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March 20 podcast five, Matthew,

so at short homes we are always open to having customer feedback and, uh, today on the podcast, on a focus in, on what customers have to say and how our process is utilized through that as well. So, uh, people definitely look for Edmond New Homes and when they do, they definitely find shaw homes to be the most, uh, fulfill fulfillment of options and selections. And uh, we have really built that over the time being with all of our customers wanting to give us advice on what they like, what they want, what are they looking for in a home, regardless of the outside, exterior options, anterior options, et cetera. So Edmond New Homes we have developed a process around that and really hope to utilize all the customer feedback that we do receive and we do this specifically for a few reasons and that is a to have kind of a market study of who we are offering our homes to and who we build these homes for.

And, uh, honestly if we did not have that feedback, we probably wouldn’t sell many homes, but because we are the number one builder of most quality homes and Tulsa, uh, this comes directly from the fact that we ask our customers to give us feedback on what works, what doesn’t work, how designs flow and etc. When people look for custom homes, broken arrow, we understand that they’re looking for something special to them. And uh, We start this by introducing them to our model home tour in the model home tours essentially at the time where we will meet together at a set time that we have every weekend and we’ll go over the homes that we offer based on what they’re looking for and their criteria and their selection. So if they want one story, two story, etc. Edmond New Homes They want 200 to 2:50 as far as purchasing power or 300 to 3:50.

It doesn’t matter wherever you’re at a, we have the homes for you. And it’s just a matter of fulfilling that void with what we do here on our tours. So our tour starts typically in broken arrow or in jinx or bixby. I really depends on the day, depends on the new home specialist you’re with. And uh, the pattern, what’s your criteria is going to lay out for our tour now a lot of the times, the tours or multiple families, um, and this creates a, not only urgency, but it also creates an understanding of what type of generality people are out there searching for. And I know everyone has their own particular choices and what they’re wanting in a home. However, Edmond New Homes our selections of, um, you know, what people want in, in the scheme of things, this is what we offer so many options because it allows us the opportunity to really fulfill what people are wanting and what people are looking for.

Custom homes, broken Arrow, they could be looking for two stories. I’ll leave one stories only they can be looking for a particular neighborhood. But really until you’re onto where you don’t necessarily know exactly what you want because you haven’t seen everything you want. See, Edmond New Homes, you want to see the options, the floor plans. You want to see the locations where we build, where we don’t build, what can we do, what won’t we do, and this provides all the information necessary to really make your dreams become a reality and put you in the correct place that you’d like to be based on your budget and your criteria. So we always really encourage you to come onto to her and you can do this by going to any of our model homes that are surrounded in the tulsa area, a go speak to one of our new home sales managers and uh, they will, um, give you some opportunities, some times that work for you to come see what possibilities they may have and a look at the starting times for the tour so you and your family can go look and see which homes are most suitable for you.

Is tours typically last about 90 minutes or more. And it really is just a time where you can see all the flow of the design. We really focus in on the function behind the design of the floor plans and really don’t really work on time or price. What we work on is what you like about the home, what flow do you want, how room count, a location of rooms, the design of the home, and that’s really what we focus on. So we understand that when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, you’re looking for a very particular selection and maybe your open, maybe, maybe locations, what’s important to you in floor plans? Not we have more options for floor plans, for locations, for amenities that any builder in tulsa and we are the number one builder in tulsa, which provides you an awesome opportunity when you’re looking for custom homes Edmond New Homes to find exactly what you’re wanting and not really waste any time with many other builders.

So we offer this to you. I’m just free of chArge. Come on, come and enjoy our model. home tours with us. We do these um, every saturday, every sunday and every monday and sometimes particularly throughout the week depending on the situation, but we do do them every single weekend. Saturday, sunday, monday, saturdays in the summer hours here. We have now transitioned over. so now we’re at 10:00 on saturday mornings, 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM on sunday evenings and uh, about 6:00 PM on mondays as well, 5:30, just depends on the customer and the family is included on that tour. So, um, we, uh, do encourage you to come to our model home schedule that tour or you could go online and schedule it. Two are online as well through shaw homes.com and you can definitely check out, um, which two are time works best for you and really pick your own, Edmond New Homes pick your own placement and that will link you up with one of our sales managers to uh, walk you through all of our, all of our selections there of what we offer on tour.

