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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Edmond New Homes | Luxury Affordable Homes To Tour In Oklahoma


Edmond New Homes Is more than just a construction company, but we were to build relationships based upon our community. We are here to create homes that you love and build trust with you by giving you something that is quality. We are here to give you a custom home that you can experience and then respect the team who built it for you. You were going to be getting homes that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. We can fully customize your dream home and get it to be as magnificent or as cozy as you’d like it to be. With our team of professional builders, we are devoted to doing this for you.

We have probably diverse approval when we’re doing this by giving you a larger variety to be able to tour. So I’m building yours from the bottom up on your own land or beautifully. Fully complete models. You have access to view all of our Edmond New Homes for a full viewing online or in person throughout areas such as broken arrow. Some of the listings we have on here include the 14598 Foxlair admin location with a beautiful cypress area for planes. This is a beautiful model home you can view at your earliest convenience by going on our website . This house encompasses 3477 square footage of beautiful land and bright green grass. You can also fill up this house with a three car garage, 3 1/2 bathrooms, four bedrooms, and two stores of property. It’s located in multiple school districts that you have access to for different schools you can choose for your kids too.

Those we have here in the admin area such as our 3033 Birch Wood Circle location that is a luxurious looking queen townhouse with black accents. This is part of our selection in Edmond New Homes . It’s going to give you a new home in anything you’ve ever experienced. From the warm tones to the black accents, it also Feels cozy. It has been built up with durable materials that are all sustainable and both of us for many years. It has large wide open windows as well. They have a double door entrance. Gives you a high Pete roof thing with black with details across the entire property. You’ll be getting a beautiful aesthetic experience living in this house.

He comes fully equipped with five full bathrooms that are great for larger families and I have plenty of guests over. You also get three incredibly beautiful countertop bathrooms with beautiful ceramic surfaces. You also get the luxury of having a three car garage for whenever your friends and family want to come over you can take care of them all. It covers a property of 3414 square footage in the Edmonds school district area.

You can find this property located near Memorial high school, central, middle school, and Centennial elementary or give us a call today to get more directions at (405) 896-0333 or take a look at the beautiful exterior online with a professional photographer. We have posted on our website at

Edmond New Homes | How To Find The Perfect Home For A Large Family In Broken Arrow

Edmond New Homes Cool, beautiful community, and a house that you can pass on to the generations. We could do with houses that are built custom, or you can choose some remodeling clones that you could have a beautiful home for many years. We give you the construction easily so that you can get involved in every step. You’re able to make edits, customizations to all of your building projects throughout the whole process, where you can add a custom pool, a golf course, or whatever else your heart desires on your property. After all, it’s all about you and we are dedicated to making your dream into a reality. This is what’s made us one of the Most highly rated home builders in the Midwest. Our goal is to satisfy all of our clients and give them an result that they will truly love

You’re looking for a nice beautiful home that is not a surprise of a luxury home. We are here to provide you with that. If you were looking for a family home, raising your children and you have multiple children you’re going to need multiple bedrooms and you don’t want to be paying up to $600,000. All of our Edmond New Homes gives this availability to even let yuo save 350 $800 per month and your utilities on our Edmond New Homes. What are the ways you can do this by looking at our beautiful models?

We have a Beautiful home built at 825 N. 89th St. In broken arrow, 74014 district. It is an incredibly beautiful white house with a gray roofing and incredible landscaping. It’s very simple yet exquisite in his design as it covers a range of 2600 ft.². It’s perfect for a large family because it has three different school districts and are similar in longevity to our Edmond New Homes . It gives the luxury of having four bedrooms, one master and three other simulator size bedrooms, fully equipped with 2 1/2 bathrooms for all of your family. It also gives you two stories to separate the family area from the playroom for the children.

Is a great home that also gives you a painted and high-quality industrial. Installed three car garages from our builders. They work hard to make sure that everything is up-to-date with high-quality certified construction materials. This is also the same as our other model homes located in Edmond, Tulsa, and Owosso. These homes are all me with the same standard quality and make sure that you are getting consistency with all of our products. All of our houses are not made the same and you can be sure they are the ones that stand out in the neighborhood. With four bedrooms, two stories, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and a white because garage is exactly what you need to house your family without spending way too much money

You can begin moving into this home and focusing on which of the five school districts you would like to send your family I getting in touch with us today at (405) 896-0333 we’re going online at

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