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Edmond New Homes | Highland Creek

Edmond New Homes | big communities

Edmond New Homes Sha homes, we built custom homes and broken Arrow and we have several great broken Arrow neighborhoods I’d like to tell you about today. I’m starting with Ashbrook Ashbrook. I’m has home starting in the mid 200, has a square foot range of 1,802 square feet to 3,712 square feet. Ashbrook, if you’re familiar with broken Arrow, was not too far from Forest Ridge, that beautiful master plan community, which is also one of our big communities. Um, forest ridge is amazing. They have all kinds of amenities. They have an Olympic size swimming pool. They have six tennis courts, they have golf, of course I’m world class golf and um, they have miles and miles of paved Bogut, biking, jogging, hiking trails that run all around the beautiful grounds of forest ridge through the different master planned community neighborhoods. By what I mean by master planned is there are several different neighborhoods within the one community. So you have homes in the Highlands, for instance, uh, the highlands of Forest Ridge starting at about 280,000 going all the way up to our beautiful, Edmond New Homes, well stone community where the hopes typically record around 3:50 to 500 to 700,000. But my goodness, where else can you live and get a home that backs to golf course or backs to a pond or backs to a green belt? It is simply simply gorgeous

forestry Jeevan has its own elementary school right there on a property as well as its own restaurant. With Savannah’s. I’m at Shaw homes. Edmond New Homes We build custom homes and broken Arrow and we would like to offer our clients the very best. And of course forest ridge is just, well, they really got it going on. I always say living at forest ridge would be kind of like living in Disney world, you know, how a few accidentally spill ice cream cone or a pop or something like that at Disney world. How people just workers just run out and scoop it out and clean it up and just almost immediately as if it never happened. Well, that’s how it is at Forest Ridge. Also as a custom homes broken Arrow builder, we offer homes in our beautiful Brighton village, um, Brighton village, homestart in the low two hundreds. Um, it’s located on the north side of 121st street in actually wagoner county. It’s just between Lynn Lane and county line. But if you take the turnpike

and take that county line, exit me and pitch you just right there at Brighton village and Brighton village still has some beautiful home sites. Slipped and um, they have, uh, a community pool as well as a little covered, a shaded area where you can get underneath the Cabana there at that community pool, a homestart in the low two hundreds. And, Edmond New Homes, I would invite you to look at Brighton village or for storage or Ashbrook. I’m also in a broken arrow. We have homes in the neighborhood called Highland Creek, which is actually just south of forest ridge. It’s real close to Forest Ridge, nice sized lot. That neighborhood has a lot of great amenities to it with a, with a, a, a, a playground and a soccer field. Basketball Court. Just lots of fun toys for the kids there. So to get there you would take the broken air express way highway 51 south towards Colita and after you pass the exit for Kenosha, which is 71st, you take the next exit 51 to stay on 51 for almost three and a half miles. And then turn right on Evans road. Highland creek is about a mile down on the left and you will see the shaw home signs

as you get a closer to the community. Homes in Highland Creek. Start in the low two hundreds and, um, have a pretty good square foot range as well. Also as a builder in Baroque and Arrow, we have homes in millicent pond. I’m Melissa Pond is actually union schools, but a milsap pond is a great community. It’s um, Edmond New Homes, homes in the high, 200 starting there. Uh, the Minimum Square foot range is 24. Oh four. And um, it’s just a really beautiful community. It’s located on the east side of 129th street, which is olive and broken arrow. And then it runs between 80 and 91st street. It does have a cute little, a volleyball ball court in the middle of the neighborhood as well as pond backing home site. So it’s a great neighborhood for families, um,

to um, to live in as custom homes. Broken Arrow builder. Um, I’ll just tell you to get to millicent pond, you take Tulsa highway, one 69 south to 81st street turn left on the ramp to 81st street, drive one point six miles to south, 129th street, which is olive in broken arrow. And then turn Rhett Right Melyssa pond is your first community on the left and you enter on West Jackson Street. Not a whole lot of home sites left in beautiful millicent pond. But, Edmond New Homes, if you want to get into a great neighborhood, kind of in the heart of South Tulsa, broken Arrow area, a milsap pond might just be the place for you to hop on in there. I’m also in broken Arrow as a customer homes broken Arrow builder. We offer rush Brooke North. Now Rush. Brit north is one of those neighborhoods where you can actually still get green belt a backing, lots and lots that back to creeks and reveal and um, it’s located right off of 129th, about halfway between a 91st and 101st. So it’s a great community. Big mature trees everywhere.


homes start in the high two hundreds. And actually right now a shaw homes has a $15,000 incentive that we’re offering to the next five people who want to build in rush brooks. So, um, you can give us a call at nine, one eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero. And as a custom homes broken Arrow builder, I would love to visit with you about that. I’m at Shaw homes. We’d like to offer as many neighborhoods as we can to our clients so that we’re something for everybody’s needs and wants. Edmond New Homes also as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we have our beautiful sevenoaks south 76 south home. Started the load to forties with a square foot range of 18. Oh, two to 37, 12, seven slash south is a great neighborhood. It’s located on the south side of 101st street and it’s between Lynn Lane and county line, so it’s got great access to the creek turnpike.

You pretty close to anywhere in the Greater Tulsa area. You would want to be in a pretty big hurry. There’s also a beautiful community pool and clubhouse there. It’s great for families. There are a home sites that back to a unplatted land which is privately held land. Um, so it’s the closest thing to live in on the green belt that you can get these days. There’s also pond lots and lots of beautiful homes to choose from in seven oaks out there. Still some great home sites left that I would love for you and your family to be able to take advantage of. Edmond New Homes So you can just give us a call at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero things.

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