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Edmond new Homes | Finding the school system

Edmond new Homes | a lot of space available

Hi, this is Brooklyn clues with Shaw homes. Just wanted to talk to you a little bit today about some of the available homes that we have in the big ski area. Um, ms.one of the topics be homebuilders here at Shaw. Uh, we know that it’s important to our clients to, to have some homes that are already available. Um, and I talked to you a little bit before about some of the homes that we had that were a big ski school district, but we’re jinx neighborhood now. Edmond new Homes I’d like to talk to you about five of the available homes that we have actually that are in the city of bixby now. These are going to be, um, to have, these are central bixby and or three of these are central bixby and two of these or South Bixby, um, to have the available homes that we have in bixby are going to be in that Somerset neighborhood.

So that’s around 121st and Sheridan. Um, so you’re right by the north elementary school there. I’m right between Sheridan Memorial and 121st. Um, so it’s a really convenient location, right where, um, we’re riverside kind of turns into it there. Um, it’s a really, really nice centrally located. Edmond new Homes, so the, the two homes that we have there, they’re both a little different. So I’m going to tell you first about the, um, the first time that we have. It’s a beautiful three bedroom, two bathroom. It is our Monterey one floor plan. It is a single story. Um, it is currently priced at 3:39 nine, which is a great price for that neighborhood and that size home you’re getting 2,419 square feet with that Monterey one. Um, and like I said, it is a one story, but it is a three car garage, so you’re getting a lot of, a lot of space there. Some of the, the highlights and our Monterrey floor plan is that it has some of the most private bathrooms have any of our floor plans. And what I mean by that is they are just offset and in the way that,

um, that they’re not. Edmond new Homes, they’re not really, I mean they’re, they’re easy to access so they are, they’re easily accessible, um, but they are a little bit more private than some of the other floor plan. So like for instance, that second bath, it’s going to be shared between the second and third bedroom. Um, you’re going to actually walk, it’s the entrance is off of a hallway, off of the great room, um, so it’s not just located off the great room, if that makes sense. Edmond new Homes, the master bedroom, again, you’re going to, um, you’re going to access the master bedroom, you’re going to walk down to hallways, um, and then the master bath will be right off of that bedroom and then walk you right into the master closet and then into the laundry and the is right off of the garage as well. So really easy access once you’re coming home at night or leaving in the morning. That way you don’t have to go through the rest of the house. You can just, you know, once you come in you can take your shoes off and change your clothes and you’re right there in the master closet. So it’s really, really easily accessible.


another great feature with this home is that powder bath, uh, so your, your guests aren’t going to be using the kiddos bathroom or your bathroom and the map her bedroom. So that’s a really great feature with this home as well.

Edmond new Homes, another, another great feature to the Monterey is gonna be that master sitting area. It’s a really, really awesome feature that we have a right off of the master bedroom. You could actually chew, there is a study with this home, but if you wanted to add an additional desk in that master bedroom, you’ve got plenty of space for it or you could throw in a couple of chairs and um, and have a nice little sitting area. Like I mentioned, it’s a really great feature there with that Monterey. Now the second home that we have in the Somerset neighborhood is going to be our Redford a, we actually call it a one h. um, it is a two story home. It’s going to be significantly bigger. So it is 3,366 square feet. And that is actually our model home in that neighborhood. So if you’ve been on our home to our, um, I’m sure you’ve seen it there in that summer, set a neighborhood. Edmond new Homes It is a beautiful, beautiful model home. It’s brand new. It features five bedrooms, three bathrooms, uh, like I said, it is a two story and it does have a third and it does have a three car garage. So just like that.


just like that. Monterrey, it’s going to be in the same neighborhood. So you’re both going to be at north elementary school, which is just right down the street, a bixby middle school and big speed high school. And also what you’re going to notice in the red for one h, like I said, it is, um, you know, it’s a, it’s a large, it’s a large helmets, five bedrooms, and you are going to notice that it does have a little bit larger of Inuk, um, that Nerc is, you know, we made it so that you are able to seat comfortably. You can seat eight around a dining room table there in the duck. And then comfortably sit for at the island because it is a large island and it does face the back of the house, um, which is a little different than some of our models that were the, Edmond new Homes, the island does face the, the great room. Um, so what’s awesome there is when you’re entertaining and you’re in the kitchen, you’re able to connect and talk to your guests just as easily as you would be if you were sitting in the sitting in the nook with them. Edmond new Homes, so we think that that’s really, really helpful. Um, and it, it’s a really big asset for this home. We find that a lot of our clients have told us that when they’re entertaining, it’s super helpful for them to be able to, um, obviously to hang out and be a part of the conversation. Um, so this, this summer set model, um, the Redford I believe is really, really beautiful if you’re looking for a home that is just ready to go with, um, with all the bells and whistles. It’s beautifully designed. We have our, our master designers build these homes and um,

and build these homes with us and as a big speed homebuilder we know that it’s really important and a lot of our clients and really find the importance in the design element and that’s something that we at shaw homes really, really like to focus on. Um, another great feature is it big speed homebuilder, Edmond new Homes, are some of the homes that we have in our south bixby area. Um, so that’s going to be at estates of the river. Um, estates of the river is just down the street from our somerset community and we have a monroe one. He that is available there. It is 3074 square feet. It is a four bedroom, three bath. Again, this is a two story and it does feature a three car garage as well. Um, the school districts for estates at the rubber you’re going to have to elementary, so it’s northeast elementary and intermediate elementary. So you’ve got both of those there as well as Bixby, middle and bixby high, just like Somerset.

Some of the great features of the Monroe are, I’m going to be just how versatile this a floor plan is. It also features the largest great room of any of our models. Um, and that’s where we find that a lot of our clients spend the most time and is a big speed homebuilder we really liked to listen to our clients and provide them with a layout that really makes sense for them. Um, we’re also going to feature the largest outdoor living space. Um, it’s going to be the largest covered outdoor area that we feature and one of the largest that we’ve even seen. Edmond new Homes, and is it big speed homebuilder we know that that’s really important to our clients as well. We also offer the largest master vanity space with them in row. So you’re seeing the largest great room, largest outdoor living space and largest master vanity space.

Um, so we’ve really maximized. I’m on all of those things to give our clients exactly what they are telling us that they, um, and in that community we find that, um, that we sell them in rows so well because we do have a model in that neighborhood as well. This actually is not our model. This is a, um, this is a little bit smaller than our model. You’re not going to find the additional bonus room upstairs that you would in the model. Um, so it’s gonna leave you at 3074 square feet. So you’re still looking at a very, very sizable home, um, and that one is ready to go. So if you are ready to move in, we would love to show you that floor plan. Um, it’s a really, really beautiful option. And like I said, Edmond new Homes it isn’t estates of the river, so that’s just down the street off 121st. I’m right off of Sheridan as well, really easily accessible from riverside because it just turns into it right there as if you just are driving south down riverside. You’ll run straight into it on the right side. It’s a really beautiful community and there are lots of home sites left, but this monroe one, he that’s ready to go. Um, it is. It’s ready to be lived in. It’s a beautiful home and we’d hope that you’d come check it out.

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