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Edmond new Homes | Don’t Downsize

Edmond new Homes | the Big Idea

Hi, this is Brooklyn clues with Shaw homes today and today I’d like to talk to you a little bit more about some of the market ready homes that we have there. Move in ready homes and I’ve spoken to you about some of the homes we have available in the big ski area. Another, another couple of homes that we have available are we’re going to have one more in the Somerset neighborhood. Um, and is a big speed homebuilder. We know that it’s important for our clients to have homes that are in a neighborhood that is close to amenities that they enjoy as well as being within a school district that they require as well Edmond new Homes.

The last available home that I want to tell you about today in the Somerset neighborhood is going to be our Redford one. Each floor plan. Again, it’s a two story floor plan, four bedrooms, three bath with a three car garage. So I spoke to you about the Redford one, h what’s different about the Redford one? He is it as a four bedroom. So it’s going to be just one bedroom, smaller at 3000, 181 square feet. It is still a very spacious home. Um, if you’re looking to downsize a little bit or if you can have a growing family, four bedrooms and three baths is a great way to start. Our redford model has some really great points to it. I’m like I spoke about before that turned island design for that backyard view a little different than some of our floor plans. It really is able to, um, access good entertaining as well as keep an eye on those kiddos if you have some young kiddos that are going to be outside Edmond new Homes.


The redford floor plan also has the most kitchen cabinets of any of our floor plans. So you have plenty of storage for all of your, your kitchen, a large kitchen devices and pots and pans and things like that. Um, another great advantage to the Redford floor plan is going to be the unique hearth room design. I’m also, we have the, what we call our marriage saver master suite with his and her vanities and a his and hers closet. I’m so truly giving you an even amount of vanity space and closet space for the both of you as a big speed homebuilder we know that that’s something that’s very important to our clients Edmond new Homes.

Also in the summer set neighborhood. Um, I just wanted to point out again that the school districts you will be in will be north elementary just down the street and bixby middle school and big speed high school. So that wraps up the market ready or move in ready home in our summer set neighborhood. And the last move in ready home that we have in bixby is going to be an r seven lakes neighborhood. Um, and as a big ski homebuilder that’s one of our premier neighborhoods. Edmond new Homes, seven lakes, again, just located on 121st. And Sheridan. I’m in this neighborhood we have available are Wyndham one eye and this is our model home that we have here in this neighborhood. A beautifully decorated model home. It’s a little bit more spacious than the Redford one, he that I told you about earlier. Um, again, it’s a four bedroom, three bath, two story with a two car garage, but the square footage here is going to be 3,563.

So you are going to get, um, almost 400 square feet more than the Redford model. That’s because you are gaining a bonus room upstairs. So you’re going to have a bonus room as well as a game room up. So that is something that, especially if you have some younger kids or maybe you want to turn one of those rooms into a media room or a theater room. Edmond new Homes, it’s a great room for that. Now, some of the features that I want to point out in our Wyndham is going to be the size of the great room. It is huge if you are the type that really liked to unwind at the end of the day as a family and watch shows together, or if you’d like to entertain and just like to have some extra square footage in that great room of the Wyndham is a great option for you.

Um, it also offers a Butler’s pantry in that kitchen. Um, so you’ve got a good sized pantry as well as a Butler’s Pantry, you know, some people will use it for, um, possibly having their, uh, entertaining where there or some people even make a little coffee bar out of it. It’s kind of whatever you want to use, um, but it does feature that incredible Butler’s Pantry in the kitchen. It also offers a guest suite downstairs. So you’re going to find the master suite as well as the guest suite down. And then the additional two bedrooms up in this floor plan. You’ll also notice in this floor plan that the master closet is going to be a walkthrough. And that way you can access it right off of the, uh, laundry room, which you’ll get to from the hallway of the utility room off of the garage. That way in the mornings if you are getting ready, you can shut the door to the bathroom, get ready in the bathroom, change and the closet, and then walk out the back door. And the same at night as well. I’m coming home. Sometimes it’s, Edmond new Homes it’s easier walk through the closet, then the main room, especially if you’re wanting to change out of those work clothes.

Another thing that I wanted to mention in the Wyndham floor plan is just the, the open floor plan, um, that it, it allows, it allows you to really have a nice area to entertain Edmond new Homes

and it just has that openness from the large size of the great room as well as the good size knuck on that back into the kitchen. And then you’re also going to have a formal dining room here as well. Um, you didn’t find the formal dining room in the previous redford model that I mentioned earlier. So that’s another way you’re going to find that extra square footage there. Um, so you’re gonna have a full study and dining room and off of that dining room is where you’re going to access the Butler’s pantry into the kitchen. So you’ve got a couple different ways to cut into the kitchen, which is really helpful, especially if you like to have dinner parties and entertain or have family over during holidays and birthdays and that kind of thing. It’s a really, um, really great floor plan for that and we’ve found is at bixby homebuilder that that’s something that our clients really enjoy having. Edmond new Homes, it’s a great asset to have on a floor plan.


So I’ve told you about some of our models that we have available in the jinx area and the big ski areas. Well, um, I would also like to tell you that we have some more in, in our, in the Tulsa area as well. Now those are going to be our Manchester series homes. Those are going to be 18 or 1700 square feet and under. So we currently have a um, amber floor plan. It’s a three bed, two bath, one story home, um, 1700 square feet and it is currently priced at two, oh, six, seven, 69 and that is in the Crystal Creek neighborhood. And the next four homes are also going to be in the Crystal Creek neighborhood. We have an Ashton model which is 1,558 square feet. That’s also a three bedroom, two bath and is also a one story. And this one is a three car garage. The next one, Crystal Creek is going to be a bay would, it’s also a three two, but it is a two car garage and it is listed at one 79 seven slash 29. Uh, it’s again in the Crystal Creek area. So those school districts are going to be union, so it’s going to be Rosa parks elementary and then union, middle and high. We also have a Birkdale, um, again, it’s a three to it’s 1400, a little over 1400 square feet Edmond new Homes

as, as our Cambridge model, which is actually, I think that when maybe in the process of being sold, that is a very popular plan because it is a four bedroom, two bath, two car garage. Um, all of these homes are going to be listed at around a one slash 72, one 90 a. and like I said, they are in the Union neighborhood and as a big speed homebuilder we like to have homes that are all over the Greater Tulsa area. So that’s Greater Tulsa, big speed Chinks, a broken arrow as well. Edmond new Homes we find that that building homes all over, we really are able to give our, our clients the most variation of homes. And as a big speed homebuilder, we think that that’s one of the most important things to give variety and accessibility to our clients, which is why we like to offer these homes that are market ready, that are ready to move in. Just as soon as you are.

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