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Edmond New Homes | New Spacious Homes

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Good afternoon. Homebuyers I am with Shaw homes live from your favorite  new homes brought to you by Shaw homes in Edmond, we build the best Edmond new homes. Right now I’m standing in a Westport. It is one of the most popular Edmond homes out there. We only build it one way, but let me tell you, we have made some upgrades and this is one of the most popular Edmond  homes that we build.  new homes brought to you by Shaw homes. That’s what we do. There is a printer here for plats. It’s not included with the house. I’ll tell you what. This game room bumped out two feet that’s included. It’s a bigger, better space. You got a linen closet there right next to, uh, the full bathroom upstairs. This is one of our most popular admin new homes that we build. The Westport is where it’s at. Um, when looking for Edmond new homes, please contact Sean Kinski with show homes. He will help you guys locate and find the best fit for your family. When looking for it in the new homes, couple of things, the great room in the Westport really puts great in the word, great room, a beautiful vaulted ceiling, great room and kitchen, all kind of run together. Have a little bit of that cafeteria feel wow. I can’t wait to see the Cyprus.

Speaker 1: (01:45)
Everybody should just know that. When looking for admin new homes, Shaw homes is the best. Please let us build you and your family, the Edmond new homes of your drain. Unfortunately, the Westport does not have multiple variations. What variation were you guys looking to make? Okay. You want the game room elevated? Okay. Well we can talk about it. Yeah. With two feet out that could happen. That could happen. Um, the ceiling fan is optional. You don’t have to put one in, um, it’s obviously a big room. So the cooling aspect of the additional cooling aspect might be nice, but you guys should consider not putting one in. And then, I mean, you can always bring a tower fan or something in it. You felt strongly.

Speaker 1: (02:53)
Well, I feel like the bedrooms up here, if they’re furnished, probably feel a lot. Um, the, uh, I totally agree with that comment. I think that the great room, uh, and the kitchen, you know, even the knuckle a little bit, you know, that just that trio of space is just captivating. Uh, you walk into that entry, you just see what you’re looking for and it’s, it’s captivating. It’s, it’s really something, um, it’s a beautiful home and we would love to build you your Edmond new homes, right? So let’s review some of those things that are going to add additional costs. So when you get into the design studio, there’s different levels of flooring, stone countertop. Yeah. There’s different levels of those that you can choose from what I’ve selected here is the next level up, depending on the wood flooring you guys choose to put in your home, your price could increase from there. It all depends on what you all want. Okay. And you’ll have plenty to choose from. Uh, that’ll go for paint colors as well, hardware, um, and lighting fixtures. You guys will have a budget. I would say you will probably run over your budget. You’ll have $2,000 to spend, uh, lifestyles.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
That’s going to give you guys an opportunity to just pick out what you want, just know that whatever you choose to, uh, buy is, um, is going to affect the price as long as you’re within that $2,000 range. You’re good. If you go over, you know, that’s, that’s going to bump the price up more. So, um, let’s see if you want to have a curbless entry to your shower, that is a structural option. And we’re going to have to know about that at the time of the purchase agreement, we cannot go back and make that change. That is set in stone quite literally. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (05:31)
Well, there’s a number of different options when you choose Edmond new homes for the fireplace. Um, you can do stone, you can do brick. Um, you can do a shaker panel. So it just kind of depends on the look you guys are going for. We cannot do a shaker panel in the corner of a room. So if the fireplace is not centered and is cornered, we cannot do a shaker panel there due to the shape of wood being horizontal and vertical. Okay. Um, if you’re wanting hardwood on your stairs, we can look into that. Um, the price is going to be significant. Well, I mean, you’ve got to think about the way that a staircase is made. You know, you’re slapping two, three boards together to get each side of one step. You know, if you’ve got 30 steps and a landing like you do in the Monterrey, you can see how that is going to affect the price rather quickly.

Speaker 1: (06:45)
So if you do wood floor on the side with carpet runner up the middle, um, that’s an option. We don’t, uh, have that in our system. That’s going to be a customer that I’ll have to ask about. So I walked through a Monterey yesterday and Tulsa timber Creek. I believe it was beautiful home, beautiful home. The distressed wood flooring was incredible because the distressed wood floor is going to, uh, uh, give you some, uh, I don’t want to say scratches or cuts, but there’s going to be, uh, compromised parts of the wood that looked very natural. And so you guys have a big dog, you’ve got children, things are going to be breaking and falling and doing all kinds of craziness on that wood floor. And so this distressed is going to give a feel to the wood floor that, um, is very asymmetrical and, um, just gives it much more natural.

Speaker 1: (08:05)
Look to it, a wood floor that’s perfect and polished. And I mean, every piece is going to be different, um, due to the nature of the material. But, um, one of the things to consider is that distressed wood flooring is really, really going to give, um, a much more natural feel. Um, every piece will be different in its texture and touch and look, and as far as look goes, that’s going to be the same on traditional wood flooring, but the distressed is going to have markings and texture to it that are different on every, every plank.

Speaker 1: (08:54)
So the Butler’s pantry is included in the Monterrey. The great thing about the Monterrey is it’s great for companionship and comradery, but it also, um, provides, uh, closed off spaces for Edmond new homes. I mean, we’re standing here in the great room and you can’t see any of the living rooms, you know, if that’s important to you guys, um, we, we can’t see any of the, of the living of the, uh, bedrooms. Okay. And especially the master, you know, a lot of our plans that master is right off of the note Curt kitchen area and the Monterey it’s, um, it is, uh, around the hallway. Yep. Well, on that, that longer hallway upstairs it’s catwalk like is very nice. Yeah. Very nice. It kind of sets those other bedrooms apart and, um, makes, I don’t want to say it makes it more like a house, but it, it, it just has a certain feel to it that you don’t find in many other of our floor plans.

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