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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Why you should reserve your home site beforehand


Custom Homes Broken Arrow Works hard every single week to make sure that our clients are getting any questions they have about homeowners answered. We help all of our clients have a great experience with us by giving them full transparency to open lines of communication with us throughout the whole time we build their new house. We can answer their questions about furnishing designs, home layouts, and communities with our Specialty Service Providers here. They can help answer any questions because they have a lot of experience in this business and they know what they’re doing. Once you get connected with them, we can also connect you with a design studio team to help you start furnishing. you can pick from all of our different selections with great help and assistance.

We have compiled a simple list of things that you can expect to experience and things you consider whenever purchasing a new home. One of the first things we would like you to consider is the home site that you will be building on. We give you a 7-Day refundable deposit to get any home site Reserve that you would like. We will be able to take any kind of home site reservation off the market for you quickly and efficiently in 7 days so that you can have that place Reserve to build your new home. This is great because it’ll help us Secure the place for us to build your new home on.Custom Homes Broken Arrow will help you figure out how to get your home set reservation taken care of.

It’s very important to reserve your home site because we cannot guarantee that we are going to be able to build any land you want. We can build and you want whenever you reserve the home so I can get it reserved with a proper jurisdiction in place.Custom Homes Broken Arrow has a specialty offer agreement to give you any kind of building you would like to be built on any kind of land. but the only way we were able to do this is if you have found out they land you like or have contacted us to help you seek it out. Once we have found the perfect home site for you, we are going to reserve it right away and take that off the market. This is important because it’ll reduce the chances of us having to cancel and change plans because somebody purchased the land, as well as give you a solid foundation to begin building on.

It’s very important to reserve your home site land beforehand because we don’t want to have to deal with any issues on your end or our end. We don’t want to have to cancel our purchase agreement or set up any kind of structural items or pricing and so we have these solid reservations and have gathered building plans. We can successfully get this house so we can start building your new home on top of it. This is great because you can choose exactly where you want to be located in the big cities and even close to work for you.

Go ahead and get your home site reserved or contact us for help at(405) 896-0333 or go on our website at

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | 10 things you consider when building a home

Custom Homes Broken Arrow it’s here to provide something that industry has been needing for a long time. They really say the industry has been needing something that is a lot more tailored and customized to the customer for many years. expectations and give you that exact solution to the problem. you’re going to thrive in your new house and love making memories in it. one of the reasons you’re going to love is because we have created a system to keep you in the loop, beautiful Furnishings to beautify your home, and we’ll even allow you to choose the kind of home Community you would like to live in we’re going to have a experience with us that is unlike anything in the industry because we will completely do anything you’d like to change your home.

one of the first things we would like to educate you to consider whenever building a home is the reservation of where you would like to build.Custom Homes Broken Arrow wants to make sure that you are fully knowledgeable and equipped to seek out what kind of land you would like to build on and then gather the proper steps in place to reserve it. Next we will have you walk through a simple two-step process of developing structure and purchase agreement with our professionals. It’s important to consider this step because you want to have a purchase agreement set in place signed and on a contract before we begin doing anything. This is going to help you feel like you’re getting a fair treatment and know exactly what you’re paying for.

Once we both become knowledgeable about that, you can also begin considering the designs and the plans of your house. you need to consider the designs of your house so that you can set a tone for what you would like to convey. Our designs will give you full access to this with different kinds of colors that you can pick up for your home. You can pick out any kind of colors you want and begin designing, interviewing the perfect plan to lay out your furniture, color your walls, and tie it all together with beautiful designs. we have a whole design team here for you at Custom Homes Broken Arrow

Once you have considered all these things you’re going to be equipped for success. We are going to help you consider all the things that common homeowners Miss and forget to think about. but with us on your side you’re going to have a great time learning and being educated about everything you need to do before the plan review. Once we have reviewed the plan, you’re going to successfully begin building with us and it’s going to be amazing.

go right ahead and give us a call today at (405) 896-0333 you can also read more about our incredible benefits on our website at okay cuz I’d be slow

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