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Has Shaw homes, we build custom homes and broken Arrow and one of our favorite model homes in broken Arrow is our beautiful greenville. The Greenville model is located in sevenoaks south, which is also one of our neighborhoods that we are the developer of seven oaks south is on the south side of 101st street, which is New Orleans in broken Arrow and is located halfway between Lynn Lane and county line road with great access to the creek turnpike. You can be anywhere in the Greater Tulsa area in just no time at all. Uh, it’s far enough out in the country to give you the country living feel and yet close enough to the city to give you every amenity that you could want to have with restaurants. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, churches, schools, uh, and speaking of schools, it’s the great broken Arrow, a school district. So 700 south is a beautiful neighborhood.

And as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we like to give our clients the very best neighborhoods and the very best homes. So talk to you a little bit about the Greenville model home today. The Greenville was named after Golan Shaw’s hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, and uh, he actually moved to the Greater Tulsa area when he started college at Oral Roberts University and stayed here to get his master’s degree and started his family and his business right here in Tulsa. We’re sure glad that he did because he builds a beautiful home and it has built a great company that I’ve been proud to work for for over 12 years now in our beautiful Greenville. Um, when you step onto the front porch, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma there’s a nice tall 10 foot ceiling and you step through the entryway. You are in a large entryway, a seven foot by 11 foot 10 inches. So that’s a big entryway.

There’s plenty of room on a wall there. If you want to put a table with a lamp, you know, maybe a dish for keys, something like that when you come in the front door. And the cool thing about that entryway is, my goodness, it has a night. It has a 13 foot ceiling, a 13 foot ceiling. So it’s got a nice high ceiling. So it feels even bigger than it already is. So standing in the entryway, if you take a left hand turn, you’re in a hallway that leads you one way to bedroom number two, and the other way you lead it leads you to the bathroom and bedroom number three. Now bedroom number two has a vaulted ceiling. It’s vaulted up to 12 feet high, so it gives you a very spacious feeling in that room. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma that room is 12 foot seven by 10 foot five inches.

So it’s a, a nice generous size, um, bedroom with a large closet. They’re stepping back into the hallway, you’re going to see the hall bath right there on your left, split between bedroom to a bed. Bedroom number three. So the hall bath has got a, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, a, a generous vanity in it that’s really pretty, um, toilet. And of course the tub. And then back in the hallway there’s a door. You open that door and it is a linen closet for those two bedrooms and the bathroom as a custom homes broken Arrow builder, we’ve heard our clients ask for more linen closets. We need more storage. So the Greenville certainly delivers that. And then bedroom number three is also a generous size of 12 foot seven by 10 foot seven with a nice walk in closet with storage that goes all the way back up underneath the stairs. So it’s a great place to put a luggage or Christmas decorations or anything like that that you don’t need, a place that you need to play store, but you don’t get to very often stepping back into the entryway and looking forward, you are looking into the dining room. And then on to the very large great room, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, that dining room is incredible because it has a at 19

foot ceiling, a 19 foot ceiling. And so it just feels enormous. And by the way, it is a big room at 14, five by 13 feet. I’m then looking on into the great room. The Great Room is 16 five by 23 two. So it’s huge. Uh, the great room has a corner fireplace and three windows overlooking a generous a patio. And then the kitchen is just off to the left of the garage room. We built custom homes or broken arrow. And I always say that the Greenville is my entertaining home, that’s where we actually hold a lot of realtor receptions, etc. Because it can hold so many people with the dining room that very large, great room and a nook plus the very generous, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, island there, uh, which is where everybody gathers, you know, when you entertain, because that’s where the food is. So the grievaBle kitchen has a nice long island and plenty of cabinets on that back wall with your oven cabinet. And then the kitchen is open to a nice nook.

the nut comes with a nine foot ceiling, unless you want me to volt it, which we are happy to do. And I will say it looks spectacular either just vault the ceiling or go ahead and involve that kitchen. Ceiling to that is a pool. It’s very impressive. It’s a super rich, impressive home, uh, walking back through the great room you are in a hallway landing that leads you into the master bedroom. Now the master bedroom of the greenville is 12 foot seven inches by 21 feet one inches. So it is huge Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. It’s like resort living at home. It is so impressive and so, so nice with three windows overlooking the patio and the backyard and tons of room for a sitting area. Uh, all the uh, bedroom furniture you could possibly want. We built custom homes and broken arrow and we have listened to our buyers when they tell us that when they get home they want to feel like they’re at a resort.

And the greenville certainly delivers that with that beautiful master bedroom. The master bedroom, uh, you entered the, the double doors into the master bathroom. Now the master bathroom is unbelievably huge at eight foot nine by 11 foot three. It delivers a lot of punch. So on your right there is a generous 11 closet there, which everyone loves with five shelves in it. And just to the left across, directly across from the linen closet, you’ve got a six foot a soaker my bathtub. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then the master bathroom, by the way, has a 10 foot ceiling in it, so it feels even bigger than it is. And it’s already huge. It has a five foot a shower that’s 42 inches wide. And of course a private toilet closet. and then a two sinks with vanity space in between. Now the vanity is actually eight feet, six inches long.

So that gives you an idea just how big that master bathroom is. We built custom homes and broken arrow and everyone kept telling us, hey, we want gigantic enormous master closets. Well the greenville closet certainly fits that bill. The master closet is the size of many bedrooms. It’s 10 foot four by 10 foot nine. So it’s huge. It is just huge and it’s big enough that with not enough walk space in the middle that you could have us build an island there with some drawers in it right in the middle of your master closet or perhaps a bench that you could sit on the, put your shoes on, etc. Straight from the master closet on the opposite side of the master bathroom. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You enter that a popular laundry room, which is so popular. We build custom homes and broken arrow and they have told us, our customers have told us that they want that laundry, right?

