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Edmond New Homes | Going Through The Process

Edmond New Homes | Talking It All Out

So what I want to talk to you guys today about is a bill process, the build time and um, mainly whether and how it affects the home. So what I would encourage you guys is when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes to first off, try shaw homes because what we do offer is better than anybody else as far as the process and the ease of entrance to understand what the process will be like. A lot of builders, what will occur guys is you will sit down with the builder, you’ll deliver floor plans, and you’ll walk out not knowing, not the next step is you’ll not know what all the details are and essentially you’ll be information a dry. You won’t have the information knowledgeable enough to move forward to the next step or understand what the next step is and it’ll always be a slight chance of concern because you’re not fully aware of where the next step is heading and where you’re taking you on the process to build your home.

So what we’ve done here at shaw homes, when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, you can find that we have actually designed our process in place of what usually works for most builders, but not efficiently, is that we’ve started a process from model home tour to price out to homesite reservation to purchase agreement, to design studio to construction phase to moving into your home. This is going to allow you a step by step process to be with us on this journey. Have Fun while designing your home. So when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow today, what I want to discuss to you about is about the weather and how it can affect the home and how can it happen? Well, here in Oklahoma you know that we have four seasons every day and when we do have this, there’s no telling what could occur to the home.

So as we go through the process, so you’ve picked a floor plan of the model to her and you’ve loved what you’ve found. It’s the Redford or is the monroe or the stonebrook or what have you. You choose that floor plan for you. And your family and when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, there are a lot of things to choose from. A lot of different builders out there. We have many builders and Tulsa and broken Arrow area, but when you found us, you go through our home tour and you find that perfect floor plan for you. Then we’ll go to price out and we pick out all the selections for you. Have made options that could be suitable for you in your home to get the exact price point. Once we have all that price point information, you literally have an itemized list of what each option costs.

That way you can make an informed decision to remove or add something else that you want or something on there that you had. Say you had wood floors and you want to make it tile. Well, you know the price and you know the difference and we just edit that for you in our live software and you immediately have a response right then and there that we can tell you what the cost differences and how it changed your overall pricing. But let’s say you go through that process, you love everything there. You go into design studio, Edmond New Homes you’ve picked all the final colors, you’ve picked your home site, and now we’ve got a purchase agreement. Once you’re in purchase agreement, you’re in design studio and then after design studio we break ground on your home. Well, what happens when weather comes along here in Tulsa, obviously have tornadoes, you have hail, we have snow, we have rain, we have dry, we have humid, we have heat.

All of these different factors that can come into play. Really the only thing that really does edit us and make ours, our timeframe changes. A couple of things. One snow and two is water. I’m obviously any critical situation such as tornadoes and whatnot. Most of our laborers will work right through that because they do have deadlines to hit, but they are fairly fine with that. They don’t get scared away too easily once we have tornadoes and things of that nature. Storms are a different story because when it comes to storms, obviously it depends on which stage the house is on. Edmond New Homes, but when we have foundations that have to dry, we have electric, you know, lumber, roofing, all these different things have to have certain timeframes in between them and we always keep a slight gap in between trades just because of cleanup and finalization and overall a finishing of work to be done in the home.

So when you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, you know, the big question that we find here at shaw homes, and it’s how long is my home take to finish the build? How long does it take you guys to build a home? Well, I can tell you from the time that we get started, uh, in the process that we meet you first hand first and we shake hands and we start going through the model to are we scheduled a time and all of this in that time that can take anywhere. It’s up to really the customer and the sales associate. So you could say a week to two, three, four, five weeks, whatever that takes. Once we solidify on a purchase agreement and we move forward with this is the home that you want to be building with these options inside, we go to the design studio, the design studio typically in our way that we’re supposed to have it done.

The way that we would like the customer to enjoy the process is about three weeks, so the first week you have a meeting that is actually a interior selection to finalization of all the colors and stains. Edmond New Homes A week later you have another two hour appointment for the exterior choices and a week final after that is going to be the last stage where you’re sending off and agreeing to everything that you’ve chosen. Now some people have a longer choice, a longer time to make decisions and and you know they have a paradox of choice and there’s so many options and this and that and they just take too long and some people stay in their 60, 90 days, a hundred and 20 days. That’s just getting a little too far for us. We try to limit it at about 30 days honestly, but if it goes to 60 or 90, that is totally on the customer and we cannot edit or change our time because we can’t do anything until you’ve signed off on all the options.

