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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Home Construction | Shaw Homes


Shaw homes edmond new home construction is Oklahoma’s highest rated, and most reviewed homebuilder. We have 29 communities, 98 available homes and 48 plans to build. We are probably serving the OKC and Tulsa metro areas. In 20 1934 years later, Sean Holmes was granted the largest builder in the Tulsa area. They are building in more than eight cities, including the Oklahoma City market.

Who is the team of edmond new home construction? The shot homes team is made up of Glen Shaw, president of Shaw Homes, Joe Antis, executive vice president, Aaron antis, vice president and Johnna Kosechata who is our design studio manager. Glenn grew up in construction between his dad and uncle. He spent a good number of years being on construction sites in South Carolina. When he was 18, he moved to Tulsa to get his MBA at oral Roberts University. He was soon married and started raising the family and Tulsa became home. Glenn has built over 2000 homes in over 50 communities all around the Tulsa area. He is very involved in every aspect of Shaw homes even today.

Who is the team of edmond new home construction? Joe Antis Executive Vice President, fell in love with homebuilding as a child; he graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in architecture. He spent many years with hands on building learning several of the trades to become a carpenter in 2006 he started in management focusing on the business side of home building. Vice president Aaron Antis started his career in 2002. He’s worked in almost every aspect of new home construction starting from framing to finish. He graduated from eastern Michigan university with a degree in architecture.

Show homes wants you to know you can save up to $40,000 on a new home. We have fall 2022 specials that include permanent interest rate by down, long-term interest, rate lock, and your closing cost paid. You can visit our website to find out more information. Show homes has 29 communities, 98 available homes, and 48 plans to build. At Shaw homes you have 83 floor plans to choose from and you can customize over 440,000 pre-price options. We are the trusted name of the industry, we keep you involved, we build quality homes, we can build on your land, and more locations and any builder and we are a company you can trust.

Visit us online at defined you’re home, check out our home buyers corner, viewer gallery, check out our floor plans, check out the 29 communities we serve car to look at our 98 available homes, check out our 48 plants to build see all of our locations and more! We have tons of videos and testimonials that you can watch that bag us up with over 30 years in the home building business. We have built such a trusted name. You can call us today at 4058960333 to get in for a consultation today!

Edmond New Home Construction | St Jude Dream Home Builder

Shaw Homes edmond new home construction has been trusted with quality homes since 1985 in the greater Tulsa area. By 2019 they became the largest building in the Tulsa area at Shaw homes we rewrote our company mission and it states “ I pray that God will: increase our sales, help us deliver an excellent customer experience, and help us to represent him the way that we should so we can invest in his work and blessed others” we desire your continued growth, but we do focus fully on making sure that our buyers have the best experience ever.

What is the process of edmond new home construction? The process of buying a home with Shaw homes starts with a home tour of one of our model houses. After touring the homes if the buyer is interested, the next step is to get them financially qualified. If they haven’t already done so themselves, we begin to create a plot plan, showing the location of your home. We then after three days of your purchase agreement, we start the design selections of your new home. You will meet with our design consultant to go over your floor plan.

What’s the next step in new home construction? Then after design, we move onto foundation once we get the footing Edmond New Home Construction poured, and forms will be put around the perimeter of the structure. These forms determine the size finish for elevation, in another critical step in ensuring proper drainage. The next step is the rough process. This is where your forms are put in place with footing and then the plumbers will Ruffin all water and drain lines. After the slab is poured, they begin on step five which is the exterior. Turn in the framing process, substantial progress with me pretty quickly.

The next step after framing, and the roof is on, palmers, come back to top out at home, and they also install tubs and showers. Electricians, then go to Ruffin wiring for breaker box, switches, and lights where recessed light fixtures are installed as are your cable, TV and telephone outlets. The next step is going to be drywall trim and painting. The hardwood floors will be installed after the services are tightly taped and ceilings are painted. They move onto the exterior landscaping guttering inside the installation, as well as pouring concrete of the driveway, sidewalks and porches. The next step is going to be countertops and ceramic tile floors of backsplash will be installed. After this we go onto the final detailing or we make sure the home is an optical moving condition and then the final step will be closing on your new home. You’re going to love the way we cater to you.

Visit us online at to check out all of our floor plans, and see homebuyers corner, see our gallery, testimonials, learn more about us, contact us, and find your new home. Call us today 4058960333 before all of our home sites sell out! You don’t want to miss out on Oklahoma’s highest rated most reviewed homebuilders. Shala 🤍 homes is the home builder for you.

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