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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Everything We Offer

Edmond New Homes | Everything We Offer

so I’m gonna talk to you guys now about Shaw homes here and uh, something that we often have is how do we design our floor plans and we do have many floor plans and we designed them with multiple variables included and a as to why we developed these plans basically for the customer, from the customer input also our design team as well. And I’ll get into greater detail of this later on here, but if you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, you’ll find that we do have more options in any builder in Tulsa. And this allows us to obviously feed the general population of buyers in the most positive way and how we could possibly fulfill all of the variables that someone would require in a home. We have something for everyone. So this is important to notate. Um, when we’re starting our process here, show homes.

What we do with every customer is because we have more fully furnished and fully decorated model homes. Have any builder in the Tulsa area. We actually take every customer on what’s called a model home tour. Now with this model, home tours allows us to show you everything that we’ve designed, all the products that we offer as far as for plans go, and what would work well for you and your family. We’ve designed all these plants that we take you to anywhere from eight to 10, 12 of the homes. We have 14 fully furnished, fully decorated model home. So we take you to a large number of those and everything that pertains to your criteria and your budget in your price point. All Edmond New Homes of these different things that go into it so we can help mitigate the waste of time that you may find a with other builders searching around the Tulsa area, trying to find builders that would have a floor plan for you or you know, read through all the different homes that they have from a weeks, weeks of knocking on doors and walking in a.

whereas we show you everything we offer and about two hours. And we did these every weekend. Edmond New Homes, which allows you the time to have, to schedule it in. We can only take a limited number of people per tour. So this is a opportunity to where you can save your spot, otherwise it’s filled up and unfortunately he can’t come, but we always lived a happy and loved joined. Uh, if you can, and if that’s the case, we just didn’t know to save your spot. So when you go into any of our model homes, there’ll be a sales manager or a new home representative there for you to speak with. And during that time we can actually go ahead and schedule a time when she would turn it on one of those tours that we offer. But what’s that going to hurt your fonts and floor plans, but to, or a lot of people ask why we designed plant the way that we do and what have we placed in there that’s unique or different.

How do we come about our plan? That’s what we’ve been doing this for 33 years. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find that we have definitely take into consideration to everyone at the Tulsa area with all of their thoughts and ideas what they like. So Edmond New Homes when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find that we’ve taken our architects, which are house architects and I don’t think there are many other builders and if any other builders that have on staff, architects who worked for the company and are in staff on, in the office and they’ve actually developed the plans with tons of years of experience based on designing homes and whatnot. So we actually have 10 in house architects, um, and uh, all of our sales staff and everything that goes into it as well, along with all the customers over the thousands of years who have walked through our custom homes, broken Arrow and have actually seen our floor plans and given us some ideas as to what works and what doesn’t work.

And in doing so, it allows us to re, um, reschedule. And, and when it comes to the design process of our homes, we do take into consideration everything that customers tell us what works and what doesn’t work. So in many cases you’re seeing a second or third version of a home. And we’re on tour when we’re looking at our properties and looking at our homes and looking at our floor plans and uh, with the multiple different versions that we have, you’ve seen the most updated based on the pop and the trends and what customers have told us. Um, so there is a lot that goes into it when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find that. Edmond New Homes, we definitely have the design down pat, no wasted space, minimal hallways, and if we do have hallways and a couple of our floor plans, they’re utilized to the full potential of what that hallway can have.

Totally open concept on nearly all of our plans. One story, two story variants. We have 62 floor plans and always adding more. We’re always evolving to become a better company, to become a more solid company, become a company that will increase the happiness of a customer when they come into our home. From the point of meeting us to the point of closing on their home, we want to make sure that that process and that experience is just something they don’t receive anywhere else. Edmond New Homes Something they won’t receive anywhere else and we’re constantly striving to make that a better experience for people. So, uh, we work with realtors on a regular basis and uh, we encourage realtors to bring customers to us because what this allows to do is have the trustworthiness of the realtor with their relationship and rapport built with their customer along with our relationship and rapport built with a realtor a, and it’s just a divine setup really of all of the unions coming together, um, and friendships coming together.

That creates us an opportunity to where we can show you based on what the realtors told us in advance, have a lineup of all of the options that we could show. Plus we have move in ready homes as well. I’m 30 to 40 at any given time that are nearly complete or are completed and can be potentially built from the ground up anywhere in any of our neighborhoods in any of our selection. So we looking for custom homes, broken arrow. You will find that our designs are going to be the best out of all of the builders that you find. Now. Some people have more, uh, precise recommendations of what they want and have desires that in a home that we just don’t offer a is because we do fit the general population. We’ve designed all of our homes with our architects here. When you’re looking for custom homes, Edmond New Homes, you may be looking for a modern farmhouse or maybe a colonial style or something like this.

Just something one off. And what we’ve done is actually really designed all of our floor plans to meet the needs of a 100 percent of the people who walk through our doors. And here in Oklahoma, uh, what we face in broken Arrow and you’re looking for custom homes, broken arrow. People walk through our doors and we’ve designed our plans based on 33 years of experience and all of these customers, thousands of customers who have told us what works and what doesn’t work. And based on that, we’ve designed our floor plans because it’s essentially market research. If we design homes that people don’t like in this area, why would we be in business? We wouldn’t. So Edmond New Homes we designed homes and that’s why we’re number one builder. That’s why they’re the most awarded builder and that’s why we continue to strive to become the best and stay the best, stay on top of the hill and always supply to our customers what is needed most from them, uh, or for them from us.

And, uh, you know, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you can find that we definitely suit the pieces of the puzzle and we definitely encourage you to come see a tour with us. So anytime again, come see any new home specialist at any of our model homes in the Tulsa area, a broken arrow. We have many model homes, Brighton village, Highland Creek, seven South Ashbrook, you pick it, you name it will probably be there. Uh, we do have staffed hours to where you can always come in and see our design to see how we do this. Learning the process from any of our new home specialist that we have in the model homes at any given time. So Edmond New Homes we do encourage you to come and get a tour scheduled with one of our sales managers. So we highly encourage you to do that. And we thank you for, uh, taking the time to ask us independent questions which come up and I’m like the design process of a home in elevation when it comes to elevations, for example.

Uh, we do have multiple elevations throughout all of the segments of homes that we have for, but in the signature heritage series, just being more precise on this note, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find that for us, our elevations are one or two different versions for each individual floor plan and typically one. But what’s the great thing of elevation. It’s really about the materials that are used. However you can alter and change those materials if you like, as far as our price out goes and picking out your selections in the home, which again are elevations one elevation. But really what it’s focused on is the shape of the home, not so much the materials on the home. So those do have the possibility to be changed and altered. So keep that in mind. It’s something where a lot of people are considered, um, you know, one opt in, they don’t have many options, but you can completely customize all of that if you like. So, oh, we hope that you had a wonderful time reading this and listening to this and I’m getting information that you could. If you could design questions, please just ask further. Any of our sales manager, any of our homes. Again, when you’re searching for Edmond New Homes you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, you’re going to find the show homes is the winter. Thank you so much.

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