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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Incredible Homes For Sale At A Fraction Of The Cost


Edmond New Homes Works hard to provide a great home for our community. Even if she were over 30 years old and went to a little house that has a home. There could be multiple options in the future that you can add to your house as well as give me if we can salty with the Director of sales and marketing, so that you can fully understand the process. We give you a perspective of the process that is incredibly transparent and upfront with all of our pricing as well. We are with some of the most trusted in the industry, inner sure that you will be happy becoming a part of building a dream home.

Some of the most popular homes to listen in a bit to the area. The gray area really looks to live in the wall or 17 through Bixby, Meadows and Yorktown. These are all associated with our same team professionals. I build our Edmond New Homes so you don’t have to worry about anything about 40 or Sharon with the first of things located at 3506 E. 154th Street South. This is perfect for children. We’ll give you beautiful floor plans in a wide range of designs. You can make rooms even larger or smaller. This house has four large bedrooms and a full bathroom across the area of 1400 is a nice size of a property to raise a family in his 95 in the Bixby school district area.

It’s incredible it doesn’t go for only $394,000 and is still under construction and he’s gonna read a book at 34561 154th St. S. is very close to the other one we are building. These are both of the school districts like I have said, I’ll give your kids an incredible school costume. Another one is that it doesn’t have three beds and two large bathrooms. Spani across an area of 1880 acres. And it’s also under construction but it’s been built with more luxury so it is offered at a $400,000 price. Is incredibly cheap for this large amount of property. It is held at the same high standards as our Edmond New Homes That you have trusted for over 30 years. We do this so that you can make sure you’re getting the same quality in luxury indifferent locations without paying the same cost.

We know that as a location changes the price also changes. I would give you the ability to purchase homes under construction that you can begin setting up a budget and a design plan with our team to see how much you actually want to invest in. Whether you want to get a small investment with small changes or a full customization of your house, we will take care of it. That is what we have trained a lot of professionals to do and take care of for you.

He’s amazing homes under construction when are available for you to purchase it if I give us a call at (405) 896-0333 or you can do them for yourself by visiting us online at

Edmond New Homes | The Most Amazing Homes Being Built In Bixby, Oklahoma

Edmond New Homes Works hard to give you the most efficient process you’ve ever seen in the Residential building industry. We’re going to transform your idea of how easy it is to build a dream home. You will be served by one of the largest collections of model homes and professional experience building in the region. You also get the ability to build your own custom house on your land as well. This is every single thing you could imagine and we will keep you involved in the whole process to give you an unmatched express and swift process. So you can be sure we’re giving you transparency as well as quality. Your custom dream Bixby house will be built perfectly. We have a plan that can make everything work right away.

If you’re looking for houses including home, then we are going to be the ones that you wanna work with. We have worked in this business for many years and have tons of experience in building homes that are filled with luxury and also gonna be affordable. When is Location’s been specialized in the Izzy Bixby area. We have built a school district. Where do you get prices from as low as $394,000 to expand with our luxury profiles that go from $547,000. All of our properties are built by the same professional team that gives you Edmond New Homes. This is the same thing you’ve trusted for 30 years in the Tulsa area that moved to Oklahoma City, and is now taking over Bixby.

We have different houses such as 12595 SW. 6th St., location in the Jenks Oklahoma area is incredibly beautiful and it was prestigious. Edmond New Homes properties are located in the Bixby school district but in the city of Jenks. And offered you a wide variety of customizable options as it is still under construction. It goes for $547,000 and gives you the luxury of having three beds and 3 1/2 baths. This is a perfect size for a large family or a nice getaway for you after a long day. You can begin persons property that covers a span of 2000 and 800 ft.² in the beautiful Jenks area

Community of Yorktown in the Covington area. We also have another location in the Hilton Covington area with our home located at 12587 S. 6th St. and he’s not too far from the previously described listing. This is a beautiful white brick home with black accents in detail. It’s incredibly beautiful and the best I’ve ever seen. Look at the city of Oklahoma Wesleyan. 3206 ft.² and goes for the same price. Which is an incredible view if anyone has a hundred percent complete status. This will give you the luxury of enjoying large bedrooms and three beautiful luxurious bathrooms close to 3000 ft.² of property.

You can read more about this property and get in touch with one of our team professionals will give us a call at (405) 896-0333
Or visit us online at

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