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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Incredible Owasso Homes


Edmond New Homes has multiple incentives to get you guys company to build your beautiful home. We offer custom homes to be able to go from the ground up and give you an incredibly amazing price. We have multiple construction members on our team that are dedicated to creating with excellence. One of the greatest things about our company is that we give youtube the ability to save hundreds of thousands dollars on your house with our Christmas specials. Once you see our rates you can trust to do the same with our specialization in rate lock for all of your financing. You can also be a part of the whole process and consult and receive a fish from all of our builders the whole time or build your perfect property. Exactly what you need to save money and get building on your property.

Waivers and explain all of our properties. Damn, this is by taking the standard level follow that you provided for you in our Edmond New Homes and give me that will need to access it all the way in Owasso. We have locations across the Owasso area in the Stone Creek district. There is a 15708 E 75th St N, in Owasso which is located in the owasso safe school district. THis property goes for only $340,000. That is over it by a variety of land and the cover is 1700 ft. A beautiful land. This is amazing how much you will begin to Love to house your family in with three beds and two large bathrooms. You can also have easy access. There’s not a five minute walk to school district leaders and your kids too. Located in the community of Stone Creek in Owosso, Oklahoma.

Not on a construction and his little feet is the 7512 N. 157th St. E., CT Location. This is a beautifully built modern home with a rustic style exterior and minimalistic landscaping. This home is incredibly large and covers 1888 square footage of a beautiful community. This one is also looked at in the Stone Creek area supervisor with you. You’ll be getting too full function with sealed and complete plumbing. The quality of this house is similar in comparison to our Edmond New Homes . So you can make sure that the same team that designs your relative dream home recommends you to get the same kind of quality all the way in Owasso, Oklahoma. This house has three large bedrooms as well, burying an incisor master to children’s bedrooms.

We also have an incredible home. Look at it on 15702 E 75th St., North in the same district as the other locations. But this one is different because it is under construction. We saw your houses. He wants the school district to be close to schools for your family and give you the availability to customize it for the family things. So if you want to build a new room or a wall that needs to come down and provide a more spacious living there you can do so. Because this house is fully under construction but it’s for sale at a great price. You’ll be able to get this hospital $332,000 that, too bad, and 2000 Square feet.

Positive with amazing floor plans, such as gardenia and Jasmine designs by giving our team a call at (405) 896-0333 or read more about the details of these properties on our website at

Edmond New Homes | The Most Uniquely Designed Homes In Owasso

Edmond New Homes Has many different ways to make our services affordable and accessible to everybody. We are located in the Midwest region of Oklahoma and have multiple communities under our services. All the way from Edmonton to Pryor to Claremore Oklahoma. We have 99 homes available. All across Oklahoma City, Bixby, and even in Owasso. You can find beautifully built homes or choose a property to build your custom home. Efficient processes in the entire real estate industry as we give you homes that are incomparable to anything I’ve seen on the market today.

What are the things that make our company different from other areas for over 30 years? Mahomes being built and how they had a militia as well as little houses. This includes all of our Edmond New Homes . With this kind of unique design a house, but will be a beautiful fun home to live in. For example, our location located at 15711 E 75th St. N he’s one of the most uniquely design houses we’ve ever done before. Wonderful Stonecreek, community along with 12 other of our properties in that area. We have been fired in our area because it is looking for each one of us to even design the floor plan.

This house is incredibly unique and whimsical and his design features five different colors on the exterior of the house. You will get a beige, warmer green and a beautiful rustic bridge exterior with white detailing in black sighting. This gives you a house on the market. I know we have coffee, some of the best and most unique deconstructed Edmond New Homes . This home is under construction and gives you full power to change any of the construction plans or hold them all together. You can get this for an incredibly low price of only $391,000 . How is Dillars properties in a construction for such a low cost cause you to break your budget when pursuing the renovations.

You can give his house in a loss of school district has 34 constructed the bedrooms and 2 1/2 constructed bathroom across a wide large of land spanning 2200 ft.² wide. As well as a beautiful garage that I had two cars and he painted bright white. The wind is also going to the sizes from rectangular casement windows to beautiful picture windows that do not give you a full view and let lots of light into your house. This is a great home with us in the community . It’ll give you all the security and your family will need.

If you wanna become the owner of this beautiful whimsical, fun house today, you can give us Call at (405) 896-0333 or get in touch with one of our team of professionals by going online at

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