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Edmond new Homes | Knowing Your Budget

Edmond new Homes | Custom Flooring Options

So if you’ve been looking for shell homes or custom homes and broken Arrow, you’ve been looking for broken Arrow custom homes and you haven’t found a builder yet. We would love for you to go online to [inaudible] dot com and check out our different floor plans and kind of read about our process and about how we build a home. One of the things that I love is that our, our sales manager has taught us a process and this process works because we can take a client the first time we meet him and just kind of figure out what’s made. What is it that’s causing you to make a move? Or is it a change, a job or loss of a family member or you just want to make new memories in a new home or maybe you’ve outgrown your home or maybe your kids are ground in Edmond new Homes.

You’re an empty nester and so you don’t need all this space and you’re paying for it every month and you just need to downsize. I’m really, no matter what a family’s needs are in a home show, Edmond new Homes homes is going to be able to find the right fit for you in the right location, depending on where you want to be. Um, when people are looking for broken Arrow custom homes, the majority of our 28 communities are in broken Arrow and they’re in there for a reason. Broken Arrow is a very hot community. Edmond new Homes, it’s a, it’s just a great place to invest and it’s voted one of the fourth safest place to live in the United States right now. It’s just got that down home feel and it’s borderline to Tulsa. So they’re kind of connected. Um, but broken area, you’re not going to pay as much for land cost. So if you’re trying to keep your price point down, but you want a, but you’re looking for, you know, a custom home in broken arrow or broken arrow custom home, you’re going to want to check out some of our broken there areas where we can kind of guide you in the right step.

But the first time when we meet [inaudible], try to figure out what your budget and how many rooms do you need for that budget and location. Edmond new Homes then that’s where we go to work. Um, one of the first things we do is depending on the location, if you know exactly one of the locations that you want out of our 20 states communities, and we can do a lot reservation. This actually will secure your lot for a week while we’re doing the model home tour with you to pick the plan and price it out. So we’ll typically do a homesite reservation and then we’ll schedule you on a model home tour that same week so we can take 90 minutes of your time, drive you around to all the different, uh, broken Arrow custom homes, and show you what we have to offer so that you pick your favorite plan.

Now, once you pick your favorite plan, our next step is to meet and do a price out. I call it your wishlist price out because it’s kind of a wishlist. So it’ll be a running list of things. That doesn’t mean you have to stick with all of them, but at least you’ll be able to see the price of them. So Edmond new Homes if you choose to take a few things out and save a little money, uh, you can do so. So really our third meeting after we do a price out his domain, uh, do away with some of the selections if you need to get the price down. And then we moved to contract. And so if you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes and maybe even have a home that you need to sell first, don’t worry about that because we always offer contingencies. Now on a contingency, one of the things that we do is we give you a 120 days to get your home sold and this gives you a nice timeframe just so that you can get it on the market, get it sold.

And then once your home sells and closes, you’ll come in and do what we call a release of contingency. You’ll sign one piece of paper, we turned into the office and that will actually get the process moving forward on your build. It’ll also get you in line for our design center, so they’re gonna call you and do your first meeting out of the two that you’ll have with them. So if you’re looking for custom homes, broken Arrow, and you just haven’t found what you like or maybe you’re still shopping builders, I just, I’m just going to tell you, you really need to stop in a shaw home model or call us at nine. One, eight, seven, four, zero, six, nine, four, four. Ask for Shannon. Cut Singer. Edmond new Homes I’ve had 11 years experience in Shaw homes market and in our neighborhoods. I’m very familiar with the locations and what’s the best lots.

What’s the smallest lots, the biggest lots. If you want a half acre, there’s nothing we can’t find to satisfy clients. So Edmond new Homes if you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes and you just haven’t found that fit, please call us. Um, you know, it’s really just informative and fun when you do the tour and it doesn’t mean you have to buy a lot of times, it’s kind of Nice just to see what are your tastes in a new home, what do you like and what do you dislike? And on that tour you’re going to find out that you’ll find out those things. So Shaw homes.com, that’s another way that you can go on and sign up for one of our tours. And um, if you, um, are looking for a broken Arrow custom home and you haven’t found it yet, just come in because you’re going to see everything that your heart’s desires.

So I can all of our models and we’re probably not going to show you every single model in the tour because not every single model is going to fit every, per, every plan, every family, every family. I mean, some of the plans, if you just are Nina, one story and you’re empty nest or there might be five or six that we show. Edmond new Homes then if you’re in a certain price back bracket, um, you know, there might be two, if you have a higher in budget, um, there might be six or seven that we show you. So if you’re looking for broken Arrow custom homes and you haven’t checked out, checked out show homes.com yet, you’re going to want to do that. Like I say, I’ve had 11 years experience working for this company and I honestly couldn’t imagine myself or seeing myself work for any other company.

Uh, the thing I love about shaw homes is we have a process, we follow the process, we never vary from the process and it makes our transaction smooth with our clients. They know exactly what’s going to be the next step. And we’re very thorough in explaining our process when we meet you. And as far as the tour goes, I mean we have 13 furnished models, so one stories and two stories. So we have a little bit for every family and everybody. And then of course you can make tweaks and adjustments. I’m usually the plan is going to be perfect for our clients, but every now and then we’ll have someone that may want to add two feet here, there and you know, after the tour it kind of lets us know what plan works for you after talking to you and if you’ve been looking for broken arrow, custom homes, um, and he had been looking for awhile, you may see what you don’t want and what you do want Edmond new Homes.

So it makes our tour even easier. Um, one thing that I love about shaw homes is they offer a 10 year structural warranty on the home. Nobody does that. Everybody in this town does a one year warranty. We do tenure and it’s on the structure. We do a one year on the house like everybody else. But Edmond new Homes what separates us from the others is we do a 10 year structural warranty on your home. We also, it covers white bearing walls and anything like that. We also offer you two years on the plumbing and electric. Other builders give you one. We offer a lifetime of the roof, which is your rafters. It’s an actual guts of the root of the roof. So the rafters I’m lifetime, we do a 30 year architectural shingle, Edmond new Homes, it’s by owens corning and it’s a heritage, a kind of gray in color, and there’s a lot of things that go into our homes that have extended warranties as well.

Um, we termite proof the ground before you even build on it. We also termite proof the foundation. You’re not gonna have any of those issues in a brand new home. And the other benefit of buying new is your homeowner’s insurance. Depending on the square footage of your home and the location of the area you’re building, Edmond new Homes you’re going to save half, maybe a third or a fourth of the cost on homeowners, homeowners insurance compared to an older home that’s three or four years old. God forbid it be any farther than that because it can, it can really quadruple easy, but custom broken Arrow homes, shaw homes.com. Come check us out. If you’ve been looking for custom broken Arrow or broken arrow custom homes and you haven’t walked into one of our models, you need to come and visit one of our models. Uh, or call me. I’m Shanen nine one, eight, seven, four, zero, six, nine, four, four. Shannon, cut singer. I’ll help you any way I can and I’ll show you why people are talking about us. So come check us out. Show homes.com.

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