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Edmond New Homes | Crown Molding

Edmond New Homes | Details Matter

As a broken Arrow home builder here at Shaw homes, we’ve got lots and lots of great move in ready homes for sale and I would be just tickled to death to take a few minutes and tell you all about these beautiful homes that we can, uh, that we have ready for you to move into. An hour. Millicent pond community, which is located in broken arrow. We have a notting hill. It is two 2,800, five square feet. It is located at nine a one seven south Kalanchoe avenue. It is for sale for the low, Edmond New Homes low price of $352,930.

It is a four bedroom, three bath, three car garage home. It is in the trim phase. So that means or what they are putting up. Crown Molding and head molding and trim a, which means it’s not very far from being done. So if you would like to see this home, we would love to have the opportunity to show it to you. Also for sale as a broken Arrow, home builder and the beautiful city at Broken Arrow and millicent pond neighborhood. Uh, we have, uh, Stonebrook v for sale for 2,805 square feet high. That’s a misprint. Edmond New Homes, it is located at one. Oh, one six south Joshua Avenue for only $319,900. What, uh, by what a bargain that Stomberg v is a beautiful, very large Inuk on it. And yes, that is a misprint. That was 2,619 square feet. Twenty six one nine square feet.


it’s a real cute little home. Uh, when you walk in the front door, there’s a big tall entryway with, Edmond New Homes, the study on your left with the high vaulted ceiling in it and then a whole closet for your coat closet. And then, uh, the cutest little powder bathroom you ever, ever saw.

Then the entryway, when you walk on into the, uh, toward the great room area on your right, you will see this staircase that is located there and it goes up the stairs, step on in and you are in the great room. And the great room is a nice large, great room that has large windows that overlooks the back yard. Edmond New Homes, then the kitchen area and nook areas. What makes this stonebrook so special? The kitchen, first of all is just adorable. It can have a really tall 52 inch upper cabinet in there if you would like. It has the biggest pantry you’ve probably ever seen. And um, the kitchen when you’re standing at the end when you’re standing at the sink, like even if you’re standing there doing dishes and look straight ahead, you would be overlooking this huge large nook eating area. We’ve heard from buyers over and over again that they don’t need two eating areas that they’d rather not pay for space, like a formal dining room that they’re not going to use.

So they have asked us to design homes where there’s only one, uh, eating area that will accommodate their dining room furniture. Well, that’s what you get with the stonebrook. A floor plan. It has this huge nook that overlooks the backyard. Um, so the island is sitting kind of sideways to the Great Room. In other words, if you’re standing at the sink, you have to turn your head to the left to see the television in the great room, but hey, if you were standing there doing dishes, would you rather be watching tv or listening or looking at the back of your husband’s head, or would you rather be overlooking a beautiful backyard and your gorgeous dining room furniture? Ah, I think. I think it’s a real viable option. Edmond New Homes The master suite is great, and this home, it has a nice size master bedroom that walk straight into the master bathroom.

Master bathroom is just adorable. It’s got to an l shaped a vanity with a sink for him on one side and the sink for her on the other side. And the mirrors meet in the middle at a corner of a wall, so they form like a big v almost in the wall. So lots and lots of counterspace in this beautiful bathroom. You walk through the, Edmond New Homes, bathroom of the stone book straight into the master closet. The master closet is really a good size in this home. I mean, it is plenty big to hold everything that you and your husband could possibly want or need. Then you walk from the master closet into the utility room, which is such a popular, a feature employer plans these days our customers continually tell us that they want that laundry room just real close to that master closet so that they can carry their clothes straight from the dryer into their closet or their towels straight from the bathroom into their utility room.

And that’s what the, a broken Arrow home builder we at Shaw homes like to accomplish. We want to give our customers what they asked for and they have continually asked for that a feature. So we do give that to them in the beautiful stonebrook the then coming in from the back door, you’re walking into the med room. So if you were coming home from work, you are hanging your coat up on the mud bench, dropping your briefcase there. Kids are dropping their backpacks, they’re kicking off their boots, Edmond New Homes you make a right hand turn and you are in your master closet kicking off your shoes right there. So, um, I called that the shedding zone, when you come in the garage door and you start peeling off coats and shoes laced, that’s what happens at my house. I’m the stone brook has a really nice convenient shedding zone that’s right there in the master closet.

And it’s great as a broken Arrow home builder. We also have a high end waterstone a model for sale in a beautiful gated Cedar Hills community, which is the union school district. Now waterstone homes is a different product line for us. That’s our high end luxury homes. Um, this home is 3,940 square feet. Wow. It’s an avery, Edmond New Homes, that’s the name of the floor plan. It is a located at one. Oh, 709 east, 100th place south and it’s for sale for a very low price of $449,900. This home is of course 100 percent complete because it was a former model. We officed out of there for a good long while. And um, so now we’ve got a for sale and it’s a great buy a for that many square feet. It’s, it’s a really good vibe. It’s got four bedrooms, it’s got four and a half bathrooms and a three car garage.

Now this home also has a two story kitchen, a very large dining room, a very large study upfront. Edmond New Homes, it even has built in bench seating in the kitchen. It’s really pretty spectacular. That hood goes all the way up to the ceiling and it’s a two story ceiling in there. So it’s pretty darn impressive. There’s a transom window on either side of the kitchen ceiling hoods to let in some natural light. It overlooks a large a yard there. Then the master suite is beautiful. Do you tell her you were in this home is really, really special with all the built in utility room features. It’s got pulled out a laundry baskets built into cabinets, all kinds of really special things. And then upstairs, the game room is huge. It’s really, really nice with the minibar microwave, wet bar area and large windows that overlooked the backyard. Also upstairs is a theater room with the surround sound already wired in for Ya. Um, two bedrooms with a jack and jill bath. And there is a private guest suite downstairs, um, that is really special also. Um, this home is ready to move into you and you can call us@shawhomes.com to see it.

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