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Edmond new Homes | Culvert Options

Edmond new Homes | You and Your Family

Man, look in or googling custom homes, broken arrow. I’m sure you’ve stumbled along. Shaw homes.com. We are the number one leading custom builder in this entire area selling around 250 plus homes custom homes a year. So if you’ve been looking for Edmond new Homes, I’m sure that you’ve seen that. We have over, Oh Gosh, at least 20 communities in the broken area area and maybe even 25 and some upcoming new communities that we’re working on that you can build anywhere from a hundred and sixties with land included on a, uh, we’ve even have a community that’s one acre, but we’ll go through the different communities if you’ve been looking for custom homes, broken Arrow and we’ll go through several different communities and I’ll talk about each individual price range and what that community may offer you and your family. So for those who are trying to stay around Puerto Katusa, Claremore area, we have a brand new community that’s actually, it’s been there awhile, but we, um, we actually purchased all the home sites available in there.

And the reason we go in and buy everything they have is we can get such a great deal that we pass it on to the buyer. So Edmond new Homes who doesn’t like to save money? Right? So what we’re speaking of today is Rubia states. Now rubia states is going to be I nola schools and it’s going to be located right off of highway two. 40 four is just a little bit north off of the highway, but you can get a one acre lot in the prices and they’re gonna start in the low two hundreds and that includes one acre and includes three fourths of the community, full sod on the home site. It also will include an aerobics septic system, a landscaping, um, a metal culvert on the property, and really everything you need, you’ll also get our current 15,000 incentive to use however you want to use it.

And you really can’t beat that. I mean, it can pay for all your closing costs are lenders are also kicking in a thousand dollars in closing costs that they’re paying. Plus, you could use the rest off upgrades or off the price, however you need to use it. We’re going to let you use it. We have three preferred lenders. Um, so if you’ve been looking for custom homes, Broken Arrow, and you stumble onto shaw homes.com, you’re going to be able to visit on our website, all the different communities that I’m going to talk about now in this one acre community. Um, I would say that we’re about one third sold out in there. Uh, they are moving pretty fast because you just can’t find any price that we’re offering there for the low two hundreds with a one acre home site included, plus a 15,000 incentive. There’s nobody that’s going to that deal in the state of Oklahoma other than Shaw homes clients.

So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you check out a. If you like that area, you’ll definitely go and check out Edmond new Homes states. Um, there’s a lot of restaurants nearby. The hard rock cafe is close by. There’s a golf courses or tail, uh, just a lot of Nice activities. You’re close to the lake. So you can go fishing, uh, if you live in I nola or you have no business ever wanting to live in, I know it’s right off of 2:44 and so you honestly can’t get a better place and you’re about, um, I had a lady check that was looking, she actually worked downtown and she didn’t realize it was actually seven minutes when she googled it to get from Moravia states to where she actually worked. So it’s not really far out there, but you do have all the city conveniences nearby, but you still feel like you’re, you know, have that country setting, quiet setting, uh, you know, nice schools where everybody knows each other.

Just a really nice tight knit community. So you’re going to want to check out review estates for sure. Now will also go a little closer into town. So if you, you go further south into the area, our next a custom homes, broken Arrow community, you’re going to find silverleaf. Now Silver Lake is a community where we build just Manchester homes. Uh, this style of home is very craftsman style. I would call it a kind of a mid town Tulsa. Look, they look like bungalows are super cute. They have a hardy siding on the outside of the home. We put brick Wayne’s cotting all around the base of it. Three foot up. You’ll always get full sod in that community. The community offers culdesac home sites, Edmond new Homes corner home sites. We have small home sites for people that want a small backyard and not a lot of maintenance.

We also have oversized home sites for people that want a really large home site. Not quite a half acre, but some of them are close. And Edmond new Homes, you can have greenbelt home sites right now. Um, you just have such a great variety. Now we opened half of that community up, uh, when we opened some silver leaf over the summer and we’re already almost three slash four sold out in that community. Um, we have about seven market ready homes that we’re building in there now. And the prices in that community are going to start around $160,000 and go on up. It’s going to include your home site now in that product. Because of the price, because they’ll start at one slash 60, they’ll top out around one eighties and that’s for our two story homes. Um, and so you, instead of the other incentives that we offer in our heritage and our signature series homes, this particular price range of the square footage is going to be 1200 square feet on up to about 1800 square feet in this price range from one sixties.

One eighties is going to, we’re going to pay $4,000 in your closing cost with one of our preferred lenders Edmond new Homes now, if you’re a real estate agent and you’re bringing buyers to us, we’re totally gonna honor whoever you have them qualified with, we would never take your buyers to go through the process with someone else. We’re going to honor it because we appreciate Your Business and we love working with real estate agents. So anyways, this Manchester series is going to be in silver leaf. It’s going to be in broken Arrow, located on 51st street in between county line road and 290 east avenue. It’s going to be on the north side of 51st street and as you pull in, we have to furnish models and we have one of each plan that we offer in there, which is six floor plans to choose from, one of each so you can walk through and see which one you liked the best and that way you’ll be able to see one place, pick out what you want and you’re done.

Now Edmond new Homes next summer we will have a swimming pool for that community, a private swimming pool in a private part, and it’s low wagner taxes and all the schools are right there within reach. You have an elementary that you could walk to school. It’s practically right next door. You have all the other stores located on the other school’s located on 51st street and then we have a new one that’s just annex with forest ridge, but the bus does run there. That one’s a little bit of a job, but you can always drop your kids off if you choose to drive them. It’s probably a five minute drive. Uh, if not, they can always jump on the bus that runs through the community. So really nice community, a lot to choose from there. Edmond new Homes You’ll still get our 10 year structural warranty on this product even though it’s, you know, 1200 square feet to about 1800 square feet in the sixties were still gonna honor our 10 year structural warranty, two years on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof.

So you just can’t find a better builder to give you such quality Edmond new Homes for the price and we just have no comparison and that Manchester product, you’re going to find everything that you want right there at your fingertips, if that’s the price range that you need at the end. Um, so we have a lot on the ground or you could just pick a plan and do your own selections. And we have tons of selections to choose from in that product line. Uh, we also have a south broken Arrow neighborhood. If you’re looking for bigsby custom home builders, we have a brand new community that we just opened up. It’s called Tucson village. We’re building two brand new models side by side. Edmond new Homes we have about seven market ready homes were built in just a sale and we have about a hundred and 25 home sites available, green belts.

It’s a beautiful wooded area and we will have a swimming pool and a park for that community as well. The pricing in there is going to start in the one eighties and it’s going to go up and top out and about two twenties to about two twenties. And that can be two story plans. We offer three car garages in that community. You can have oversized home sites called a satcom sites corners, green belts. It’s brand new. So first come first serve on that product, still our 10 year structural warranty. So broken Arrow custom builders. If you’re looking for custom broken arrow homes, you’re going to find [inaudible] dot com. So Edmond new Homes you’re going to find with shaw homes.com. So check out custom broken Arrow homes, shaw homes.com, the home of the 10 year structure warranty, 28 years in business. So custom broken Arrow homes are going to be where it’s at. [inaudible] dot com is going to be where you can find any of your broken Arrow communities we ever 20 to choose from and the price ranges are from one sixties all the way up to 400,000 plus. We also build off site or on your own land, so keep that in mind. So custom homes, broken Arrow show homes.com. Come check us out. We’d love to show you around.

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