They’re off their master closet so that greenville delivers it for ya. And the med bench area also in the laundry area. so when you’re coming in from the garage, you’ve got your med binge on your left and your master closet on your rights. So it, uh, it delivers a lot of bang for your buck, plus that three car garage, uh, with a generous a 30 by 60 attic ladder. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma then the upstairs can be built a number of different ways. So how many bedrooms do you want upstairs? You want one? You want to, you want three. How many do you need this? Greenville can actually, in addition to the three bedrooms down, can be a six bedroom, four bath home. So you’ve got a large family and you need custom homes in broken arrow, you know that you could call shaw homes or reach out to us on the web@www.shaw homes.com.

As a broken Arrow, homebuilder, we’ve got lots of custom homes that we can build for you and our mini broken Arrow neighborhoods and of course we also have move in ready homes that we would be just glad to show you. Glad to sell Ya Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

I’m going to tell you about our homes in our silver leaf community. We’ve got lots of these for sale. There’s a one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 of them.


these are homes that are ranging in the stage from 100 percent complete true, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the electric breaths stage. So, um, most of them are further along than that. One of them. The first one on my list here is 1,336 square feet. It is a bay wood floor plan.


Okay. Did it three slash four to one east Quebec Street? It’s only a heroin. Seventy thousand $343. It’s in the plumbing. Final Stage three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. It is listed on mls at number one eight. Oh, one nine, a nine. Also in silver leaf.


We have an Ashton SPEC for sale. It’s 1,499 square feet. It is located at three, three, four, one seven East Quebec Street had an 80,586 a is the price. It’s a three bedroom, two bath, two car. It is also in the plumbing final stage and it is on the multilith system. Number one eight. Oh one a one, a nine, a seven. Additionally, in silver leaf as a broken Arrow, home builder, we have got a beautiful cambridge to offer you. It’s only 1,662 square feet. It’s located at three slash four slash 23 East Quebec Street for $187,756 to the plumbing final stage also, it’s a four bedroom, two bath, two car home located on multi list at one eight. Oh, one one, eight, eight. What was it? Broken Arrow, homebuilder additionally, and sale silver leaf. We’ve got our 600 1,662 foot SPEC Cambridge. The see a one for sale. It is garage right now, which means if you’re standing in the street looking at it, the garage doors on the right, it’s located at three, four, two, nine East Quebec Street. It’s for sale for 100, $87,561, so it’s a great price. In the plumbing final stage, Edmond New Homes Oklahoma it’s a four bedroom, two bath, two car garage.

It is also a multi list at number one. Eight. Oh, two, six, seven, one as a broken arrow. Homebuilder. Also in silver leaf we have our 1,683 square foot. Our SPEC home or amber for sale, that’s a m one. The address is three, four, three, three East Quebec Street. Myths for sale for only $187,295. It is. I’m in the stage. What’s maintenance being painted right now, which means of getting pretty close to being done. After we get through paint it, they’ll start doing some trim. Haman hanging light fixtures, putting in appliances, and then finally flooring. It’s a three bedroom, two bath, two car garage. It’s listed on mls at number one. Eight. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, eight, seven, six, seven. Also in Silverleaf. In Broken Arrow, we have a Ashton SPEC for sale. It’s only 1,499 square feet. What’s catered at three, four, three, seven. He’s to Quebec Street and it’s only a hundred 81,000. One hundred $74. Let’s say the trim phase, which means they’re putting the trim in, grabbed molding, had bolding, stuff like that. It is a three bedroom, two bath, two car home for sale also as a broken Arrow, home builder

and silver leaf for only 1,424 square feet. We have our burke Dale Spec home for sale at 4,001 north 34th street. It’s for sale for only $177,057. And it’s in the plum final stage three bedroom, two bath, two car garage, a multilayer for one eight. Oh, two, one, two. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma six. So like I said, got another cambridge and another bay wood for sale also in that same neighborhood. Hundred percent complete one is for one 72 four. Oh one. The Cambridge is only $187,413 and it is 100 percent complete four bedroom, two bath, two car garage. We’re stacking them deep and selling them real cheap. In silver leaf, in broken arrow is a broken arrow, homebuilder, we just want to give you what you want and what you want is a whole lot of house for law, not a whole lot of money. Or you go also in broken Arrow and Tucson village. We have a dewberries SPEC for sale. Do Bear it. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma It’s 1,806 square feet. It’s located at six, seven. One three South Twentieth Street and it is $198,600. We have several other homes for sale. Also in Tucson village we’ve got our new liberty, 1,932 square feet at six. Seven. Oh, nine south 20th street for only $201,200. That’s a lot of house. That’s a great price.

Additionally, in Tucson village we have our newport Spec at 2048 square feet for 67. Oh, five. I mean, it’s located at 6,700, five south 20th street and it’s a great price at only 200, $5,800. So that’s a whole lot of house. You can come on down and see that in Tucson village. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma, additionally, in Tucson village we have our new Ellington plant for a plant are Ellington home for sale. Um, the Ellington is durable little home at 1,876 square feet. And um,


it is a, you know, what, what it was going to pull up the four plan. Look at it for you. It’s not, and tell you about the Ellington Edmond New Homes Oklahoma.


it is for sale for only $198,750. And a, it’s only 1,876 square feet. You know what is not going to pull up? I’m going to pull up. That’s okay. We don’t need it to Tucson village. Silverleaf, broken Arrow, great homes. Also, we have one of our REMINGTON’s for sale in Tucson village. That’s a great pride for 200, $19,800. Um, we would love to be able to show you all these homes for more information. You can reach us at [inaudible] dot com. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma

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