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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Home Construction | Special offers to save you money


Edmond New Home Construction Is fully stopped and equipped with a team of home builders and construction workers for you. we make all of us available to you at your earliest convenience for an incredibly affordable cost as well. you can get your entire home custom built from the bottom up with our services. we will build any kind of size home you want with beautiful two-car garages, Exquisite master bedrooms, and fancy kitchen

There are a lot of different ways that you can save money when you work with us. One of the first ways that you can begin saving money is with our team of accountants that will work to provide you with specialty offers. You can find any kind of specialty offer within our company at different times and in different seasons. These specialty offers are going to be great because they’re going to make you happy and save money. you’re going to be getting a great deal every time with long-term discounts. they’re all going to enjoy the availability to find financing options. we can help save you money here at Edmond New Home Construction

you or somebody who is always looking out for their best interests with budgeting, accounting, and planning out your finances we are going to be a great team for you. We have a team of highly trained team members that are knowledgeable about counting and financing. Our team members are going to work hard and make sure that you can get the right deal for you. One of the first deals we have in Edmond New Home Construction is our permanent interest rate guarantee. This is a guarantee that your interest rate will be locked as soon as you buy your house. it will help you save money on paying thousands of dollars and extra interest on your loan.

Another amazing offer that we have to help you save some funds while purchasing a house is our closing cost. We like to take care of all of the closing costs when it comes to our company and beautiful houses. We can offer you this close and cost paid an incredibly affordable rate and give you a way to cover any other expenses that you did not see. you will cover every single thing it takes to close the house on our end and pay for it for you. We also have a long-term interest rate lock that you can get on your house as well. That means that you can save thousands of dollars on interest rates with our specialty offers.

We can give you permanent interest rate buy down special offers, closing costs covering, and long-term interest rate locks on all of our projects for you. go ahead and give us a call to get to all these specialty offers by calling us at( 405) 896-0333 or visit us on our website today at

Edmond New Home Construction | and Incredibly wide range of availability

Edmond New Home Construction takes care of everything when it comes to renovations. We can give you the highest quality Renovations with our wood materials, brick materials, and incredible textiles. you’re going to be able to pick from us why selection of high quality materials to build your floors, walls, and bathroom walls. it’s going to look amazing whenever you explain all the different colors and materials we have for you.

Greatest thing about our companies is that we like to give you everything you could ever imagine when it comes to the house of your dreams. you can get all of your goals fulfilled when you work with us. We will give you a team of Highly skilled and trained certified renovation experts. we’re going to love having you as our client and you’re going to love your new home.Edmond New Home Construction has a wide range of availability in different communities so that you can find some of your love. Whether you are a large family or a single homeowner, we can pick the perfect area for youtube in the community.

It’s very important that whenever you are looking for a new house that you are surrounded by a community to support you and help you. Community is very important because it determined the era and which you were living in. We can help you find a beautiful Community here with our team atEdmond New Home Construction that can help you pick out any kind of area you’d want. We have 79 available homes in 23 different communities. These are going to be incredibly diverse communities with different kinds of landscaping in the countryside, city, and small town areas. you can pick from whichever one you would like to live in.

We have different areas in communities supporting the small-town areas such as Bixby meadows. You can also find some amazing homes available in the Creekside Forest Ridge location. There are houses that we have built for our clients all across the fox lair Estates as well. Those houses range around $400,000 and have different levels of square footage. you can get a beautiful house in Foxboro Estates starting at around 400,000 for 2002 3000 Square feet. This is a great deal for a great price in a wonderful community. You can also find our beautiful built custom-made homes in Oak Ridge of jenks, pinnacle, and Highland Creek. These are all going to range from $290,000 up to $400,000. depending on your budget and the area that you like to live in, you can find the perfect house for you.

We have houses in Rich creek, rush creek, and even all the way in Seven Oaks South for you. These are great communities full of people that are going to love and support you and help you raise a family successfully. you’re going to love the neighborhoods we have picked out and even get to browse the wide selection of Countryside Landscapes as well. give us a call to get your house bill to one of these amazing communities by calling us at(405) 896-0333 or going on our website at

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