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Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Working Closely With Banks

Custom Homes Broken Arrow | Working Closely With Banks

Kind of finished off last time, we were kind of talking about custom home broken Arrow builders and we were talking about the process. We were really talking about how we don’t talk about price on our model home tours, which is the first step of our process. And just to back up a little bit, I want to talk overall about the process and I’m going to get into dissecting the process, but a lot of times what buyers were telling me is building homes is scary and I can understand that I’ve built to personally built two homes myself. There’s a whole bunch of questions, tons of questions in building a home that you can be weary and have. I mean, people can get super tired with all the questions. I totally get it. And I do tell people, I tell my buyers specifically that it is like having a baby.

I mean, it does take seven months to build a home. You do are physically and emotionally invested in the home and the decisions of the home. Um, so. And uh, when it comes out you’re super happy and joyful. So it lines up with baby stuff, you know, really closely. I mean, it’s not a, I consider having a baby, I’m more precious thing than building the house, but they’re close. And so I do get people’s best shot, even unemotional people will act extremely emotional with me and I get was best shot emotionally speaking. So we try to here at shaw homes, Custom Homes Broken Arrow and builder, Custom Homes Broken Arrow try to make the process as streamlined as possible. I mean, sometimes it’s just impossible, uh, not to have a major mistake or to have it in an extreme amount of stress. Uh, sometimes it’s impossible, but generally speaking, if you’re going to build a home, we do it the best. And, and uh, that start because I work here, but I’ve been working with Charlotte homes for five years. I’m the number one salesman at shaw homes. Um, but generally speaking, um, we have the best process. I mean because we, we pay thousands of dollars a month in interest just to have home sitting on them. Custom Homes Broken Arrow Do you realize there’s only a couple of builders that do that in generally speaking, they are the track builders.

And if a builder does have homes on the ground, they don’t have as many as weighty. We have 12 model homes fully furnished and decorated and the taxes on that a month or thought in the thousands of dollars range. Um, and we don’t sell those homes. That’s what’s different about us than a lot of builders. They’ll take you to a home, show your home, but that the homes for sale, these model homes are not for sale. They’re just for people to walk through. Um, so that right there is a huge advantage for us. We spend a lot of money having model homes on the ground that people can walk through because we want the customer to feel comfortable. Custom Homes Broken Arrow We want them to see on, um, with their eyes and feel with her feet and hands and smell with her. No is the actual house and not see it on a piece of paper.

So right off the bat, you will see that shaw homes, custom home broken Arrow builder is invested in the buyer by not only behind the model homes, uh, and I’m going to get through the rest of the product, but our second part of it is financing. And how do we care about you in the financing department? All we care about you in the finance department, but having three preferred lenders who do closing costs matching and an interest rate matching, and they also give you a 24 hour approval process and the application takes five minutes. And all we need is a preapproval letter, not a full mortgage commitment. That’s how we care about you on the lending side. Custom Homes Broken Arrow We’ve done hundreds of thousands. We have hundreds, if not thousands, is deal with these banking institutions and completely trusting. They know our process and it’s very streamlined.

Whereas you might go to somebody else and they haven’t worked with somebody else and you could have a rough experience, but ours is streamlined. Um, we do a price out, meaning I price out meeting is, is, um, where we did it, help you plan out and itemize out every single price of every single additional option you put in the house and it’s like a grocery list of prices so you can see what you added in, what the price of that was. Um, and we spent an hour and a half just going through and designing with you with pictures before we ever go to purchase agreement. So we spend a great deal of time with you. They are so you can feel comfortable with your house is going to look like and not have questions and, uh, just outlying questions, all the questions that can come with building a house. So that’s how we care about you. Custom Homes Broken Arrow This, so every step of the way, actual homes, custom home broken Arrow builders, we care about you deeply and spend a great deal of time with you before we ever go to purchase agreement or contract situation. There should all questions should be answered. And that’s why our process is flawless. There’s not another builder custom home, broken Arrow builder in town. They can match it, not one. And so, uh, I was really kind of breaking off into,

I was breaking off into um, what it means to, um, the model home tour. And so I was talking a little bit about that. We don’t talk about pricing on the model home tour because we don’t, um, it’s no pricing. It’s no pressure and it’s a completely casual custom, a casual environment, a fun environment, Custom Homes Broken Arrow and we just have a whole bunch of foreign and that’s what it’s about. And so, um, we love the model home toward love to take people on the model home tour because of that reason right there. So

the model home tours, just about information, it’s just about getting your questions answered, seeing some gorgeous homes. And really it’s about focusing on function. And a lot of times as I’m in the field, as your buyers come through, in the end I talk about functioning. They don’t understand it. Their function is really, excuse me. Function is really just the functionality of home, which means how you, how it functions or how you live in a home. A good definition of function is how a buyer lives in the home or how the home fits the buyer structurally speaking, for instance, a comment or a sentence on function is no dining room. Custom Homes Broken Arrow That’s a functional statement, or I want four bedrooms. That’s a functional statement, or I need to stories that’s a functional statement, or I want my master closet or the open to my utility room. That’s a functional statement.

It’s really how the house fits you as far as structurally speaking because overall that’s going to be the determining factor of how much you enjoy your home, how the house fits you. It’s really an awesome thing when you can nail the function, right? Because the design will come. The design is kind of like. I always say it’s like the, uh, um, the glitz and the Glam that design is the diamonds of the deal because people have so much fun with designing and so much fun inspiration and opinions on design, but it’s functionally, they don’t carry as much excitement. But if you knew the backbones of a deal, Custom Homes Broken Arrow a function, we get you excited, it would wrap salute. They get you excited, so because I know function is a huge component to how you, if you love your home five years from now, I want to really get that right and on the designs on, on the model home tour of broken Arrow, custom home builder, we focus on function and that’s the reason we focus on function because it’s very important. Um, and all of our houses have different function and all of them have some kind of aspect that people really enjoy. For instance, you know, we have houses that have master bedrooms down, other bedrooms up. We have houses that have the island flipped towards the big hearth rooms or rooms or with no dining spaces. Um, we have function, a lot of our houses open from master closet to utility room, which is super convenient.

So people have a lot of function to choose from.

The design will come custom home, broken Arrow builders. The design will come because we have 460,000 options you can do to design a home. So the design will come. And we have designers who win awards every year with, um, with the home broke, with the home builders association in the parade of homes who are great at designing. So design will come, but the function super important as, as, as the land, um, and no matter what you’re looking for in a home and you might’ve already done your, your shopping and online and found a plane you like, no matter what you’re looking for, we generally can match it all. We generally have some sort of house plan that looks a lot like it. Our plans are, we have versatile plans, we have huge one stories when we have, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this plan, but we have a two story with two game rooms upstairs, a kids’ game room and an adult game room, custom home broken Arrow builders. Custom Homes Broken Arrow So we, our plans are super versatile. We have huge ones, stories. We have huge two stories. No matter what you’re looking for, if you’re an empty Nester, if you don’t want stairs, those kinds of things. We got it as a custom home broken arrow builder. Not just a one, but we are the best custom home broken Arrow builders, so taught to you in a bit. This is Nigel Arnold.

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