick. We’re going to go back and take a look at it. See what that is for metro aluminum. Charlie redneck. Okay. Then we’re going to go walk back over there. Custom homes, broken Arrow, but we have more options than just about anybody. Houses are coming up here and it’s a really nice day to be outside. Take a walk or something like that. Custom homes, broken Arrow so that we’re over at Cambridge model which has the covered patio. She was very nice and I liked that. A lot of custom homes Broken Arrow

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