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Edmond New Homes | New Homes and Floor Plans Released

Speaker 1: (00:03)
Today is the release of the new call of duty cold war by trademark. In about 30 minutes, they’re going to, uh, release the game. Don’t you wish you were watching this release in one of those Edmond new homes. I do. I do in any one of our Edmond. For the most part, you could get a game room and inside that game room, you could be watching this release for the new call of duty and your Edmond new homes, And they’re worth it. I’m telling you they’re worth it. These new homes have everything you need to get going. Spare bedrooms, upstairs, master bathroom, walk in closet. They’ve got it all. Little patio out back, have a little barbecue. Summertime’s coming to an end, but I’m one of those Edmund new homes. It doesn’t matter. There’s something for everybody in each season of every year in one of those Edmond new homes, you can have it all, whatever you want, Edmond, new homes You build with Shaw homes and they’ll get you. Everything you need. Everything you need in one of your Edmund new homes, new neighborhoods, new communities popping up now is the time. It’s a good train to get on. Hop on it.

Speaker 1: (02:23)
Edmond new homes. I’m watching Dr. Disrespect right now, by the way, he’s quite the entertainer. Quiet the entertainer, you know, with these smart TVs. It’s so nice to just be able to flip it on and already have YouTube and other apps built into it. I don’t have to fire up a Roku or fire stick or anything like that. Um, I’m there, wouldn’t you like to be there to sitting in one of your Edmond new homes, nice comfy chair, AC running big windows that let plenty of light in. That’d be great new homes. Come get one.

Speaker 1: (03:17)
Anyway, this, this new call of duty, man. I, I can’t wait. Um, I’ve got big hopes. Triarch has my heart sledgehammer and infinity ward. They’re nothing compared to Trey arc. Personally. I think war zone and modern warfare, those numbers were inflated with COVID. I mean, everybody was sitting at home and modern warfare was the latest, greatest game. And everybody freaked out with war zone, but personally I liked blackout better, a better game. You know, you have one life and you’re dead. None of this buyback, none of this Gulag business, you know, let that be a separate game mode. And, you know, guess what? Trey trademark, they did that you played black ops four and there was a down but not out mode, but you wanted battle Royale, classic blackout. They had it. And they just, they don’t, uh, they don’t offer that in modern warfare.

Speaker 1: (04:25)
And it’s frustrating too many gadgets, too many gizmos. You can go to a bio station and get, you know, a custom loadout. What is that? I mean, they don’t incentivize looting. They’ve got cash all over the place now, or it’s boxes all over the place. They just make the game to attainable to easy. In my opinion, um, you know, blackout relied more on strategy, skill stealth, and don’t get me wrong. War zone takes skill, you know, to win the game. There’s so many players, uh, there’s so many players. I just personally, I didn’t enjoy it. I liked blackout better and I’ve got high hopes. I hope in the reveal today, we see something about, uh, the new war zone and cold war having, having a blackout game rules mode anyway, excited for zombies too. It was a big zombies player on black ops three. Um, they really outdid themselves with that one.

Speaker 1: (05:23)
And I hope, uh, I hope this one’s got something to offer black ops four zombies was not bad. It just, there was a lot going on. You know, like I think simple is better in a lot of cases, you know, you can get too crazy with things and it, it doesn’t, you know, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Uh, in some of these games, when you’ve got a storied series like you do with trademarks black ops, don’t mess it up, you know, just stick to your roots, stick to what you know, and love and what people like. And I know there were a lot of people about black ops four, you had specialists and they didn’t like those. I thought the gadgets were overpowered. A, I hear they’re going to keep the specialists in a cold war and, uh, uh, specialist weapons and abilities will be score streak options.

Speaker 1: (06:20)
So that’s going to be pretty cool. Um, but anyway, I wish I was sitting in one of those Edmond new homes watching this reveal. I’m not today, but maybe someday I’ll have my own at the new homes. Uh, and you can too, you can too. I’m telling you, these things are selling like crazy. You want to get in on them. Now, people, people just need to see the quality and process that SHA Holmes brings to the table. And you will not find another builder like us for your new homes. You won’t, uh, we are, uh, the best there is in the state, hands down the best in Tulsa. And, uh, we’re looking to take over OKC. So take advantage of it. Our communities and neighborhoods are offered as they are right now. That’s not to say there won’t be more available in the future, but get what you can while you can.

Speaker 1: (07:31)
That’s a good drain to get on at the end of the day, don’t you just, you know, want a nice community to drive into when you’re coming home, feel safe, feel like you’re in a well-kept place where your kids can enjoy the outdoors. You can go for a bike ride down Douglas, and you’re in nature. You know, you’re kind of out there and our Woodland park, uh, community where there’s nature that abounds and you can go out and enjoy it. I mean, all those Edmond new homes there give people an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get away, but still stay close to home as best of both worlds, um, great community to live in Shaw homes. We want to take over. We want to be the number one desired builder of Edmond, new homes and the OKC area. For that matter. We hope that you’ll consider doing business with us. We’re the way to go. When you want an admin new homes come to us,

Speaker 2: (08:54)

Speaker 1: (09:01)
I’m taking good notes on where things are at now for shell homes and OKC, Edmond, new homes specifically. And boy, it’s exciting to think about where things will be in a year, two years, five years from now, how much growth and opportunity that area provides us is exciting is exciting. I mean, quite frankly, at the end of the day, Shaw homes gives the people what they want. You want luxury? We’ve got it. Okay. You want down to earth simple. We’ve got it. I mean, there is something for everybody at Shaw homes. And quite frankly, if you’re living in Edmond, that statement could not hold more true. There is something for everybody at show homes, budget, a type of home amenities. There’s something for everybody. Uh, whether you, you know, are, are, uh, looking for, It’s not Montague, what is it not mana cello luxury heritage. And it starts with an M whatever the M series is. I mean, we’ve got those heritage luxury. We’ve got it all.

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