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custom homes Broken Arrow | Working With The Selections

custom homes Broken Arrow | Working With The Selections

We’ll go over the process a little bit so you have step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step seven, step six, step five. You have set for step three, step two, step one. And there are all these different important steps to the model home tour and all the process and everything that we do. So first we started out with that model of Turk is that’s a very important thing to start out with. What you want to do is look at a bunch of different homes and see which one you liked the best. Do you like a liberty the best? Do you like in Newport? The best. You like the Remington? The best? Do you like the dewberry? The best? Do you like the Ellington the best? Do you like the Cambridge the best? custom homes Broken Arrow He liked the Birkdale. The best.

You like the best? Do you like to ask the best? Do you like the amber? The best. custom homes Broken Arrow. And so we go through all of those and see which one you liked the best. And then we pick your fan favorite. So we pick the one you do like the best and then that’s the one we have selected. So that’s important to remember is that we select that one and then we have you talked to a preferred lender because we need to know, uh, what, you know, how much you can afford on your home. And so, uh, you will talk to them and get approved for whatever amount you can get approved for it. Then we know what budget we’re trying to stay around. So then you will do that. And I see what you can say around custom homes, broken Arrow, and that’s why he talked to a lender now, uh, the, the benefits to using a preferred lenders that they will rate match.

You also get the incentive of $40,000 off the purchase price record thousand towards closing costs. So you will always get the best rate and that. And uh, the application only takes about five minutes to do. So you cannot just take care of all those things as well and uh, while you’re, while you’re at it in a custom homes broken Arrow, and so what you do then is you have that taken care of and uh, what we do is we go through all the different selections and all those things as well and figure out which different from you like so that next step would be the price of the price. That is where we do all the selections and we talk about upgrades and we see what you like in the home and figure out exactly what you’re trying to do and price it out to the t because there are a lot of different upgrades.

Z One want the frigidaire gallery set which is $900. And that same list steel as stainless steel plate on the inside. To make that a dishwasher dishwasher a little bit quieter. It has a convection oven, dishwasher is faster and some other benefits as well. So that is the frigidaire gallery. Or you can do just a stainless steel plate, which is 300 custom homes broken arrow. So you can just do that, that’s more of a, just the aesthetic look on that as well. And so you can do that. And then you have a kitchen cabinets. You won a 40 inch, which would be like a longer a cabinet. Are you good with the 30 inch? So those are things you can, uh, look over there. Do you want me to undervalue kitchen? Tick through what? The blog? Whoa. A sink. So those are two other things as well because some of them was broken arrow.

Um, so you can do either one of those in my back. Really hurts right now. So those are us different popular ones. Oh, you can do an upgrade faucet in the kitchen as well. Do you want me to Insat Nicole? Do you want an oil rubbed bronze? That is up to you. What you would like to do. And that’s the kitchen now in the new, if you can have internal on that patio door, do you want the internal binds? You get to choose between two different lighting fixtures, uh, that you can select. So that is a nice as well. Um, and then in the living room you can have a fireplace potentially, and then you can also have the flooring, which would be would a ceramic tile or carpet and uh, there’s a lot of selections for those things as well, which kind of do you want? And we can do a poll to custom homes, broken Arrow, the pool tube. Basically, custom homes Broken Arrow if you want to hang a flatscreen tv onto the wall, uh, you can, uh, do that pull to custom homes Broken Arrow

We’re doing pray to homes this weekend. Just going through everything. We have a lot of different things going on, so we have a lot of different homes and a lot of different paints and bricks. We can start with the brick. It’s Burlington antique king from a Union City, Oklahoma shadow falls, king, Muskogee, Oklahoma Brown mills, King, Muskogee, Oklahoma, flagstaff, king, Muskogee, Oklahoma as tech blend, King Muskogee, Oklahoma shelter, bluffed King, union city, Oklahoma. And that is from boral bricks, boral bricks, boral bricks, another boral bricks, another boral bricks. And we have this shop home sign, which is a really nice sign. But now let’s go over some of the things with the frigidaire gallery set. custom homes Broken Arrow You have features, range, continuous grades, five burners stronger Btu, fingerprint resistant convection oven, fast. Preheat included. Griddle, griddle included, handle on bottom drawer, fifth burner, small burner, fifth burner, Oval Burner, uh, over the range.

Microwave, fingerprint resistant rack to cook multiple flights. One point six cu. Ft Interior one point seven cu. Ft. Interior sensor cooking options to two, zero CFM sucking power. Three, zero, zero CFM. Twelve point five. Glass turntable. 13, glass turntable. Turntable off on capable dishwasher. 50 slash dba louder. Fifty one dba plastic interior stainless steel interior. It helps with drying and sound. Five cycles, seven cycles, entities, energy star rated or bit watched. System Center at the bottom of the tub that has more capacity to get water to hard to reach places. Quick wash time. One hour, 30 minutes. Sensor Washer? Yes. Stay in place. Store yes. Allows you to open the door partially without it dropping to the ground. Yes. 14 place setting. Yes and yes. custom homes Broken Arrow So those are a lot of the different things. Now we’ll go over the frigidaire gallery, which it has.

The continuous grades has a fifth burner. Stronger Btu fingerprint, convection fast feet. It has a girdle included handle on bottom drawer. Fifth Burner, a oval, which is the larger one that it also is the turntable off on capability. Thirteen inch glass turntable. 300 CSFM sensor cooking options. One point seven cu. Ft. Interior racks to cook multiple plates, fingerprint resistant custom homes. Broken Arrow. Now let’s look at the different doors here. So we, uh, well let’s look at metro surfaces. So we have the R O, n, d, e, z systems, color coated aluminum, aluminum color, bright light Blanco, and we have a ionize aluminum, ionized aluminum. Uh, then we have a r o, d e, c r o, n to t, five, Echo, a custom homes broken arrow. Now let’s look at some different front door options. You have atmospheric. We have fresh play, two, zero, nine, three, two, zero.

We have vm caught and tread. P, m one five. We have 10 black booty duty to one to eight. 10. We have ben heritage, red, p, m one eight. We have BM, fairmount green, hc. One, two, seven. We have smokestack gray, two, one three, one dash 40. We have BM, bittersweet. Chocolate two, one, one four. Dash one zero. So those are for your front door. So you get to pick an accent color on your door. It’s really nice. You can just pick different accents and which you’d like to do. custom homes Broken Arrow And you always have that option to, uh, to pick that and get a break or if you’d like custom homes, broken arrow. And uh, it would be really nice to do that because it’s just adding a little feature to your home that normally you would not have on there, so you can remember, you can always do that.

And that is a feature that is included in the price. And we have a purple one and we have a blue one and we have a clay one. And then there it looks like a red one and a black one and a brown one. And another grade one. And a green one. And a bright red one. So it’s really nice. So now we’re looking at some different things in here. This house we left off and we enjoy the moment. We’ve worked hard, we love life, custom homes, broken Arrow, make mistakes, big dreams, custom homes Broken Arrow And welcome to our home custom homes, broken arrow.

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