We do hope that you find what you love and fun and you’re looking for. Edmond New Homes we here at shaw homes feel that we separate ourselves from other builders for many different reasons. And one of the reasons we do separate ourselves differently is the design factor is a big one. When you go into a lot of builders homes, uh, you might not have the high for it, but you may have the eye for it. It just depends on your experience of looking at homes. But, uh, when we walked through homes through other builders and just kind of look around and see what’s out there, um, in doing so there’s, you know, not everyone, but there’s a lot of times there’s very odd shaped rooms and very, um, line of sight issues and wall placements and sizes of openings and a lot of different things that are just kind of stand out to me personally.

and um, we here have found that the reason that is a lot of builders actually choose to build their homes based on their own designs. So they’ll actually designed the home themselves in their kitchen or at their office. And then once they think that design is adequate, then they hire a architect to finalize the plans. And that’s what the plant they start building. Um, now this isn’t necessarily an issue, however, the design is limited to that of the builder. Whereas here at shaw homes, we do have 10 builders that are staffed on our staff and they do a compile all of their ideas along with all the customer feedback we receive, as I was telling you earlier, to help design our plans to a better design, a more efficient design, a better flow, and really find out what customers truly want. And in doing so, this allows us to have the best designs, not only the best but the most options for floor plans and we do have 62 floor plans which is increasing evermore and we do have many more locations.

Twenty five plus locations that we built in actually pushing 30 now. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, we understand that you have many selections in many options. However, when you come to shaw homes, you get it all in one stop. Plus the professional design experience that we have compiled with all of our staff and all the customer feedback at a thousands of homes that we’ve sold. Not only that, but to top it off, our warranty is something that really stands out above and beyond other builders. 10 year structural warranty to your mechanical warranty and in one year everything warranty and we understand what you’re looking for. Custom homes, broken arrow, you’re looking for something that will last you because you’re going to be investing your hard earned money into this home. So in doing so, we have to make sure that you’re safe and happy with your home and that we do the best job we possibly can, and if there is something that comes up that we take care of it for you, our goal is to make sure that you’re a happy customer.

Our goal is to make sure you’re happy, Edmond New Homes homeowner that you have a fun time doing this when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, we understand that when you come on tour with us, you’re really looking for something specific. So that puts us into a place where we start to teach you and educate you about the privy knowledge that it takes to be an industry recognized, educated customer. To go around and see the other builders and understand that we are the best builder. So we do our best to educate you along on this tour to tell you about the construction process, to show you are beautiful homes and really just gives you an experience that you haven’t before with other builders. And this allows us to take you to our second step, which is called the price up, the price, the price is really where we’re going to get into all the, uh, no.

After the location and the floor planner kind of determined the price out to place where we can talk about what the price will be for you based on all the options that you put in the home or the additional features that you put in a home. Any custom changes, Edmond New Homes the teacher to the home. And this will help you see what your home will really look for. so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow, this is the place to show homes because what we do is we take you on the tour. Then we’ll go to price out and then we’d get a home Set reservation, which is where you choose your piece of land that you liked the home to be able to run, and then we’d go to a purchase agreement of purchase and once we finalize everything and then we move forward with the design process and building your home.

However, you won’t get this experience with anyone else, so nearly for Edmond New Homes, we understand that you can look elsewhere, but once you come onto her with us, you probably won’t end up doing that because we have everything under the sun here and all the resources and all the tools to help you sell your current home for as much money as possible, for as quickly as possible to help you build the most quality home for the best price. Edmond New Homes Give you exactly what you want in the land that you want more options in the builder and tulsa, so we encourage you to come and try this. Tumors out. You guys have a blessed day.

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