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Edmond New Homes | Making Directions Easy

Edmond New Homes | Very Sophisticated

Continuing along our podcasts for today, um, this is candice with a shawl homes and waterstone homes and I’ve been talking today about our new waterstone, a product line at waterstone home is, um, everything that you could possibly want in a high end luxury home. Um, we have, um, we have, we have just set the bar for high end luxury living, um, with our waterstone homes. Waterstone home price wise starts at about $450,000 depending on how much we have to spend for that lot to put it on because it’s available to build in a number of different neighborhoods. And, um, we’ve got a very strong product line of floor plans. They all come with a very sophisticated, Edmond New Homes, elevation designs with that, uh, that new Joanna Gaines, Joanna Gaines farmhouse style look that it has become so popular of, of late. Um, we include just about every upgraded option feature in a waterstone home that you could possibly want as a broken Arrow home builder.

We include all different kinds of cabinet styles, a door styles, an eight foot front door, upgraded elevations, Edmond New Homes, uh, a higher light fixture allowance. Of course, your sprinkler system, full gutter upgraded landscape package. Um, additionally, as a broken Arrow home builder, we’re going to include a five inch a base moldings throughout the home as well as three and a quarter inch casing around the doors. We’re going to include a head moldings in the great room and in several other rooms as well. French doors on the study, um, limit unlimited number of styles to choose from on a ballisters hand railing for your stairs and the overlook from upstairs. Um, so many wonderful things that are included in the, uh, new waterstone product lineup, including a, that super popular new fridge freezer combination. It’s, um, it’s just wonderful. You can store so much stuff in there and it is so nice.

Lots of extra cabinets in the kitchen as well as hidden pantries. Um, which always make everybody go, wow, when I take them on a model home tour, the, um, the ceilings are tall, the, uh, the windows are big with transom windows up above, overlooking huge covered patios. Um, the sizes on those of course vary per plant. And, Edmond New Homes, I’m going to tell you about another single story home as a broken Arrow home builder that we at waterstone homes offer. Um, but the number of empty nesters downsizing, um, it’s just, uh, we’re building more single story luxury homes than we ever have before. This Hampton is 3036 square feet. It’s three bedrooms, three and a half bath, and a three car garage. So I’m going to tell you about it. Now, when you walk up to the Hampton, you’re rocking up to very high, uh, entryway.

That’s so pretty with an eight foot tall front door. There’s actually French doors off of, uh, additional covered patio off of bedroom number two. So it’s a perfect. I’m a guest bedroom or maybe mom or dad has to move back home because it has a private bath and it’s, I’m walking closet or an older adult or a younger adult returning back home maybe. Edmond New Homes, so when you walk up to the front porch of the hint and, and the eight foot tall a front door, you walk into a large expansive space entryway with a very, very large hall closet there. Which is great for coats, etc. Um, for your guests maybe when they’re coming for a party, then the french doors to your left lead to a private study with two windows overlooking the front porch area. And then as yoU step on outside of the, um, the entryway, you’re gonna see a hall to your left going, I’m heading down the hall.

And that hallway leads to that private en suite. Bedroom number two with its own bath, shower, walk in closet. Um, and then, Edmond New Homes, that holes also going to lead to downstairs linen closet. And then bedroom number three, which is also an en suite with its own private bath and walk in closet. And then, um, if you look to your right, there is another whole way that leads to the utility room area and the backside of the kitchen. But we’ll talk about that a minute. so just in the entry hall, looking straight ahead, you’re looking through the great room, which is very, very large, great room at nearly 22 feet by 15 and a half feet. There are three windows overlooking, a huge which covered patio, which is a 31, nine by nine slash 11, and also in the great room we’re going to have a stone fireplace with the mental and the the shaker legs trim on either side as well as built in bookcases on either side of the fireplace and the great room.

Then I’m the great room, of course, is open to a very large kitchen, which is 16 slash seven by 18, seven. I think that’s what it says. Edmond New Homes, lots and lots of cabinets on two walls in the kitchen as well as that huge expansive island with the sink and the dishwasher in the island. Now this home does not have a formal dining room, but don’t worry about that because we made the look, the nook plenty big enough for your formal dining room, which is another very popular, my most requested option that a lot of families love. The, the nook is 14 won by 18 and a half. So it’s huge. You could accommodate. Oh, your formal dining room furniture. And there has two large windows that overlook the backyard and it has a, a door that walks out from the nook to the covered patio so you can get your coffee right there and step right out onto the patio and enjoy a nice, cool Oklahoma morning out there.

And then oFf of the nerc, kind of between the nook and the kitchen is a landing, a little hallway that leads to the magnificent master bedroom. Now the master bedroom is huge with the vaulted ceiling. It has, um, 16 three by 17, one huge vaulted ceiling that draws your eye up. And then three tall windows that overlook the backyard. And then two windows that overlooked the side yard. So lots of light flooding into this master bedroom as a broken arrow. Homebuilder. Um, our customers have demanded that from us. Edmond New Homes our clients over the year, years have told us we weren’t light. We want light. So we have certainly accommodated their wishes with these waterstone homes. The master bathroom especially love in the hampton because it has to, um, well it has his and hers vanity, but they’re big. They’re both really, really big. But lots of counter space on either side of the sink.

Um, then also that freestanding tub with the window over it, letting him more light, a huge walk in shower. that is, I’m 42 bus 72, so it’s a six foot shower. Hello. That’s big. um, then additionally in the hampton, uh, because we had the space which puts of extra cabinets in there who can’t use more storage in the, on the opposite side of the tub and across from the toilet room, the master bathroom leads straight into the master closet, which is also huge. It is, um, seven and a half by 17 slash seven. It’s got built in but a shoe shelves, it’s got, Edmond New Homes, I low rods and shelves and it also has the, uh, the seasonal closet at least on one side, um, as well as the built in shelves and bench seat area. Then the master closet leads straight through into the master laundry through a pocket door where you’re going to have a huge wall of cabinets. I’m like, you know, eight feet, eight and a half feet long on one side with a sink in it. And then the washer dryer on the other side, then you step from the garage, which is also very large. Thirty three, three by 23 seven. So that’s a big garage.

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