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Edmond new Homes | For Sale Homes

Edmond new Homes | For Sale Homes

Edmond new Homes is a very important part of what we do here at Shaw homes when we do our model home tour, one of the important parts of seeing all of the neighborhoods and the model homes are so that you can see all of the different variations and ways that we can build custom homes in broken arrow. So you want to see all of the different layouts that are possible because even though you may see a certain floor plan, there are several different ways that that floor plan can be built. For instance, Edmond new Homes, I’ve discussed the Addison, the Prescott and the Parkwood, the Greenville and the Stonebrook, but there are several of our floor plans that can be built. One of the next homes that you will be seeing on our home tour at shaw homes will be the Monroe floorplan. And this whole floor plan can be built 15 different ways. So there are three different versions of this floor plan and five different ways that that version can be built with a total of 15 different ways that you can see this floor plan. Now the next, the next home that you’re going to be seeing here, um, during this,

during this tour is going to be the Monterey. Now the Monterey is actually a home that we do have for sale currently and because we’re in the process of building a new Monterey model in one of our new neighborhoods and chinks and, but this one will be in the village at southern trials and broken arrow.


Um, this Monterey offers, um,

offers a really unique floor plan. You’ve got a nice landing upstairs, which is going to be a little different than the way that most are upstairs are going to be laid out. Um, there aren’t very many hallways or landings. I’m on the second floor is of most of our homes. The Monterrey being the exception. It is going to be a little bit different. Now, this Monterey, um, that you will see in the village at southern trails, um, is going to be our Monterey one Edmond new Homes, the Monterey, one h features a game room, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor

for custom homes, burke and era. This is a really unique design, um, because like I said, there is a really nice landing. Once you get to top of the stairs on the outside of that game room, you’re also going to have a hallway that reaches those two bedrooms, and then you’re going to have a hall bath up there as well. You’re also going to have, I’m kind of a Juliet balcony there, that’s going to be open below to that first floor. Another unique feature of the Monterrey is the way that the, um, the master closet feeds into the master bath, into the master bedroom, um, from the laundry, which is off the garage. Um, you’re gonna see the same layout that you saw in the Greenville and the stone brook. So those are going to go all the way through. That’s kind of a unique design. You’ll also see more of a hallway coming from the master bedroom as well. Edmond new Homes, this floor plan definitely offers a few more hallways than a lot of our floor plans. Something that you’ll notice coming from the stone Bro, is you weren’t seeing a lot of hallways and we were really taking advantage of all of this square feet

in that particular layout so that, that way you’re getting the most use out of every square foot in that home. I’m with custom homes, broken Arrow at shaw homes. Um, we know that it’s important to offer different things for different people. I’m not, everybody enjoys the use of, you know, using every square footage. Um, it’s nice for. It’s nice for us in custom homes, broken Arrow to offer a variety and there’s also going to be a powder bath downstairs, um, as well as a, as a secondary bath for that secondary bedroom. Um, so you are going to have a, a bedroom or a bathroom off of the bedroom and that bathroom is not accessible through the hall. It’s only accessible to that second bedroom and the powder bath is going to be what’s used for guests. Um, so this Monterey, one h that you will see on the tour is a true four bedroom, three and a half bath. Edmond new Homes, it definitely offers more bathroom, four bedroom space here, um, that is really gonna make a difference for someone that is really wanting a name,


a powder bath for their desks. They’re not wanting a bathroom that’s going to be used by maybe let’s say a kid. Um, and so with custom homes, broken Arrow, that’s going to be something that is super helpful. Um, it’s gonna be something that you’re gonna that you’re going to see all the options for. I’m in that same neighborhood. There’s actually a monroe too that you’re going to see on the tour. Um, but still talking about the Monterey, I wanted them to say a couple more things that, that you’re going to see here. The Monterey offers the most private bedrooms. Um, it also features a powder bath and it does have a two story in law suite which is going to be extremely unique to this floor plan only. Edmond new Homes, and then it has a master’s seating sitting area. The master sitting area we were able to do because of the size of the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is going to be 13, 13 feet, seven inches by 21 feet, five inches. So it’s going to be a huge master bedroom. Um, I think that’s something that’s a really unique to, um, to this Monterey as well. Um, like I said, you’re also going to be seeing a monroe when you go on this. Uh, this tour Roe is going several. There are several ways we can do them in a row. They’re actually couple Monroe’s you can see on your tour, Edmond new Homes, the monroe that is going to be in the same neighborhood as the Monterrey is the main road. Two, two is a very popular mineral floor plan and it offers a dining room instead of the study. And there monroe one offers a dining room and a steady. Now I have seen some people use the dining room as a study instead because maybe they would need more access to a steady rather than a dining room, a custom homes broken arrow.

They actually, that’s one of the more important things for a lot of our builders to see a lot of variety. Um, and that’s why we offer a lot of the variety with them in Rome. Um, there are actually three Monroe’s that you can see when you are doing the home tour. One of them in rows in the big ski area, Edmond new Homes, is actually going to be a five bedroom with a bathroom upstairs, a game room upstairs, and a bonus room upstairs. The bonus room, um, can be added on the Monroe or taken away just to kind of, depending on what your, um, what you are looking for. But the biggest difference with the Monroe is going to be the addition of that study. And the other thing that’s going to change on some of those floor plans are going to be the location of the second bath and the laundry. And then Monroe to the lawn tree is going to be right off the master closet. And right off the hallway that goes into the great room. Um, when you step out of your garage are actually going to be in your utility room. And then just to the left of the utility room is going to be that second bath.

Edmond new Homes, in custom homes, broken Arrow, we are able to switch those two, um, and do a different floor plan where you will actually walk into that laundry room off of the garage and instead of being able to walk through the master closet into the lawn tree, I’m, your master closet will actually be walled off and no old laundry will be worthy. Second bathroom is so you will have a true second bath. I’m right off of that hallway for guests that are maybe being entertained in the great room. Um, so that’s something that’s super unique to those floor plans. Something else that is, um, you know, can be changed with the Monroe floor plan. Is it really just the amount of rooms that you would like to have upstairs.

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