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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Full Size Solutions

Edmond New Homes | Family Sized Solutions

As a big home builder here in Beautiful Yorktown, we also want to bring you the best value for your home buying dollar and we can knock it out of the park for you. With our stone brick floor plans are virtually. We actually have several, well two Stoneberg verb floor plans that are available here in Yorktown as well as our two ventanas that are available here in Yorktown and our beautiful park woods and notting hills. If you’re looking for value in the big speed school district and a family friendly neighborhood like Yorktown, which is amazing with all the toys we have. Got a community pool. We have got a splash pad. We have got a full sized soccer field, which you can find impromptu neighborhood games getting kicked off over there all the time when the weather’s pretty. It’s gorgeous and fun and lots of family fund and there’s also a full sized basketball court, Edmond New Homes a playground, and I’m miles and miles and miles of paved, jogging, biking, hiking trails right here in family friendly Yorktown.

So if you’re looking for a place to step up from Churchill parked down the road or some of the other neighborhoods and want to stay in the big city school district in Yorktown is the place for you, um, are Ventana q is 2,595 square feet and it starts in Yorktown at only $316,500. Now, as a bixby home builder, Edmond New Homes that is the greatest value you’re going to find for a home in the big city school district, just anywhere, anywhere at all. And um, our Ventana q is, by the way. Adorable. It’s gorgeous. The model here in Yorktown is the Ventana queue so you can come out and see it. We are here in the model Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11 to five. And then we’re typically closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except I’m here a lot on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well. And of course you can see this model by appointment anytime by calling nine, one eight, seven, two, four, two, two eight, zero.

And I am shall home sales manager real tour. Candice met her and I’d be glad to show you the Ventana model home anytime, as well as any of our other floor plans and model homes that can be built in. Beautiful Yorktown. So let me tell you again about the Ventana q. it’s only just 200 2,600 square feet, but by Golly, it feels just a whole lot bigger than that. It really, really does because it is so smartly designed. I mean the Ventana q, a doesn’t have a lot of wasted hallway space. I always say that hallway space is the most expensive space in the home because you’re not living in it. You’re just traveling in it and in the Ventana when you walk in from the back, from the garage door, Edmond New Homes you’re walking into a short hallway that leads to the second bedroom downstairs and it also leads into the back way to the master, a utility room, master bathroom and master closet, but just a few more steps and you’re in your kitchen unloading groceries right here on the big beautiful island and the pantry.

Oh my gosh. The pantry. You just won’t believe the size of it. It is huge and there’s lots of Nice cabinet space in the Ventana as well as a big home builder. We know that families need lots of space and the Ventana delivers, especially in the space of the great room because the great room is huge. It could easily accommodate to two full size sofas and additional chairs and besides that there’s a lot of space between where the great room and the edge of the island begins because when you entertain, as everybody knows, Edmond New Homes they all gather right there in front of your island and watch you cook and clean. They ventana has to excuse me for a very large windows in the great room that overlooks the covered patio and the open part of the patio as well as of course, you’re beautiful backyard, so lots and lots of space here in the Ventana for families.

The master bedroom is certainly big enough to accommodate a king size bed as well as a full six foot soaker tub and a big large five foot master shower. Edmond New Homes, then the master bedroom walks from the master bedroom area into the master bathroom area, into the master closet. And then into the utility room, which is such a popular trend these days. Lots of people want that utility room really, really, really close to the master. Then there’s a really nice hall bathroom and second bedroom downstairs right off of your master so that second bedroom downstairs makes for a perfect location for a nursery so that mom and dad can get to the baby quickly when he calls out or she calls out the middle of the night, I’m just right through their utility room. That’s off their master into that second downstairs bedroom. So, and then later when the child gets a little older and goes upstairs in that room, can be turned into a flex room, a craft room, a sewing room, a, um, an, a guest bedroom, a exercise room, all kinds of things because it’s pretty close to the master course.

You close that door and it becomes private. Um, it becomes a private bedroom with its own bathroom just right down the hall. So I was a big speed home builder. We like to offer you much a, lots of different functions for the home, a lot of different designs. And you just cannot beat the price on the Ventana cue. We’re also the only builder in the Greater Tulsa area here at Shaw homes that offers you a second year warranty on all of your, uh, mechanicals, your electrical plumbing, Edmond New Homes, warranties. And then we offer you a 10 year structural warranty that’s actually backed by liberty mutual. So, uh, there’s not a builder in the area that can beat me price wise, warranty wise, uh, all the different types of floor plans that we offer as well as, um, all of the value that you get for your home buying dollar.

And, um, I would love for you to come out to the Yorktown model and see me sometime. It’s a located at one, two, eight. Oh, one south date street. So if you’re going west on the creek turnpike and you pull a, you go down to 128 threats street south, then you pull into your town. I am going to be located are our Ventana model is located right here at the corner of date street when you pull in 128. And, uh, so it’s going to be the first righthand turn that you can make and I am here most days, um, and certainly available by phone to schedule appointments at any time at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero. Again, my name is candice matter and I have worked for Shaw homes for nearly 12 years. Edmond New Homes Been in the business actually for about 16 years.

So, um, if I don’t know how to help you, I certainly know the cell phone number of the guy who can help you. And um, I’d be honored to help you and your family. Find a beautiful new place to live as a bixby home builder. Edmond New Homes We love to offer the best neighborhoods. And here in Yorktown you just can’t beat us for toys, for the Kiddos, for outdoor living, for the family. This is certainly the place to be. We love your town. We love big speech schools. It is a jinx address. So you have close access to all that jenks has to offer with the antique shopping. I’m the entertainment venues. The, um, you know, the creek turnpike is just right there. So you are close to really anything in the world that you want to get to in South Tulsa. Jenks heck, Edmond New Homes you can be at the airport and less than 20 minutes, probably maybe a couple minutes. Any shopping there in Tulsa hills area on south highway 75. Just a couple of minutes over there. So as a big home builder, we have the most popular neighborhoods and most popular floor plans. And we would love for you to come out and see us here at Shaw homes.

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