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Should you take every customer through the model of your Edmond New Homes Oklahoma customer homes home? No.

Should your goal be to fully demonstrate your model? Yes. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma A full walkthrough of the Hoa. What is the number one thing you should avoid in demonstrating the model? Giving them a effing demo. Don’t feature dump salting. The oats method just a little bit goes a long way. What is the purpose of demonstrating the model? To determine the customer’s needs, wants, and motivation. Hearing what they like and dislike. Give them permission to voice what they don’t like. What should it be? Your mindset when demonstrating the model. You have to have the show and the business. It’s called show business. What is the best question to use to start the model demonstration? What’d you like to see her model? Great. Follow me. Bring them to the front door. Don’t bring them to the garage of the model. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma. What is the best question to use to start the model demonstration? Oh wait, what does. How do you present your model home when it has been built with many options? This home you are seeing today is our liquidate plan and it starts at $194,100 in this community. The silverleaf community stay on the function, inform no analytical. Why do we put so many options in our model home? We might model to what people aspire to. People are very visual.

The demo demonstration of the model home.


What Edmond New Homes Oklahoma the customer wants to get into pricing and options. How much is this home avoid? It depends on home site and version. You choose items the competition can’t honor. What are some of the key factors to point out item the competition? Can’t honor it and don’t put, don’t slam the competition. Custom homes, broken Arrow, oh no. Broken Arrow. Custom homes can’t bash the competition. What is the best way to cover everything we do in our home? During the presentation, you can’t and you don’t want to determine their needs, wants and desires. Remembering the 80 slash 20 rule, how can the customer get the best idea of what we do? A seven to 10 point summary will do mention brand names. I’d like to point out a few features that you will find in every shaw home here. How do most people feel about going through the building process a whole lot? Why is it so important to demonstrate this selection process? Did you demonstrate how easy the process is? Once a customer has determined his structural options, how many decisions do they have to make? Seven interior and exterior flooring for the interior is flooring for your broken Arrow, custom homes, electrical for your broken Arrow custom homes cabinet for your broken Arrow, custom homes, appliances for your broken Arrow, custom homes by your place for your broken Arrow custom homes kind of taps for your broken Arrow custom homes, tile for your broken Arrow, custom homes,

exterior elevations, siding, trim, color, shingles, but your covenant sometimes did take the shingles in your shutters selections make themselves after you get started. What is the home does not match the customer’s needs. The customer’s objections are our roadmaps. They help us organize their brain. What if we have a model with a commonly objectable feature? Sometimes you focus too much on the complainer’s. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You have to write a script to overcome the objection. Should I counter every objection with a solution? No. Sometimes they don’t really care. Qualify and quantify the objection. Why do you send people buy something different than what they said they want? They don’t really care. It’s all about compromise and asking great questions. What is it? Sales managers biggest challenge with objections, not being prepared is a good tactic and defusing objections. Pete, the question back to them, objection equals well, objection. Isolate, overcome close on your broken Arrow custom homes.

What question should Edmond New Homes Oklahoma you’d be asking yourself? Every time you hear yourself giving customer information about teacher food, so why should I care? What three letter acronym, acronym will lead you through your presentation? Now, I’ve included features, feature, advantage, and the benefit of your broken Arrow custom homes.


What methods should you use as the summary of each feature? You demonstrate the downs once you agree, don’t you think? What’s the point? What I want you to remember most from demo is take personal responsibility. Take ownership dunk, do an effing demo. I’ll do a fab demo. Advantages for some impressions that dirt living, air fresheners, bake cookies in your model, given take for plans, layout, function included features. 10 point presentation, unique selling prepositions, easily building, not overwhelming tape storage space. What do you like most about, in least from favorite home over? Edmond New Homes Oklahoma Put her down in the square footage. Why you can to sittard? Why are you considering building a new home? What do you love about our any of our homes? These specific. What are three primary reasons for this triangle? The dust, trying to smell the paint. Lumber you smell. Establish yourself as an expert on your broken Arrow custom homes. Establish yourself as an expert builder. Customers competence which builds competence in the builder. Why is this triangle helpful? When working with a customer who is debating between buying a new home and use tone, then you smell. Everything is new. Edmond New Homes Oklahoma You don’t have to live in someone else’s stuff. House, you’re building your home instead of buying someone else’s right after they dry wall, it looks small.

It five unique selling propositions that can be pointed out at this stage. Unique features, energy efficiency, moisture barriers, warranties and ventilation. For your broken Arrow custom homes.

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