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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Home Construction | A Different Kind Of Building Company


Anytime that you are working with any Edmond New Home Construction company. The chances are you’re going to find that the process is a little overwhelming, and it’s a lot of confusing. It’s a lot of process that has to happen in order to construct a house. Everybody has heard framing a house and understand that that is the process of the initial bones of a house coming together in order to form the shell. And that is a very true statement. Although unless you’re in the construction business and have experience constructing homes you’re not going to realize that this is a very pared-down and simple explanation of framing a home. There are a lot of options and a lot of choices that go into that and that is just one step in the process.

We say this to try to explain that it is very often that whenever you’re working on a new home all of those aspects are if you seem to the buyer and out of their hands. Which is not how we want to do you think. And not how you’re going to experience and if you work with Shaw homes for your Edmond New Home Construction. Because we have a business model that makes us do this differently. We have restructured our business plan in order to change the mission of our company. As happens with most companies, to stay in their market for as long as Shaw homes has been here in Tulsa.

Right now there are 83 available homes in the Edmond New Home Construction market. We have 48 different plans that we can begin to build for you. That’s a big stereotype. Either way that you start, we are still going to let you have a Hands-On approach to your new home. Because that’s the fire we understand that you are going to be the one that lives in this home and we are facing our goals upon. Helping you to live at home 4 years to come in creating your own happily ever after.

Because of the company, of course we are dedicated to growth and expanding our customer base. As is with any company. But we are more about trying to make sure that we are providing quality to our existing customers and a quality experience to everybody we work with. Making sure that they are knowledgeable about the process and that they leave their relationship with us feeling as if they are not just satisfied but their experience with Shaw homes was enjoyable and informative and that they understood what was going on and what they were the whole way. That there is not a step in the process that they didn’t feel like they were informed were able to reach somebody to become informed. We value our customers and are truly committed to high quality customer service that we try to provide. Call us at 918-688-5660 or go to

Edmond New Home Construction | Permanent Interest rates

Here at your house we are committed to providing our customers with value not only during the building process and the beginning of our relationship with them, I put all the way to the end. This is why we are offering a false special that includes a permanent interest rate buy down. Which is something that we happen to leave an incredible value to our customers and one that is going to help them in years to come. We are all about trying to lift the Oklahoma residents that we not only sell homes to but we live in their communities. We shop at the same grocery stores and consider fellow Oklahomans.

So as we are providing Edmond New Home Construction, tri-community we are also hoping that we can provide service and Foster relationships built upon trust and open Communications because while we are providing a product to our community we are also living in these communities we intend to make sure that we are the corporation at that name is synonymous with trust because we want to a be trusted by our fellow Oklahoman’s and I know that this people that we live in our communities with know that they can’t believe in and Trust the products that we are providing. Because we want to be the type of company that people can look to as an example for ethics. And of course I’m doing this you never want to neglect the responsibility to be always providing the very best in quality for all the Edmond New Home Construction projects that will eventually be the homes that the Community lives in.

We’re very proud of the fact that what we produce and what we are creating for our words is their home. It is where they will live for many years and a home that we hope to always be providing in a way that is going to be really easy for them to love and to fall in love with and to raise our children in and have a happily-ever-after type at 5. That starts with being happy with their home. We want to make sure that we are providing rates for them that makes it easier for them to afford their life and afford their home. Because the last thing that we want is to be pricing people out of their dreams. And also we want to make sure that we are listening to our clients and giving them an Avenue to always have contact that so that it is not such a process where our customers take what they get because I don’t understand the process instead we have taken this process that is very complicated and very involved and it tried to break it down into a process that all of our customers can not only understand but can feel as if they have a hand in as their Edmond New Home Construction project become their home, and part of their happily ever after. So give us a call at 918-688-5660 and as always check out the site at

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