We should have plans approved by that time and we should have everything ready to go. So as soon as you finalize the design studio here with Shaw homes, when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow now is the big question. When is the home it’d be built? Well, from the time that we break ground on your home, meaning that we put a Porta potty out there and have a pad going down. It’s going gonna be five to six months. Edmond New Homes. This is all dependent upon supplies upon ordering upon, you know, international affairs. Everything is always a variable in this industry. However, when it comes to whether this is the big one, because if we get 40 days of straight rain, we can’t pour a foundation because we have to wait to the, to the, uh, ground solidifies. And then once it solidifies or stops raining, let me put that now, once it stops raining, we have to wait till the ground solidifies.

Once the ground hardens, than we have to put down a foundation and footing and all that. Once that occurs, then we have to have another or so of waiting for it to dry fully and then we start building on the home and we’d go on as a process normally. But let’s say halfway through your home, it starts to pour down rain and it gets incredibly messy and all this stuff, well, your roof should already be so shouldn’t have much to worry about. When you’re looking for Edmond New Homes, this can always be a concern because as far as customers, when we come into a place as a customer, we may not know the process. We might not know how a home is built and if you don’t know how homes built and what can you do about it. You have to kind of understand, well, this is the process, but with us here at Shaw homes, we’ve developed a way to create your expectations appropriately to where, you know, what the next step is.

He knew how the home will be built and because of that, Edmond New Homes, you always have direct communication with the construction manager who is onsite with your home, uh, every week and can inform you on what the next stages are and what the next steps are. And we have processes in place to make sure that’s being done on the construction manager’s side to have constant communication with you and updating you with what the home will be doing every week and month as your home is being built. So if there are, let’s say a hurricane hits a facility that we source all of our lumber from a in Florida or let’s say we get our installation from a certain place and something happens, well this could delay some of the things that we offer and what we do in our process. But typically it doesn’t because we’re such a large company, we have bulk buying and power.

Uh, so when you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, typically you’ll find a lot of builders who build one to five, 10 homes a year, and if something like that occurs that most likely it will detrimentally hurt their business and the time it takes to build your home for them, them, Edmond New Homes, with us, however, it won’t delay us because we have so much supplies and we’ve ordered in bulk so often and we’ve ordered what we need that it makes the process to where we don’t have any gaps or stays. Now, I’m not saying this couldn’t happen, I’m just saying that it’s a possibility that others could have it happen and with us, um, it’s much more likely to not happen. So we’d be looking for custom homes, broken arrow, understand that the weather does have a part to play and it depends on which stage your home is built.

Let’s say it’s constantly raining, pouring down for 30 days and we’re trying to put it in salt on your house. Obviously we’re going to have issues doing that. Uh, let’s say we’re trying to, um, you know, take a tractor in there and grade your home appropriately. Well, again, we’re going to have troubles if we can’t get around in the, in the soil and whatnot. So there are natural causes that can delay builds, but typically no issues there are five to six months. We typically don’t have anything. We don’t stop in the winter. Snow, Snow doesn’t stop us. Winter doesn’t stop us. We build year round, but the big thing, a lot of people, curiosity is Edmond New Homes is going to be a offsite builds, so offsite build you can typically add a month or so, so seven to eight months typically add a month, uh, and that will give you the finalization of what we’re going to off do from a, in a community of our five to six months and an offsite build of land of your own about seven to eight months.

So we looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, make sure you check out, show homes. We do have more options that any builder in Tulsa and in doing so, it allows us the opportunity to serve you appropriately with our. We look forward to building your new home with you guys. Edmond New Homes, again, check us out here at Shaw homes. We are custom home broken Arrow, best builder you’re going to find out here at shaw homes. We have a process that no one else can beat. And uh, we do have all the options for you when it comes to timeframe where efficient, uh, we built more homes, will quality homes than any builder and toolset and doing so. It allows us to make sure we’re always on point. We always have a process and our process has always meant so we hope you guys are blessed and we’ll see you next time.

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