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custom homes Broken Arrow | Working With Native American Loans

custom homes Broken Arrow | Working With Native American Loans

Chief Scott, session one July 11th, custom homes Broken Arrow We will go over the process and all the things that are entailed for the process. You have your path to your new home and you have the start which is model home tour. You have financing, which is number two. You have three, which is the home site reservation. You have four, which is the price that you have five, which is a purchase agreement. You have six, which is preconstruction construction. You have seven, which is building of Eight, which is closing. You have none, which is warranty. Once again, that’s nine, which is warranty eight, which is closing seven, which is building six, which is preconstruction five, which is purchase agreement for which is price out. Three virtues home site reservation too, which is financing one is the model home tour, not a tour. It takes about 60 minutes.

You go to a five to seven homes. You have furnished and decorated. You drive your own car, no pricing, no pressure. One or two story homes, three or four bedrooms, something for everybody focused on function. Just information. You don’t feel you focus on finance function and it’s just information. custom homes Broken Arrow model. Home tour takes 60 minutes. Financing, takes about five minutes, which is step number two, custom homes, broken Arrow, monthly payment quotes. You have three preferred lenders have extra incentive, five minute application, 24, our approval process, interest rate matching, closing cost matching, conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, native American loans. You have spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, first Oklahoma, uh, as well. Custom homes, broken Arrow, and then you have the price the way you want it down to the dollar total price out custom homes, broken arrow. This is the price out media.

Your favorite 45 minute meeting, itemized pricing, no surprises. All questions answered, a knowledgeable staff, tons of options to choose from. Total price printout, custom homes, broken Arrow, and then the price that it takes. Forty five minutes of purchase agreement. It takes about an hour purchase agreement. You have a one hour meeting, a structural options. Final home site selections. Final color is our final finishes. Our final additional deposit due of 2,250 a mortgage approval. Do custom homes, broken arrow. You have contingent delay of builds. Congratulations. Preconstruction ratification of agreements at main office building permits, ordered construction loan application and closing for Shaw homes, custom homes Broken Arrow construction manager. Plan review and scheduling trades from contract to breaking ground five weeks. Number seven is building break ground construction manager initiates contact with you. Construction manager sends you weekly. Progress updates. Homes is open for your viewing written notice for closing issue 30 to 45 days prior to closing homeowners orientation seven and 10 days prior to closing. Discuss home owner orientation, custom homes, broken Arrow number eight, closing mean at the title company, downpayment fulfilled. Pay closing costs, mortgage signed for time to move in and he’s given title transfer nine is warranty titles. Best Tulsa’s best warranty. Ten year structural warranty, two year mechanical word to you one year limited warranty. Twenty four hour emergency line custom homes, broken Arrow fulltime warranty coordinator on staff. Sixty day follow up. Call at 11 month followup call. Excellent customer service from groundbreaking to move in is five months.

Chase scott, session one July, fifth custom homes Broken Arrow Been a busy weekend. We had several Watkins, so we’ll talk about some of those Watkins and what they’re really looking for in a, how the process really works because the process is very important. So we had a couple of and they need to sell their home. So what they’re thinking about doing is listing their at home first and then with the money that they get from that and potentially buying a new home and not even doing any type of a loan or anything like that. Custom homes, broken Arrow because what we can do for people who need to sell their home because we can actually make that contract contingent on the sale of their home. And so they put the money down and uh, all they have to do is sell their home. Once they do that, we can begin building.

If they don’t sell their home for whatever reason, the four month period that we give a, then they do not. That money is completely refundable. So that’s a really good thing. And so you can always remember that, that you can do that. custom homes Broken Arrow uh, there’s a lot of other things that you can do a as well. So we have people come in who were interested in purchasing a home and some others you just want it to look. So they lived in the neighborhood and we’re just curious and wanted to see because they’ve been watching. Most people are very surprised because on the outside they don’t look that big and then you’d come in and they look up very big and they’re very luxurious and nice and in all the finishes that people do want a info, so you can remember that, but it will be a pleasant surprise once you do come in custom homes, broken arrow. And so you have that as well. And you can always take that to the bank if you know what I’m saying. A custom homes, broken arrow. So we had a process going and we have the model from tour and I talked about the model of Short, Oh,

take per certain people on that tour and make sure that they were happy with everything. And, uh, but they can do everything that they needed to do and uh, we could, uh, get it going. So we talked about the model home tour. It took people on the model home tour and we drove over to the new models and we looked at the Ashton and then we looked at the remington and then we’d looked at the Ellington and then we looked at the liberty. Those are, uh, the Ashton in the Remington or not for sale. Those are in fact sold. But I can still show those to people to give them an idea of what they look like. Custom homes, broken Arrow, because you always have to do that. You have to give people an idea and not really let them know if they’re interested in doing something like that. But they can’t do that custom homes, broken Arrow

because essentially what they want to do is that where all the homes and then you mark off what you don’t like. And then you can also just mark what you do like and remember that you can always do that. So you can mark what you do like and what you don’t like in a and then go from there. custom homes Broken Arrow so when you’re doing that you can do all those things. And so we’re looking at this floor plan where you can do a flex room, you’re getting any space out of it, it looks like it’s a 12 by 11, 11 by two with the bedroom floor and this is 12 by 11. So yeah, you do get a little bit of a extra room in that floor plan or you can do the hall and uh, have the fourth bedroom like we plan on doing. So we plan on doing that and it has the 60 inch mud bench and shelf and utility room, which is very nice. This home also backsplash on it, very nice backsplash on it. So you can do that as well. And then you can just look at all the different things that you would like and you can put those in there and now make sure that you do like it. And it says that six panel light door. So that’s a very popular thing as well. Custom homes, broken arrow.

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