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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Custom Homes Jenks | how to find The answers to all of your construction questions


Custom Homes Jenks it’s a very successful homebuilding business in Oklahoma. We work with a team of talented, professional designers to create a home that you can build on any property you like. We build a home that is 100% unique and personally crafted by you and our team. This means that you will be getting something that is incredible without breaking the bank. We offer 100% financing to make it easy for you to hold your dreams. Our workers are very involved and care about making sure you understand what’s going on throughout the process.You will even receive professional design consultation for free. This gives you every single thing you need to be assured we are going to build the home of your dreams

In the real estate industry, especially in the construction building process, there are usually tons of questions Clients don’t have answers too. typical builders only talk to their clients at the beginning and then they leave them hanging and wait until the end to show the finished piece. We do service differently here at Custom Homes Jenks , Our goal is to keep you involved and equipped with knowledge to be a new homeowner. Our goal is to make you successful and to share in that success with you his new beautiful home. We provide consultation and expert team mebers to answer your questions. We wanna make sure you’re involved in the whole construction and buying process and fully understand exactly what we’re doing.

You can answer any questions you have from what kind of wood would be best forkeeping out termites all the way to you and what you should do when you have a tension slab that has cracks. Our team here at Custom Homes Jenks can answer all of your questions on our website. We have a list You can begin exploring to understanding that we really take care of it all from start to finish. If you were wondering why it is important to have a rebar in your driveway, we are here to explain the entire process and also give you a call with all of the answers to your future questions. We keep your best interest in mind and give you the best consultation for the best price. You will begin to understand what elevation means, and even understanding why we do what we do, we want to make you feel like an expert in your house too

This gives you everything you need to go to your friend and find a team that you can trust to go to work properly. What are the reasons you can trust us because we are hearing the entire time. This gives you the benefit of having transparency with your team in the company that’s building your home. This is not commonly found in the real estate industry. We can assure that we will be doing business in a better way that you have not seen.

You can begin getting started and contact us today at (405) 896-0330 or go on our website at

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