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Custom Homes Tulsa | Variation Styles

Custom Homes Tulsa | Variation Styles

So you want to be able to aunt fireplace tile is see you want to go over what kind of veneer you’d like to have priced out to me. This is going to be the biggest difference within that that shower in a world of difference having the frameless heady glass, and you also have the option full wall or the optional showerso. This point you can have the price out for the frame that the frames with a half the frameless with a heavy glass for the also has an option of doing the straight or shampoo compartments as a lot of people like to refer to it as a lot of options here and within that shower as well, and we think that’s an important thing to offer a home builderin the hallway, included a shower combo and you’ll have the option of doing the accent stripes. Custom Homes Tulsa

You also have the option of variation. Styles, all right, moving right along to the most important part of the bathroom toilet, have the option of doing a long-term, 2, 3 or 4 item is going to be head knocker, which is that it’s important to have that in the hall for luxus rooms upstairs for the exhaust. All options in the bathroom makes me want to talk about. The optional items would be 5 inch, ogee base trim, and you also have the option of doing 3 the difference between 2 and 1/4 casing and 3 inch tasting and the difference between a 3. The other trim option is going to be crown. Molding is not as popular that has been in the past, but it’s still something that we offer is a big steve and your two options for trim crown molding are going to be easy, traditional trim or the cove trim. You also have the option of doing so. You really have for options here. Custom Homes Tulsa

The head, molding is going to be what we discussed next in the price out the head molding, you can do over doors or windows. It can be over a single double triple quadruple in our reference model. Common options that had molding options are going to be added in the spurs score-may, not usually home builder, but it’s just usually not as popular these locations can include door or anyone down. The next turn option we are going to talk about, is being, and you can have the flush to the ceiling flush to the ceiling, and it is two options. So these three options are going to give you a variety is the next trim option is going to be the trim around those mirrors, so what’s going to be included here will be with no frame extending the mirror up to 96 in, and you also have the option of framing fatmir at 8. It is three options. The next option that you want to forget about your hair, dryer, curling iron, it’s just a hidden drawer that you might want to consider in that master Custom Homes Tulsa bathroom.

The next thing we’re going to discuss and in the price out for bixby home builders. It’s going to be that fireplace tile optional. Here will be so you can extend that you can extend a stone all the way up to the ceiling. You’re included me at all. It’s going to be traditional shaker-style. The option of doing the shaker style with legs was very popular as well. Another option would be the shaker panel trim with four and a quarter inch crown. You would have seen this if you would have toward our redford and somerset and the fireplace at the end of the figure what kind of veneer you would like price on your fireplace. Is it c, the, brak or the optional stone or tile? Custom Homes Tulsa And how far up would you like that bread? Did you want to stop at the mantle?

Also? What kind of man would you like? The included traditional, the optional shaker shaker with or shape shaker next we’re going to talk about post or the post that are going to be off the stairs? If you are looking at a two-story home, what’s going to be turned the optional, it’s going to be that option as well during your differences downstairs and upstairs french doors, so the french doors come in a door. Barn style option is a contemporary and very on trend right now, the worst or the glass how to choose from stained wood as well. So there’s are going to be all your options for your trim. Finish I think it’s really important to be able to showcase all of those options for our clients make their selections on when they are really building their dream home. We want them to be able to to have those options when they built with us

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