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Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Big Speed Builder

Edmond New Homes Oklahoma | Homes Fast

As a big speed home builder, this is podcast number six for this week here at Shaw homes. We have over 80 floor plans that we can build for you in nearly 30 different communities. Um, we have a very high set of standards that we include in all of our homes and I’m going to tell you about a couple of more move in ready homes that we have in a big SPI for sale as a bixby home builder in seven lakes located at 128th. And South Sheridan. We have our beautiful stone brook, the for sale. The stonebrook is designed, which is the master bedroom down and all the other bedrooms up. So it’s perfect for a home with a, with teenagers or kids that you want, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma want to have them go upstairs and stay out of your hair. So, uh, most of the living space is downstairs and it’s got a, a study as you walk in the front door and then a hallway on your right that leads to the utility room.

Bedroom, master closet, master bathroom. So when you are coming in either the front door or the garage door, because they’re kind of side by side, um, you are walking into the med room and then just a couple steps more and you’re kicking off your shoes in your own master closet. Then from the front door, if you step forward in the just past, the study is a little hall that leads to the cutest little half powder bath you ever saw. Um, since all the other bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs and the only other bedroom downstairs bathroom downstairs is the master bathroom. Of course we put in the half bath for you, for your guests. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, so they don’t have to use the master bathroom. Um, this home is located at 795 east, 124th street south and it’s priced at only 300, $27,907. It’s four bedroom, two and a half bath, three car garage.

This home is so special because it’s on a very special lot. This home site is in the farthest North East corner of seven lakes, so it’s nice and quiet and private back there. And um, and then on one side of the home side, there is a reserve that, uh, will never be built on. So if privacy is something that you’re interested in, this is a great home for you that, uh, that homesite backs up to a greenbelt, wooded area with nice tall trees. And, um, and then of course it’s got that reserve on that one side. So that’s a real pretty, uh, pretty floorplan. Then upstairs there are a three bedrooms and a game room and a hall bath for the Kiddos. So the stonebrook is special too because the kitchen is designed to be a little bit different, much like our redford floor plans. People kept telling us over and over again, I don’t want a formal dining room and I don’t need two eating areas Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

One eating area is plenty. So, uh, when they designed the, the, when we designed the Stonebrook, we designed it with no formal dining room, but it does have a very large nook area that overlooks the backyard. And the island is turned so that it faces the Nook area a rather than facing the great room areas. So what’s cool about that is if you are, see if you’re the cook and you’re in there cooking, uh, you are looking outside at your beautiful backyard. I’m not at the back of your spouse’s head who’s sitting on the sofa watching TV in there. Um, it’s just, uh, a real pretty setup and not only that, but they, a pantry is literally huge. It goes all the way back behind the kitchen area. So Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it’s a very, very, very large pantry. So lots and lots of storage in the stonebrook be um, this home is finished beautifully and as a big speed home builder, we would be honored to show it to you and I’d love for you to come and see it.

Then also in Yorktown at Covington in Yorktown. We are starting another Stonebrook v. So your town is on the other side of the river, just the west side of the river. Yorktown is actually located in a gees address, but it is big city schools as a big ski home builder. We started building in Yorktown, oh my gosh, probably in 2007 or something like that. And it’s been a hugely popular neighborhood because of all of the amenities in the neighborhood. It’s a very family friendly neighborhood with A. Oh my goodness. It’s got catch and release fishing. It’s got, um, we’ve got a beautiful big pool. We also have a splash pad for smaller kiddos. Then, um, we also have huge a picnic common areas, so on a pretty day you’ll see people outside in Yorktown, uh, sitting on a blanket or maybe walking the dog. Um, and then there’s also paved a jogging, biking, hiking trails and sidewalks all throughout the neighborhood Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.

So it really encourages the family to have an active lifestyle in addition to all those amenities. We also have a full size of a football field, a soccer field, a, a basketball court, and a playground in addition to a little cookout area that’s a covered little shelter, cookout area that’s just off the playground. So if toys and amenities is something that your family craves, usages, crossed the river and come ride on energy drinks and uh, and still have the incredible big speed schools right here at Yorktown. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Yorktown is located basically a 128th and south of Peoria Elm. So as a big speed home builder to get here, you would take the creek turnpike, exit at Yale, go immediate elm, go south. Instead of going north to go north, you would go into Jesus, goes south, you’re going to be heading toward Yorktown. So then if you, uh, once you cross 121st street south, then start looking on your left and you’ll see the Yorktown signs saying, you know, coming up, you’re almost there.

We have a catch and release fishing. We have swimming pools, we have a all kinds of outdoor activities at Yorktown. So you’ll see the signs. And then when you pull into the neighborhood at Shah, the Shah homes model is the first right hand turn you can make right there on the corner from the entrance of the neighborhood. You will see my tall flag poles that say, you know, model home, model open, that kind of thing. So Yorktown is a beautiful, beautiful community with lots of very happy families that live here. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, in fact Yorktown is a master planned community. So we actually have homes at Shaw homes starting at $256,000 going all the way up to my waterstone product which also has a neighborhood here in Yorktown. And the waterstone homes I’ll go upwards of $750,000. They started about 4:50 depending on the square footage that you get and which lot you put it on because of course all those things make a difference. So as a bixby homebuilder we also have in Chisholm ranch villas, which the villas are located on 121st street just east of.

So between mango and Garnette on hundred and 21st. And I’m the villas are really nice place to live for a big home as well. And as a big SPEC home builder, we have brought you the 1,728 square foot avalon. The avalon is a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. So this is a smaller neighborhood, perfect for empty nesters or a single mom or dad, um, or first time home buyer. The, this home is only $259,999. So it’s a great price for any big speed neighborhood to be in. That price point is pretty spectacular. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma This home is located at one Oh, three nine, one east, 121st place south. Uh, in the Chisholm ranch villas as a big speed homebuilder. We have what we believe are the best communities, the best floor plans, certainly the best warranties, the best staff and builders. And um, and we work with only the best materials to at Shaw homes. You can check us out at [inaudible] dot com.

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