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Edmond New Homes | Becoming What You Need

Edmond New Homes | Becoming What You Need

Hi, this is my podcast for the week of February 22nd and today I wanted to talk with you about our floor plans that we have, our movie and ready homes that we have available. Um, starting with the big speed area. Um, we’re here shot at Shaw homes, um, love to build our custom homes and broken arrow. Edmond New Homes, but today I’m going to talk with you about some mood and ready homes in the big city school district at seven lakes we have our former Wyndham model for sale are Wyndham, is a beautiful home. It backs up to a very large, nice, beautiful pond. So you have a great view from the, uh, windows across the back. There are two windows in the master bedroom overlooking the pond as well as three windows in the great room and two windows in the nook that all overlook the PA. The patio and the pond area are beautiful.

Wyndham model is a large home at 3,561 square feet. The address on it is six, six, seven, two east 25th street south. Edmond New Homes the price is only $399,900. What about value for a four bedroom, a two game room home with a beautiful master suite and as well as a large dining room and a study, um, it also has a finished garage with stained concrete floors and a heating air conditioning system that comes in the garage since it was a former model home as well as extra lighting, things like that. You can’t be the neighborhood of seven lakes, uh, as a custom builder in broken arrow. We also loved to build another neighborhoods like seven lakes, seven lakes has seven ponds that homes came back to as well as a beautiful large clover leaf shaped swimming pool with a clubhouse. And, um, it backs up to the, uh, jogging, biking, hiking trails that run through a big speed all the way to Tulsa.

So you can hop on your bike and take it all the way down to the Arkansas River south. Or you can hop on your bike and doe north. Literally the kids can walk to school from seven lakes. It’s just a broad around the corner there. At big speed north elementary, also in seven lakes we have our stonebrook, the for sale, the address is 70 95 east 124th street psa. It’s priced at only $327,970. Oh, this home is 100 percent complete and it is 2,619 square feet. This stonebrook is adorable. I’m the kitchen island overlooks a large, Edmond New Homes a wide nook area that overlooks the backyard. So instead of the sink facing the great room and you looking at the back of your husband’s head, you can stand at the kitchen sink and prepare meals and look straight ahead out into your beautiful backyard. Watch the kids playing. Um, so it’s a, it’s a great home.

And we would love for you to give us a call and talk with us about either one of those homes in seven lakes. Also as a broken arrow, custom home builder. We offer homes in beautiful gated somerset community also in big speed. And we have a single story. Monterrey for sale for three slash 30 slash nine slash 900 at 2,419 square feet. Edmond New Homes, the address on it as one two. Oh, two, four south 68 east avenue. It is 100 percent complete and ready to move into. And um, we are, uh, it’s a beautiful home. The Monterey is gorgeous. It currently backs to woods that are just to the west of Somerset. So you would have a nice shaded backyard from the West Sun and literally if you have little ones, the school is right there on the same side of the street. The kids could just walk next door and be at big speed north elementary, uh, at Shaw homes.

We do build custom homes and broken Arrow, but we also build them in bixby like our beautiful Monterrey for sale in Quail Creek. It is three slash 24 eight 83 also at 2,419 square feet. And the address on that is one, two, five, three, three south on 73rd east place. Um, so we would love for you to come out and see any of those hubs in big ski as a custom homes builder in Baroque and Arrow. We also offer, of course, homes for sale in broken Arrow, like our village at southern trails. We have our beautiful Monterey model for sale. Edmond New Homes I’m at 36. Oh, six south fo for boulevard at three 99, 900. It is 100 percent complete. The, um, the model is gorgeous. It is beautiful. You walk into the front door and of course it has a stucco and stone and full brick exterior, but when you walk in the front door, there’s a gorgeous steady to your right.

First thing you see with a vaulted ceiling and there is a car siding would that is actually stained dark and it covers the entire ceiling in that high vault as well as wood and trim that is finished out on every wall in the study. The study also has a huge walk in closet that actually walks through to a hallway. It’s kind of cool. It goes underneath the stairs and walked through to, uh, the hallway right there by the hall bath. So back at the front door and the entry hall, when you look up, you will see a staircase. Railings that overlooks the were, they upstairs overlooks the entryway. That’s really, really pretty. And Edmond New Homes, then to your left is an open dining room that is open to the great room, which is also completely open floor plan to the kitchen and the nook has a vaulted ceiling in it.

And the nook also has a huge, a built in bench seat that is really cute. I’m right in front of the windows there that overlooks the backyard. And the patio, the patio in the Monterey is a really nice size with a tall high ceiling. Very spacious. It is gorgeous. The thing that’s so special about the Monterrey is the master suite is so private. You go down a hallway to the left side of the home as you’re coming in the front door and back behind the kitchen is the very private master suite. We sell this home a lot to people who do shift work, like medical professionals. Edmond New Homes, someone could be sleeping in the private master suite while the rest of the family is preparing a meal or watching tv in the great room. It’s just so nice and quiet. That master suite is, it’s a true split floor plan with the other two bedrooms on the opposite side of the home from the master suite.

So again, tons of privacy. Also, the thing that makes it great is the, let’s say the couple or a husband wife were in bed, sleeping in the master bedroom has to get up early to go to work. Let’s say he could step into the master bathroom, closed the door to the bedroom, get ready, walk straight through to his closet, get dressed, walk straight through to the utility room and out the back door without ever having to come back through the bedroom and disturb the sleeping spass. So, Edmond New Homes, it’s a perfect home for people who work a different, a different shifts or um, maybe the wife is a stay at home mom and she has to get up in the middle of the night with the Kiddos. A Dad can continue sleeping or let’s say a dad has to get up early and go to work and he wants to leave mom, mom sleeping in there. This is a perfect home to do that. As we build custom homes and broken Arrow, we at shaw homes like to offer our clients and um, all of our buyers, the custom features that most buyers are looking for in the trends. And you can learn more about us at [inaudible] dot com.

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